Medical Representatives (MR) are an integral part of the pharmaceutical companies, and the overall sales often depend on their Mrs. Since the pharmaceutical sector rides on how good the sales of the drugs are, it is critical for them to continuously and adequately optimize their sales force resources through a healthy field workforce management system. One of the best and most efficient ways to do so is by integrating MR Reporting Software into pharmaceutical companies’ marketing system.

MR Reporting Software is a sales rep management software specifically designed to manage sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. It is an advanced field management & automation tool that allows the field managers to effectively track the Medical Representatives’ activities on the field, manage monthly/quarterly/half-yearly schedules of the medical reps, inspect on the product promotions of individual representatives, and monitor their overall performance as well. By continuously optimizing the company’s sales force resources, the software allows the company to benefit through enhanced productivity and profitability.

Field force management through MR Reporting Software ensures that the company targets are more efficiently achieved. It allows:

  • Complete automation of the sales force resources
  • Effective management of Doctor appointments and details
  • Streamlined and organized primary and secondary sales data
  • Comprehensive management of medical representatives on the field
  • Analysis of competitor brands through real-time data insights
  • Quick view MIS reports with detailed information dashboard

Management of Doctor Appointments and Information

The MR Reporting Software leverages predictive and machine learning technologies and enables the pharmaceutical companies to provide optimum field support to the medical representatives. The software allows effective management of doctor appointments and related details, making the job much more manageable and efficient for the MR Executives.

Through the MR Reporting Software, the medical reps can automatically access error-free information regarding the names, specialties, contact details, appointment schedules, affiliations, products, etc. of individual doctors. The implementation of the software not only enhances the efficiency of the medical reps but also saves a considerable amount of time.

MR Reporting Software allows:

  • Proper management of multiple contact information
  • Adequate management of different product details
  • Reminders for appointments and tracking
  • Access to recorded marketing conversations

Key Features

  • Information Dashboards

Pharmaceuticals sales software like MR Reporting Software provides the field manager with a comprehensive dashboard that allows access to real-time updates and detailed information on medical representatives and their activities on the field.

  • Simple & Quick Reporting

MR Reporting Software ensures that the entire field operations are running effectively with innovative reporting tools that enable quick responses. The easy-to-use interface of the software renders the simple execution of the device.

  • Job Scheduling

The sales rep management software allows the field manager to assign and manage each medical representative’s schedules on the field through complete automation. It significantly reduces the manual effort of paperwork and makes the process more efficient.

  • Error-free Execution

Pharma reporting software or MR Reporting Software utilizes automation technologies that shift the focus from manual efforts to automatic processes that minimize the risks of human errors and maximize the deliverance of acute results.

  • Route & Location Tracking

The sales rep management software provides adequate resources that help the field representatives reach the right locations and serves as a brilliant tool that allows the field manager to track individual representatives’ movements and activities.

  • Expenses & Claims

The pharma sales and marketing software provide the pharmaceutical field managers with the potential and endowment to efficiently record, claim, and approve expenses on the go, allowing them to keep track of the costs.

  • Effective DCR Tracking

The pharmaceutical field managers can track the Daily Call Report (DCR) of the medical reps on the field through the sales rep management software. They can easily access the information on the non-submitted DCR as well as identify forged DCR submissions.

  • Invoices & Payments

The pharma sales software provides the pharmaceutical company with the ability to capture and track their revenue’s overall flow quickly. The software allows a strong financial asset flow and profit visibility.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

The MR reporting software offers cost-effective yet advanced pharma sales rep management by saving a considerable amount of money through complete optimization, visual aid printing, and low-cost internet charges.

  • Attendance & Leave

The pharmaceutical field managers can effectively keep track of the attendance and leave requirements of the medical representatives, enhancing the overall management efficiency through MR Reporting Software.

How FieldEZ helps Pharma Marketing Platforms

For Sales Head / Sales Management

  1. FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software provides the sales head/sales manager with resources to effectively plan routes and automatically assign medical representatives to the locations.
  2. The sales managers can efficiently schedule medical rep visits to specific Doctors, hospitals & pharmacies and provide particular instructions regarding the respective products & sales execution.
  3. The sales head can effortlessly track individual medical reps’ locations with real-time insights and optimize their corresponding targets & activities using FieldEz’s MR Reporting Software.
  4. FieldEz’s pharma marketing software enables the sales manager/head to get acute insights into the medical reps’ activities and audit their activities by location and time.
  5. The sales manager can effectively measure sales growth and enhance their overall productivity & performance, continuously utilizing data and error-free reports by incorporating FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software into their system.

For Medical Representatives

  1. Using FieldEz’s pharma reporting software, the medical representatives can easily update the appointment activities, visit/call details, add DCR through mobile or tablet applications, all in real-time.
  2. The pharma reporting software by FieldEz also allows the medical reps to save a considerable amount of time and manual effort by generating daily activity reports through automatic processes.
  3. The medical reps can manage and optimize their visits/calls and improve their productivity through proper planning with the help of time calculation features provided by FielEz’s pharmaceutical sales software.
  4. The sales rep management software by FieldEz also enables the medical representatives to register instant complaints about mobile.
  5. FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software provide the medical representatives with navigation facilities that allow them to use maps to optimize route and travel time.