The growth in the Telecommunications industry has been phenomenal and with the ever changing scenario it becomes imperative that not only do the service providers keep abreast with the technological changes but also the way they service their customers. With the needs of the customers also being high, service providers find the need to provide solutions that are seamless. FieldEZ steps in to aid that very need. Our field force management solutions ensure that there is critical time management and right deployment of the field task force. The solutions offered help intelligently plan, schedule and optimally use the field workforce to enhance productivity.

Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom management software allows organizations to effectively manage their telecom expense through cost-effective wireless, voice, and data environment solutions. By processing and recording large volumes of telecom data, including costs, billing, usage, and administration, the software offers a cohesive management structure for telecommunications. Telecommunications management software helps the organization with:

  • Creating a comprehensive telecom infrastructure inventory
  • An integrated platform to store all telecom bills at a single place
  • Easy to use user interface that enables better negotiation with telecom vendors
  • Telecom audits that monitor overcharges and inspects contract violations

Key Features of Telecom Expense Management Software

Proper management of invoice and payments
FieldEz’s telecom management software offers complete management of payment approvals, bill payments, invoices, allocation of budgets across the entire system through effective automation of processes.

Cohesive integration of assets and inventory

The telecom asset management software allows the organization to build a cohesive environment of assets database and inventory by streamlining asset life cycle, including requisition, distribution, replacement, warranty management, and retirement. It also provides tools that help the organization to track packages effortlessly.

Call accounting

Telecom management solutions by FieldEz simplify the entire process of gathering call usage details and useful insights that facilitate analysis, monitoring, and reporting of the collected data. The software also ensures enhanced telecom security and helps organizations manage telecommunications through quick call routing accurately.

Detailed monitoring of calls

By enabling the organization to monitor calls, the telecom management software makes sure that the calls’ quality standards are correctly maintained and improve the overall performance & customer experience by identifying faults.

Management of contracts

FieldEz’s telecom field service application enables organizations to inspect contract negotiation and manage request-for-proposal (RFP). Through this feature, the telecom management software allows easy access to contracts data on contracts and offers the opportunity to improve the RoI.

Which telecom expense management system suits your business best?

For small businesses (with up to 15 users)

Choosing a telecom management software that allows you to focus on call accounting can be the most suitable option for small businesses. It will enable you to identify and track call usage patterns while simultaneously avoiding any telecom abuse, all within reduced operating costs. 

For medium-size businesses (with 15 to 50 users)

Medium-sized businesses require telecom management software to deal with larger call volumes and enhanced performance effortlessly. Choosing a telecommunications management software that offers features like invoice management and contract management allows call monitoring for improved efficiency and can be the best choice for medium-sized organizations. This will enable you to get valuable insights and an upper hand in the market competition by leveraging advanced technologies. 

For large businesses (with 50+ users)

Large businesses specifically require completely customized telecom management solutions to meet their complex sets of demands efficiently. Hence, choosing a telecommunications management software allows you to optimize control over all the functions and processes, including call management, monitoring, invoice management, and other customized features. 

What can your business achieve using FieldEz’s Telecom Expense Management Software?

Complete optimization 

FieldEz’s telecom management software benefits your organization by allowing you to access valuable insights and telecom data regarding the call. It helps you identify your chief expense zone and complete the telecom management processes based on the obtained data. It considerably improves your budget allocation and planning decisions, letting you focus on an enhanced RoI. 

Streamlined operations

You can efficiently build a secure processing path for the telecom invoices by streamlining the operations in its entirety. Thus, FieldEz’s telecommunications management software minimizes human error risks across more than one department, centralizes the processes, and saves effort & time. 

Reduced costs 

Telecom expense management software systems by FieldEz are specifically designed to minimize additional expenses. The software utilizes all costs related data through proper inspection of cost center allocation, bill management, and verification, saving a significant amount of overall costs and increasing the profit margin.

Why should you invest in telecom expense management software?

Growing demands of telecom expense management 

With the increasing demand for telecommunication services, the expense in the telecoms sector is growing simultaneously. As a result, organizations were opting for cost-effective telecom solutions for optimum performance & productivity on the one hand and improved RoI on the other. Investing in FiledEz’s telecom management software allows you to gain an advantage over your competitors through optimized implementation. 

Dynamic business requirements

Businesses of all sizes are continuously trying to leverage the advanced technologies in the best possible way to provide the finest quality services to their customers. The adoption of evolving technologies in line with increasing customer demands leads to dynamic business requirements. Implementation of FieldEz’s telecommunications management software presents you with the scope to keep up with the changing trends by drawing up efficient technology strategies. 

What to consider before investing in telecom management software?


On-premise telecom management software is initially expensive and often needs system maintenance. In contrast, cloud-based telecom service management software requires lesser upfront charges but has higher recurring costs. 


The telecommunications management software should integrate with your current VoIP and communication systems and other solutions. Ensuring integration benefits in the software will enhance overall performance.


Telecom management solutions software should have proper usability and easy access. Additionally, it must not be excessively complicated, with many unnecessary features that are irrelevant to your requirements.