Timing is very important when it comes to maintenance of work order requests, so creating work orders within time to capture those requests becomes crucial. Many maintenance work order software have been developed to make this process easy, efficient and less time consuming.

Here are certain facts that indicate how these software help in making the businesses run smoothly.

End to end visibility

The software and solutions are accessible across organizations-field staff, managers, top executives, etc. Thus, business processes and field operations are are available to all through the software dashboard and in some cases on mobile app.

Simple and time saving job scheduling

The interface is kept easy for all the levels of employees to understand. Attendance, work done, etc. can be done simply through a tablet or an app. As things get done on the go, a lot of time is saved.

Material tracking

Real time tracking of maintenance and repair team is possible. Therefore, ad-hoc jobs can be assigned easily depending on the distance and availability of the work force.

Freedom from hassles of paper bills and invoices

By using the software, all the bills and invoices can be made by a simple click of a button. Capturing customer signature and feedback also becomes a cake walk through software because no one needs to read big feedback notebooks.


These software can be integrated with ERP, CRM, SAP or other back-end systems. Seamless integration ensures data sharing between various systems and thus, more time can be given to the core business.

Reports and analytics

With all the data available with the software, it becomes an easy task to generate reports and analyze them in order to make the processes more streamlined. Custom reports can also be generated for better and detailed data analysis.

Some other features that are provided by these kind of software are – configurable processes, broadcast messaging, alerts and notifications, service ticket management, etc. Some companies offer free trial for these software. This gives a better idea about the software and its utility.

Thus, such maintenance work order software help in making the processes more streamlined, thereby taking less time from employees’ working hours.