The crew management software is used to manage the crew members of the company. A huge amount of manual work is done to manage the crew members. The crew members are present in different businesses like power plants and construction sites. The management and scheduling of these crew members are carried out with ease using the crew management software.

It is tough to manage the crew manually. The work is very tedious and can prove to be costly as well. In most businesses, the crew members work in different shifts, so they need to schedule them accordingly. This arduous work can be converted to very easily doable work by using crew management software.

Why do you need crew management software?

If you own a company where there is a requirement for fieldwork, this crew management software is advantageous. The main aim of the software is to make your work easy and manageable. You can decrease your manual work on scheduling and managing your crew, and you can even save some bucks.

A crew management software is a platform that delivers comprehensive services for your crew management. To continue working smoothly, you need the right set of crew members at the right place and at the right time. A crew management software provides an easy way of managing all the tasks mentioned above.

Important features of a crew management software

A crew management software provides a plethora of services for a company. The features of crew management software can be broadly classified into online crew scheduling and online crew management. The detailed characteristics of crew management software and crew scheduling software are listed below.

Manage unlimited crew members

An exact estimate about the number of crew members can never be made. Generally, the number of crew members for a construction site and a power plant is high. You don’t have to worry, as crew management software will allow you to manage as many crew members as you want.

Manage the profiles of crew members

This feature is very useful for managing and scheduling crew members. You can search for profile-based crew members, thus enable allocation of the crew members in the required shifts. It is easy to check whether a particular crew member is available or not. You can also replace a specific crew member with another person on the grounds of skill and efficiency.

Track your work and your crew members

You can keep a check on the amount of work completed and the time taken for the same. Attendance of crew members can also be managed easily. You can save a record of the working days and leaves of all the crew members. Comparison of your estimated time and real-time is taken for the work can be done with ease.

Schedule without hustle

The most important feature of crew management software is online crew scheduling. You can assign shifts and breaks for your on-field crew members. The start time and end time for working can also be maintained on the online crew scheduling software.

Save labor costs

It is easy to manage labor costs if you can keep track of the crew members easily. You can remove or add crew members according to the requirement. You can also assign hourly costs for crew members based on the skills required and work quantity.

FieldEZ Crew Management Software

FieldEZ provides the best crew management and online crew scheduling software. We ensure you that no other platform offers the services we provide. We provide a plethora of services for managing and scheduling your crew members and work shifts at an affordable cost.

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Features of FieldEZ crew management software

Well, now you don’t have to invest money in the manual costs of scheduling crew members and work shifts. You can also automate the scheduling of crew members.

Get free of the hectic work for organizing your tasks. You can easily manage your jobs on our software. It will help to improve the efficiency of work as well.

There is no need for separate attendance management software. We provide the platform for managing the attendance and sick leaves of your crew members.

Communicate easily with your field crew manager and get the details of your work. We provide the perfect platform for crew members to raise queries and get technical support.

You don’t have to use other software separately. We will integrate that software into our software.

You can customize and configure our software as per your requirements. We will ensure that the quality of service is not hindered.

We ensure to provide notifications and alerts to your field staff. Each and every update will be notified.

We provide all the above services on our mobile application. You can manage your crew members anywhere and anytime now at the ease of a very simple interface.

We provide various services along with the services mentioned above. FieldEZ crew management and scheduling software is an all-in-all platform that will help you manage your tasks easily. We provide the solution which you long for.

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