Project management software definition?

Project management software are comprehensive online platforms that allow teams to work and collaborate on various projects. These can be considered as real-time workspaces that enable both members of the team and outside partners to get an overview of all the projects including the daily details. Project management software often includes other resource management tools for maximum support and efficiency.

With project management software, definition of all project related data becomes accessible to all the parties and ensures that the projects are delivered on time through constant communication. It further allows the team members to monitor deadlines, track overall time, and significantly enhances the effectiveness of the project with the help of automatic rescheduling of tasks, reports generation, and integration with billing & invoicing systems.

How project management applications work

The different types of project management software basically come off as a software equivalent of the project manager. Just as a project manager oversees specific projects through its assignment, completion, and other aspects, the applications in the project management software list also help the team members of a specific project through its entire process.

As the project management software’s definition suggests, the different types of project management software help each and every individual involved in the project to check task assignments, update their respective progresses, monitor total time spent on an assignment, share and utilize resources, and complete the assigned tasks efficiently within given deadlines.

All the applications in the project management software list act as a single platform, with often integrated storage spaces, that allow the team members alongside other employees, clients, contractors, and project managers to share documents and resources. Additionally, the project management software offers complete visibility of all the details of the assignments, including the assigned person, deadline, and relevant information. This ensures accountability of the tasks as well their credibility, while providing detailed insights on who is overworking and who is not.

Project Management for Small Business

If effectively implemented, the different types of project management software can subsequently replace emails for project inspection and management. However, whether it replaces email or not, the applications in project management software list can be extremely beneficial for small and large businesses alike.

And since small businesses have very specific needs, it is extremely important to choose a project management software that perfectly fits the requirements of the business. One of the most prominent factors of determining whether the type of project management software is suitable for small businesses is their price modules. Selecting a tool from the project management software list that has all the necessary features for the company’s use and offers an affordable pricing structure can be the most effective choice.

There are also tools available for project management software free download that allows the small businesses with minimum budget to access the basic features effortlessly. However, project management software free downloads can demand minimum amounts of money on a monthly/annual basis to deliver their entire features.

Another aspect that can help small businesses determine their type of project management software is the different permission levels offered in the tool. Some project management software provide permission levels at various hierarchical levels for easy access by the organization. While this feature can be quite efficient in large businesses with typical hierarchical roles, it can not be so particularly beneficial in small businesses where an employee has multiple roles.

Other aspects that demand to be considered for choosing the perfect type of project management software for small businesses include the particular type of business alongside its team structure, functions, and working styles.

FieldEZ project management software 2020

Keeping in mind the dynamic project management requirements of various types of organizations, FieldEz has developed a comprehensive project management software solution that allows flexibility across teams and enables you to optimize the functionalities in line with your specific needs.

FieldEz’s project management software solution provides end to end project management, streamlines planning and monitoring of progress, and enables the project manager to completely customize access and functions. FieldEz thus ensures a secure and effective digital teamwork environment that drives performance and productivity at every level.

Common features and tools in project management systems

As per the project management software definition, the tool has three major pillars, namely, planning, tracking, and collaboration. Although each tool in the project management software list may possess some distinguishing sets of features with different functionalities, there are some characteristic features and capabilities that are present in the most popular project management software examples.


Planning is the first and foremost pillar of project management that involves finding the right team members with the skills for the particular project, before determining the resources required in the project. Once the team and the resource list is assembled, you can use project management software for scheduling, setting a deadline, and allocate resources as necessary.


Scheduling allows the project managers to construct a project timeline, delegate tasks, utilize the calendar for making lists and more. The automatic alerts, monitoring of accomplished goals, and complete timeline visibility not only help the managers but also significantly help the team members to remain informed about their deadlines, progress, and important updates all through a robust interface. The scheduling feature is also available in the project management software free downloads.


The forecasting feature that you can find in different project management software examples provides detailed insights based on previous data and plays a significant part in calculating the RoI of a project before investing major resources. Thus the forecasting feature essentially forecasts or predicts any potential risks of your business by analyzing each task in respect to your company’s set budget and revenue goals.

Resource allocation

The resource allocation feature allows the project managers to study where their organizations invest their time, materials, and manpower. Through this feature, the managers can efficiently view and change the allocated resources in a specific project, plan the project thoroughly, and divert potential challenges.

Tracking and management

The best project management software examples help the project managers to completely monitor the various aspects of the project and enable them to keep the projects effectively on track.

  • Time tracking

Time tracking feature in the project management software examples allows the project managers to track the amount of time spent on each project, evaluate the overall productivity of the assigned person, and enables the organization to access an archive of valuable data that helps in forecasting the completion dates of similar tasks in the future.

  • Task management

Task management is an integrated feature of the project management software that allows the project manager to assign the different tasks and responsibilities of the project to the various team members often based on their specific skills and capabilities. It enables the managers to quickly and effortlessly understand the challenges in each task and thus helps the entire team to progress effectively. Task management feature also helps the team to appropriately organize their assignments by providing a robust interface with notes and tags that offers additional references to strategies and changes.

  • Permission settings

Permission settings enable the project manager to provide selected access to team members and outside parties to view, edit, or change tasks and other specifications. It thus allows the managers to track down any unauthorized changes and helps in delivering efficient and error-free results.

  • Budgeting and expense tracking

Even though budgeting and expense tracking software for projects come in standalone versions, some project management software examples offer integrated budgeting and expense tracking functions. These features provide a comprehensive approach to the project management and organization by allowing the managers to learn how team members accrue expenses in a project through valuable data and also helps in forecasting the potential expenses in similar future projects.

  • Analysis and reports

Analysis and reporting functions allow the project managers to view and critically analyze data to turn around mid-project challenges. It offers the managers the opportunities to evaluate the productivity of the entire team and helps them to rectify or utilize the situation accordingly.


Keeping the projects connected can be a challenging part for the project managers. The collaboration tools of the project management software ensures effective collaboration and smooth communication across various team members and departments.

  • Document sharing

Although emails are the most common option to share documents between teams, its basic structure and interface can prove to be quite challenging and ineffective for maximum support. Hence, selecting a project management software that allows the users to easily upload and access documents and other resources jot only contributes to productivity but also significantly improves efficiency.

There can be a wide range of comprehensive document sharing options integrated within different project management software examples. Project management software free downloads often have simple yet helpful systems like Google Drive integration.

  • Internal messaging

Another important aspect of project management that considerably strengthens the communication between teams and enhances the overall performance of the project is messaging and similar communication functions. Even though the messaging and meeting functions generally come off as stand alone versions, they can also be found in comprehensive project management software examples.

Special use case: IT project management

IT projects often demand a different approach to project management since it requires unique sets of tools to shift from one stage to another. Consequently, IT project management software, in contrast to traditional project management software, are developed with more focus on Agile methodologies and have sets of features that particularly cater to developers and project managers. The following areas will help you to understand project management software comparison between traditional and IT use cases.

  • Bug tracking:

A feature to capture, track, log, and monitor any bugs in a software development.

  • Product roadmaps:

This feature helps the project managers to create product roadmaps that allows the teams to understand the bigger picture and enables them to fulfill a common set of goals.

  • Backlogs/stories:

It helps to create tasks as ‘user stories’ and enables the team members to optimize each and improve quality.

  • Subversion/Git hosting:

It helps to manage code directly inside the project management platform.

  • Top project management software featured in this guide

While there are many types of project management software present in the market, FieldEz’s project management solution is one of the most effective among the project management software examples. It can be perfectly optimized for your organization’s project management requirements and teams’ demands. However, you can opt for a project management software comparison to find the most suitable solution for your company.

  • Choosing a project management software platform

Looking for a project management software comparison before choosing the most suitable one? FieldEz’s expert consultants will provide you with an effective project management software solution and help you to select the tool perfect for your organization.

FAQs on Project Management Software

  • What is the best software for project management?

FieldEz offers one of the best project management software for optimized planning, monitoring, tracking and collaboration across project teams. FieldEz’s project management software solution makes sure that the company delivers optimum results by leveraging the high quality features of the software.

  • What is the best free project management software?

There are many project management software that are available for free in the market. With project management software free downloads, you can mostly access all the basic features of the software.

  • What is the easiest project management software?

FieldEz’s project management software offers an easy-to-use integrated interface that allows its users to utilize all its functions in a simple way. It provides an equally easy solution for project managers and team members alike that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • Does Google have a project management software?

No, Google does not have a native project management software. However, it has effective alternative solutions to create project plans and more, alongside allowing additional Google tools integration with standalone project management applications.

  • Is Microsoft Project the best project management software?

Microsoft Project is considered to be one of the finest project management software examples that allows project managers to develop plans, assign resources, track progress, manage tasks and budgets, and analyze workloads.

  • Is Microsoft Teams a project management tool?

Yes Microsoft Teams is an effective communication and collaboration tool that empowers the project managers to completely streamline the project management process by allowing document management, real-time chats, video meetings, and more.

  • Is Excel a project management tool?

Excel can be successfully used as a project management tool for small to midsize projects. It enables the project managers to visualize, plan, and track their projects from the very beginning and allows simple optimization.

  • What are Project Manager tools?

Project manager tools are software specifically designed and developed for project managers to access and monitor their projects and team completely. Project manager tools are thus essentially project management software, particularly aimed for providing optimum support to the project managers.

  • What are the 5 stages of project management?

The 5 stages of project management include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Each stage is extremely critical in the overall productivity and success of the project.