Employee monitoring software allows a business to track their employees’ activities and monitor worker engagement with their tasks. With the help of employee computer monitoring software, they can measure productivity, ensure security, check attendance and progress, and find out the number of hours one has worked.

This data helps in the decision-making process, including appropriate salary, rates, and employee productivity. This is very useful for any business for maximum productivity.

Is employee monitoring software right for my business?

Every business is different, but one thing is common for them all, the need for efficient employees. The workers run the business; their qualifications and productivity make a great difference as to where a company would stand. An open-source employee monitoring software would be useful for your business.


An employee monitoring software has various benefits, such as:

Project management

Employee monitoring software comes with a built-in task management function that would give you an accurate picture of what each employee is doing and how that activity correlates with their project and their time management skills. Employee computer monitoring software allows managers to look into their co-workers and find out who is working diligently towards their goal. It would assist them in deciding who should get high-value assignments and who should get the menial tasks.

Checking on productivity and accountability

Employee computer monitoring software is very useful for self-evaluation. It especially comes in handy for employees who are responsible and introspective. It makes them aware of how much time they are losing on less important tasks and how much they are getting distracted. This, in turn, increases their productivity. A computer monitoring employee activity will also greatly improve its accountability levels, which will optimize the company’s process.

Creating a fair working environment

Tools such as employee monitoring software would help resolve conflicts and issues that may appear in multi personnel projects or teams with poor communication. If there are disagreements about punctuality, work hours, professionalism, and distractions, they can be seated in an objective and constructive way. It helps create a fair working environment and protects the positive company culture.

Performance review

One of the biggest benefits of having an employee monitoring software is to review your employees’ performances. It will help you check their progress and productivity, determining the hard working employees. It also provides a solid base for unobstructed workflow.

Such information is critical for future workload allocation. Employee computer monitoring software even weighs into decisions such as promotions and distribution of high-value assignments. Employee monitoring also provides relevant insights and paves the path of development and progress for all employees.

Internal data security

A company’s data is its prize. They may also have sensitive information. Employee monitoring computer software understands and values the need for high data security. Thus an employee monitoring software is very security conscious and provides enhanced security for your company. It’s not for instilling any sort of necessary district in workers it just an extra layer of protection for your data.

What type of employee activity can be monitored?

Employee monitoring software offers a wide range of utilization. It can monitor various activities. An employee monitoring software can monitor about a cent percent of an employee’s activity and communication.

This is increased immensely due to modern technology. They can track the employee’s internet and app usage, their email, Video and audio surveillance, location tracking, GPS tracking with vehicles, screen time on their phones, and even computer screen recording.

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How does Employee Monitoring help productivity, performance, and cost?

Employee computer monitoring software has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the employee’s increase in productivity, performance, and cost.


Employee Monitoring software greatly assists in increasing an employee’s productivity levels. Employee monitoring can track the amount of work an employee is putting into their project, how often they are getting distracted, their working hours, and their attendance. Based on that, one is aware of the number of times they are estranged from their duties and where they need to improve.


Based on the qualities of an employee monitoring software, we can judge the qualities of an employee. It lets you review your own performance allowing you to determine where you need to improve and how much you have progressed. An employee’s performance review is very important to managers and their respective superiors as well. It helps them distinguish the hard-working employees from the lazy ones allowing them to distribute tasks accordingly.


Free employee monitoring software is indirectly cost-effective. On utilizing it correctly, a company’s worth increases. It allows you and your company to maximize productivity and monitor your employee’s performance. An employee is what builds your company up. They help run the company. Therefore efficient and consistent employees increase your company’s merit.

Pros and Cons of Using Employee Monitoring Software:

Employee monitoring software has its respective advantages and disadvantages.

Employee monitoring software has advantages such as:

  1. It increases productivity
  2. It has strong data security.
  3. It has enhanced employee evaluations.
  4. It improves Corporate Culture.
  5. It maintains a fair environment.
  6. It helps you track an employee’s performance.
  7. It creates positive standards of what is appropriate at the respective workplace.
  8. It highlights merit worthy employees and separates them from the substandard ones.
  9. Saves your company from unnecessary disputes
  10. It provides you litigation protection.

Employee monitoring software also has disadvantages such as:

  1. There are obviously privacy issues concerning the employees.
  2. There can be hostility created due to distrust.
  3. There may also be legal issues since some places are against monitoring employees.
  4. It can greatly damage relationships with employees.
  5. Monitoring may come off as intrusive.
  6. Maintaining boundaries need to be under strong consideration.
  7. Surveillance may also create a false sense of security.
  8. It can be the breeding ground for resentment among employees.