Future ready Electrical service software for a connected workforce

The power and the electrical sector are witnessing major transformation, due to the technological advances as well as greater environmental awareness. Newer models of electricity generation, distribution, and consumption have put tremendous demand on companies to be reliable, available and control operating expenses. The need to empower the field force is greater than ever and this is where field force management software steps in. Field force management software arms the field force to work more efficiently and deliver reliable and safe service.

Thanks to the latest technological refinements as well as greater environmental perception, the established power & electrical sector are vowing major transformations. Though these changeovers are changing or simplifying the way the electrical sector operated in the past, it’s equally burdening the electrical companies to be reliable, available, and control operating expenses to meet today’s challenges. However, this minor void has too become a thing of the past with the introduction of multitasking electrical contractor software. Such field force management software streamlines the field force to work more productively and provide credible and safe service.

Irrespective of the company size, electrical maintenance software can assist you with a multitude of operations like regulating customer services, contacting new clients, creating efficient work schedules, handling payments, attendance & leave management, availability of spare parts, among others. This is just the tip of the iceberg and continue reading to know more about its features, benefits, etc.

Benefits Of An Electrician Software

An electrician software is a special innovation for electrical contractors and businesses to assist them in their daily operations like payments, schedules for electricians, daily reporting, productive communication, real-time progress tracking, and much more. The following are a few of its benefits.

  • Workflow visibility: The dashboard of the software can be tailored to the electrician and other roles to virtually access the progress in real-time.
  • Make smarter scheduling decisions: Time is money for the electrical contractors and other technicians. An electrical maintenance software facilitates a steady and efficient operation of your team by helping you make smarter scheduling decisions for your entire squad. This also saves you from overtime expenditures and costly time overruns as automated scheduling will help you negotiate the time to be put into a project.
  • Improve on-field communication: Your electrical business can’t progress in the absence of effective communication among the field force. The same is justified by a study that concluded that more connected employees execute better than those who are not well-connected. Thus, an electrical service job management software allows your entire team to stay in touch with each other on & off-field and access job files, change orders, and client requests in real-time.
  • Better accessibility to important information: It happens and you probably can’t do much about that. If an electrician arrives late on the site, he/she may not have an idea of what’s going on and what’s his/her work. In such a scenario, electrical job management software comes into play by formulating a single point of access to data; from technical sheets to equipment records for the technicians.

Features Of An Electrical Contractor Software

An electrician software acts as an all-in-one platform to proactively manage your business and employees on the go, courtesy of its following set of features.

  • GPS-enabled and mobile-first: Being mobile-first, the field force management software allows your electricians to clock in and out via their smartphones and their time of check-in & GPS location is tagged for future reference.
  • Efficient job scheduling: Such software allows effective job scheduling and workload management of the employees on its built-in calendar based on their availability and skill-sets. This streamlines the project like never before.
  • Send/receive reports in real-time: The electrical contractor software allows you to send/receive various reports like that of repairs, maintenance, among others while on the go.
  • Instantly review the availability of the spare parts: An electrical business is very much dependent upon spare parts and their sudden unavailability can hamper the otherwise smooth workflow. However, with the services of electrical maintenance software, you can review the availability of the various spare parts on your device and amplify the stock.

Besides the above-discussed features, the other features include digital invoicing, attendance and leave management, etc.

Why Use An Electrical Maintenance Software?

Wondering why shifting to electrical maintenance software is a wise choice? The below reasons are our response to this.

  • The software enhances the communication among the entire team to deter any costly error or mistake.
  • The software provides real-time important information to the electricians anytime & anywhere. Thus, their odds of completing a job elevates.
  • The smart job scheduling feature of such software allows automatic allocation of tasks to the technicians based on their experience, knowledge, location, and availability.
  • With everything integrated into a single software, there are minimal to zero chances of duplicated entries and errors.

Thus, you need to use electrical contractor software!

Which Is The Best Electrical Contractor Software?

If you’re looking for vigorous and easy-to-use electrical maintenance software, there is no competition for FieldEZ’s field force management software. They are the industry’s leading FSM software known to streamline the work process, from dispatching to invoicing, involve manual labor and paperwork, fast invoicing, dynamic scheduling, etc. Talking about the pricing, they have the most flexible pricing to fit your business ambitions and requirements.

The Final Takeaway!

In today’s high-paced and competitive era, it’s imperative for your business to stay a step forward and FieldEZ electrical contractor software can help you in that. Thus, act proactively and witness the changes on your own.