FieldEZ Version 4.7.7 Released


We have revamped numerous pages as part of 4.7.7 release, with refreshing UI enhancements, quick action buttons and additional functionalities. These include:

  • Updated UI:
    • Call Listing Page
    • User Listing Page
  • New Feature: Holiday Calendar
  • Recurring Jobs – minor enhancements

FieldEZ Version 4.7.6 Released


We have introduced a couple of enhancements to the current application as part of this latest release:

  • Recurring tickets in Beat plan
  • Age and Skills view on the Scheduler page
  • New information included in the field staff summary section (Timesheet page)

FieldEZ Version 4.7.4 Released


We have launched brand new features in the FieldEZ application in this latest release:

  • Alerts & Notification in header
  • Assets Module
  • Recurring Schedule (new interface)
  • Beat Plan / Route planning for multiple jobs


FieldEZ Version 4.7.3 Released


We are excited to announce couple of feature enhancements to the FieldEZ Application:

  1. SLA Management Module (new)
  2. Call Create / Edit Page (revamped)
  3. Timesheets Tab (revamped)
  4. Call Details Tab (the new page is now default)


1. SLA Management Module (BETA)           


FieldEZ Version 4.7.2 Released


We are thrilled to bring you two important feature additions to the FieldEZ Mobile Application:

  1. Call Details Page (revamped)
  2. Map-based Scheduler (new)


1. New Call Details Page (BETA)  



FieldEZ Version 4.7.1 Released

1. New Finance Module


The brand new finance module incorporates the recently launched Invoice features along with two new sections:

  • Quotes (Estimates)
  • Finance Dashboard

FieldEZ Version 4.7.0 Released

1. Crew Scheduling

This new feature allows dispatchers and users to divide a single ticket / job into multiple smaller tickets or sub-tickets. These sub-tickets can be assigned and scheduled to individual field users, thus making it possible to create and track a single ticket assigned to a crew or team.