Information Technology Service Management

IT Service management

In this article, you will learn:

    1. What is IT service management?
    2. Why is IT service management essential?
    3. What is an ITSM tool?
    4. How to select an ITSM tool?
    5. Benefits of ITSM processes
    6. Why does your business need ITSM?
    7. Using ITSM to reduce cost
    8. How to implement ITSM processes?
    9. ITSM best practices
    10. Top ITSM metrics to measure:
    11. FieldEZ ITSM software:

What is IT service management?

IT service management (ITSM) allows an organization to maximize its business value by using information technology. They are activities performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control the information technology services offered. It works from the original strategy through design, transition and live operation.

Why is IT service management essential?

IT service management is essential for a business to adopt for various reasons that would benefit them greatly in multiple aspects. The reason for companies to adopt ITSM is:

Before ITSM, there was a disconnect between the activities of the IT organization and public and private entities that usually relied on IT for support. Without a strong connection between business organizations and IT, there were a lot of problems that were arising like:

Organizations had to spend ample amounts of time addressing incidents and performing manual operational tasks, IT expenses were not justified, and the IT organizations also lacked transparency and focused on maintaining a static infrastructure that paid no heed to service delivery.

The use of ITSM was starting to get rid of all the problems in a process-oriented approach. It focuses on maintaining service agreements that enable the business to function well.

Benefits of ITSM processes

There are many benefits of the ITSM process. It helps you improve your business to a significant aspect in many ways, like:

      • Lower costs for IT operations
      • Higher returns on IT investments
      • Minimal service outages
      • Ability to establish well-defined and manageable IT processes
      • Efficient analysis of IT problems to reduce any repeat incidents
      • Improved efficiency of IT helps desk teams.
      • Well-defined roles and responsibilities
      • Clear expectations on service levels and service availability
      • Risk-free implementation of IT changes.
      • Better transparency into IT processes and services

Why does your business need ITSM?

Beyond the various benefits it provides, ITSM has become a crucial part of any organization. It takes a structured approach to service management that also increases transparency and accountability of the IT organization implementing new functions that drive customer satisfaction. There are many other reasons as to why one should use ITSM like:

It improves efficiency

IT service management helps organizations maximize their resources. A component or ITSM is IT asset management which is a set of processes used to optimize the life cycle of IT assets seeking out the most cost-effective strategies for asset procurement and disposition.

Risk-free implementation of IT changes.

When there are insufficient planned changes planned and implemented, it may cause an interruption in the business or its service. IT organizations make sure to implement changes and create changes with formalized roles, processes and policies. They work together and have clear transparent communication with their customers and make sure they approve of the changes based on their potential impact. They make sure to test any flaws with the changes in the design stage to avoid any surprises.

Improves accountability:

IT organizations improve accountability through standardization. It helps them enhance compliance with IT policies and procedures for delivering services. It standardized service delivery with businesses by implementing functions along with formal documented processes for providing each type of service.

Improves effectiveness

Organizations greatly benefit from the formalized systems when they are executed effectively. . Adoption of structured incident response can decrease your average response time allowing you to focus on crisis management that will help reduce the meantime to recover if a service interruption occurs. It increases effectiveness through processes of continuous service improvement.

Increases access and communication channels.

IT organizations that adopt IT service management improve access and communication between IT operators and the between the organization and business. This is done by establishing an IT service desk that acts as the point of contact between them. It supports processes like incident management, event management, and request fulfilment and ensures that every user has access to the support by going through appropriate channels.

Using ITSM to reduce cost

ITSM helps significantly in reducing operational costs. Adoption of IT service management allows IT organizations to scale their operations quickly without a need for excessive hiring due to the futures that reduce manual workload for IT operators. It helps automate repetitive tasks that one would have to do manually over and over again. It takes time away from problem-solving tasks on tedious and repetitive tasks like resetting a password. Automation saves time and improves employees retention rates.

A user can open a self-help portal or hatbox and enquire their difficulty and get an instant automated response reducing the need for someone from the desk service to do it manually. It reduces the need for employees in this aspect which is good. In case an employee had to quit working the trouble of training, another would also not be there as ITSM solutions automate repetitive tasks that reduce the time and money required to get the job done.

How to implement ITSM processes?

There are various steps to implementing IT service management processes that would help improve the effectiveness of your organization. Steps such as:

Auditing the current ITSM operations and identifying gaps:

Before implementing the IT service management processes, it is preferred to chalk out the organization’s goals to have something to work towards. IT services catered explicitly to it is crucial to identify areas where IT service management processes can be involved that should include the right people, relevant technology and profitable workflow. The awareness of what is at stake and potential risks along with strategies to recover should also be prepared in case of discrepancies.

Educating, communicating and involving stakeholders during the process:

It is essential to have an environment that is receptive to change. Such a domain can be created by ensuring that all stakeholders are convinced about the benefits of strategizing and implementing the IT service management processes. Communication with the people outside the implementation team is also essential through things like workshops and meetings to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.

Outlining critical success matters and keeping tabs of KPIs and metrics:

While the ITSM implementation progresses, it is essential to monitor the IT help desk’s performance using metrics and KPIs. With built-in reporting capability, it can offer a performance analysis and help in the decision making as the reports contain high-level granular data. It is crucial to measure the relevant metrics like lost business hours, infrastructure stability, ticket volume trends, software asset utilization, incident response time, problem resolution time and more along with the right KPI to avoid wasting time on irrelevant ones.

Using relevant tools to automate processes:

It is essential to choose an IT help desk tool that fits your organization’s needs perfectly because it is highly unlike to use the functionality of all its features right away. So it is better to carefully choose a suitable tool that is customizable and flexible to match your current IT requirements with the possibility of scaling up in the future than to invest in one blindly. You have to find a tool that is practical, user friendly, includes integrations with other IT tools and is budget-friendly. It should also allow you to reach into only one place for the functions and not be scattered.

Developing feedback:

IT improvement can’t just stop with implementing. It needs to be continually developing so constructive feedback from end-users helps identify pain points, visualize their desired state, and build roadmaps for further improvement.

ITSM best practices

There are various ways to improve your IT service management practices like by:

      1. Putting your clients’ firsts
      2. Learning the frameworks
      3. Implementing timely
      4. Planning before purchasing
      5. Preparing for a culture change
      6. Automation
      7. Monitoring for improvements

Top ITSM metrics to measure:

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to focus on measuring the relevant metrics. The measurements can give you direction to the improvement of your activities. The measures of metrics are:

      1. Service availability
      2. Time to resolve
      3. First, call resolution rate.
      4. SLA breach rate
      5. User/customer satisfaction
      6. Cost per contact
      7. Net promoter score

What is an ITSM tool?

IT service management tools help regulate how IT services are delivered within a company based on its budgets, people, processes, environment and outcomes. The tools help better support the production environment. It facilitates tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services.

How to select an ITSM tool?

There are certain things to keep in mind when selecting an IT service management tool.

      1. It is preferred if you don’t straight away start with a list of the available IT service management tools. The most crucial step is to assess what is required for your business and then make purchases catering to your needs.
      2. It is better to aim for a single corporate IT service management tool. The consistency of the ITSM process should be taken into consideration. It has to be made sure that it adds to the technology management overhead; otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.
      3. It is essential to differentiate between tools that are must-haves and tools that are the tie to have. Adequate tools need to be the ones that help progress your work.
      4. The integration with IT and business should not be taken into consideration.
      5. Scoring IT service management tool vendors beyond the offered tool functionality is also significant.
      6. Weighing your requirements correctly and adequately, is also vital.
      7. Let the primary users of the tool play a vital role in the selection of the device since it’s for them to use, and they might know what would suit the best.
      8. The relationship between the ITSM tool vendor is also an essential factor to consider for purchasing an ITSM tool.


ITIL is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library that is defined as a framework with the best practices for delivering efficient IT support services. It aims for resource optimization and reviews existing processes to continue to improve.

ITSM is the concept that refers to the activities, processes, policies, and procedures performed by an organization to design, improve, implement, and support IT services. It supports the management of information technology in organizations and delivers value to the customers.

      • ITIL teaches best practices to implement ITSM while ITSM combines the use of that framework with various business perspectives to deliver quality IT services,
      • ITIL is more focused on IT, while ITSM is more focused on businesses.
      • ITSM is a methodology applied to manage services provided, whereas ITIL is the best practice framework of ITSM. It provides the necessary tools and techniques to deliver services.
      • ITSM is over organizational implantation while ITIL is a collection of process standards that guide the delivery and support of IT services.

ITSM processes in the ITIL:

The ITSM process includes five stages based on the ITIL framework:

      1. Service strategy that includes strategy management, financial management, demand and capacity management etc.
      2. Service design that includes design coordination, risk management, service level management, capacity and availability management etc.
      3. Service transition that includes change management and evaluation, project management, knowledge management, release and deployment management
      4. Service operation that includes incident and request fulfilment management, problem management and technical management
      5. Service improvement that includes IT service review and process evaluation.

What is an ITSM certification?

ITSM certification gives you the upper hand in IT services management. Accomplishing a diploma in one of the five levels is of great value. You can also earn a certificate in all the levels if desired. It enhances your skills and helps you come to a better understanding of ITIL management.

To get ITIL certified, you have to take five exams at the end of your training course. It is possible to study privately if done so then you can book an exam without a training course via places like PeopleCert.

What is the future of ITSM?

The future of IT involves the improvement of customer service experience. The future for ITSM holds:

      1. It enhanced IT support. The future will bring a further expansion of IT to support, and the framework of ITIL will strengthen the ability to provide consistent support. ITSM will become the default way to reach the IT department.
      2. With the extensive use shortly increased use of automation will also be adopted, which would lead to a positive initiative and an increased deflection of tickets.
      3. The chatbot will be added. With significant growth and change in AI technology, chatbots will lend its support to supporting ITSM services.
      4. We have improved customer service with better speed, quality and cost.
      5. It increased AI adoption. This refers to specific AI technologies that supplement ITSM rather than AI as a whole since developing and implanting the adequate and right AI is the way to progress ITSM.


AI had a massive benefit in ITSM consisting of AI as desk service agents performing a variety of tasks. AI helps IT meet the growing expectations of users in terms of faster service and the last, most efficient technology. AI leverages data and allows accelerated business performance.

The drawbacks of AI are:

      1. The lack of education since AI is not entirely developed yet there may be some unresolved bugs.
      2. It can have inconsistent data management.
      3. Sometimes people may use unauthorized apps to get things done faster, but that increases security risk in the workplace. Therefore, AI here raises the possibility of shadow IT.
      4. AI will not replace the humans but assist them. Just AI may lead to improper change management.

The accelerators of AI would be :

      1. Enterprise service management
      2. Knowledge management
      3. Digital transformation
      4. Agile frameworks
      5. Self-service culture

FieldEZ ITSM software:

FieldEZ is a hybrid service management solution that helps organizations manage their field operations through automated job scheduling and work order management. It can be deployed with on-premise or hosted in the cloud. It allows technicians to locate customers, diagnose problems and decide on the corrective action from their devices, and it also features ticket management, auto-scheduling and assignment.


What is an IT service management tool?

IT service management consists of tools that help regulate how IT services are delivered within a company based on its budgets, people, processes, environment and outcomes. The tools help better support the production environment. It facilitates tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services.

What is a service management system?

A service management system can be described as a sizable modular system that can incorporate all or most aspects of a service-oriented organization.

What is the purpose of IT service management?

IT service management’s primary purpose is to make sure that the appropriate process, adequate technology and people and put in place to make sure the organization can achieve its previously set goals.

What is the best ITSM tool?

ServiceDesk Plus is considered the best ITSM tool in 2020.

What are the five stages of ITIL?

The five stages of ITIL are:

      1. Service Strategy
      2. Service Design
      3. Service Transition
      4. Service Operation
      5. Continual Service Improvement

What is the difference between ITIL and ITSM?

ITIL is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library that is defined as a framework with the best practices for delivering efficient IT support services. It aims for resource optimization and reviews existing processes to continue to improve. In contrast, ITSM is the concept that refers to the activities, processes, policies, and procedures performed by an organization to design, implement, improve, and support IT services. It supports the management of information technology in organizations and delivers value to the customers.

ITIL teaches best practices to implement ITSM while ITSM combines the use of that framework with various business perspectives to deliver quality IT services.

Is Jira an ITSM tool?

Jira Service Management provides ITIL problems, change and service management customizable templates.

What is the ITSM process?

The ITSM process would be referring to the process of designing, delivering, managing and improving IT services of an organization. It is focused on aligning IT processes and services with business objectives to help an organization grow.

Is ServiceNow an ITSM tool?

Yes, ServiceNow is an ITSM tool.cIt provides a modern, cloud-based silo-busting device management solution.

Construction Management Software

construction management

Construction Management Software (CMS) also known as Project Management Software refers to the series of applications to help users effectively manage construction projects, resources, and customers. It includes scheduling and tracking worker daily tasks, punch listing, daily internal communications, and client billing. The web-based Construction Management Software increases the efficiency and productivity of construction firms and businesses. On-site crew members, project owners, and other stakeholders can stay connected even without the internet in real-time.

What are the Benefits of using Construction Management Software?

Construction Management System tool comes with all the required features to plan, schedule, and execute the client’s projects. The CMS key benefits are listed below:

Effective Planning and Scheduling

The CMS comes with a tool to help to simplify the planning process. Project managers can plan a management plan with tasks like distributing resources, setting up deadlines, and creating deliverables easily and quickly. They can prioritize tasks as per the benefit of the project.

Boosts Team cooperation

A Project team generally comprises members from different departments of the project. The CMS keeps the owner, on-site workers, and other members in close connectivity making it easier to communicate and actively conduct status calls.

Task Management

With the software, managers can easily assign tasks to the team members. The on-site workers can check the software and start working on the tasks allotted to them as per the priority. The tool also sends automatic reminders before deadlines.

Smooth file accessing and sharing

The tool also enables safe accessing and sharing important documents. Furthermore, users can make changes and leave feedback as it is cloud-based.

Hassle-free addition of new workers

The CMS maintains a project log that enables us to view the entire progress of the project simply. It enables new workers to easily catch-up and starts the work within a short time.

Effective Risk management

With the help of CMS, project managers can compile a list of risks and plans to mitigate them. Project members can actively participate, giving feedback, and discussing various solutions.

Cost and budget management

CMS allows project managers to manage the resources. They can keep tracks in real-time mitigating excessive project costs and optimizing the process.

Work from home

Irrespective of the physical location, the team members can remain connected. With CMS, remote project management has become very easy for managers to properly lead their team and guide them through.

Increased productivity

All the added advantages of the software successfully optimize cost and time requirements. This, in turn, helps in making a smart decision that enhances productivity

What are the competitive advantages of using construction project management software?

With high yielding performance and smooth running of project processes, Project Management Software gives an immediate competitive edge in today’s competitive environment. Businesses that implement tools can gain the following advantages:

Higher completion rate:

A Project Manager Tool is capable of increasing productivity along with efficient time and cost optimization. It helps to strategize work schedules, resources, reduce risk factors, and always stay connected with the team members. It enables finishing projects in less time and with less cost.

Collaboration in real-time:

The PM software comes with a cloud-based communication function that keeps the team connected even at low connectivity areas. Project managers can easily hand out tasks and schedules that are accessible by on-site workers in real-time. They can also send feedback and queries. There will be better collaboration and a better sense of professionalism.

Increased customer satisfaction:

A satisfied customer goes a long way for any business. A project is completed on time and under budget, consequently, the customer is happy. With PM software, Project successes are assured. As a consequence, it creates a better and confident work environment.

What are the different Business Sizes using the PM software?

  • The various breakdown of business sizes using construction project management software are as follows:
  • Single User: Less than $1 million in annual revenue. A small family-owned firm, with no IT department and uses a single software
  • Small business buyer: Up to $50 million annual revenue. A firm with 2-100 employees, with no IT department, using 2-10 software licenses.
  • Midsize buyer: Up to $100 million annual revenue. 2-100 employees, the IT department, and 11-100 software licenses.
  • Midsize-enterprise buyer: More than $100 million in annual revenue. A firm with 100+ employees, an IT department, and 100+ software licenses.

What are the various PM Software tools?


Takeoff is a pre-sale process in which the estimator measures construction plans (blueprints and drawings) to determine the number of materials and labour required for a job.


The software calculates the cost required for material and labour as well as produces a detailed bid proposal based on those estimates.

Bid management:

The software helps a contractor request bids from subcontractors and suppliers before submitting a job quote to a building owner. In short, the process bridges the gap between pre-sale and project management.


The software helps firms manage their job costing, core accounting, fixed asset accounting, and payroll. It’s common to find some job costing and budgeting in construction PM software; QuickBooks or Xero is an accounting system that can be used additionally.

Different Features of construction PM software

Bid Management

PM software enables us to invite and accept bids from subcontractors and third-party stakeholders. It allows analyzing and comparing the bid to choose the best option.

Document Management

Documents are as easy to store as it is to create. Furthermore, the software easily tracks and manages in real time. The project members can easily access and send feedback as required.

Project Management

Project Managers can strategize an optimized management plan keeping in mind the resources, risks, budget, and deadlines.

Contract Management

All agreements and contracts between the company and their clients, crewmates, vendors, and stakeholders can be properly maintained with centralized access.

Timesheet Management

With PM software, the managers can easily track the work status as well as the employees’ work hours.

Pricing guide of the Software

The software offers ‘per user, per month’ pricing. As per a vendor’s website, the base plan of the software is available on three pricing tiers:

– $0 – $16

– $16 – $22

– $22+

Premium plans are available at much higher rates that include additional features such as APIs, Third-party reporting, and premium support.


  • What is the best construction management software?

CoConstruct, a web-based construction management software, Is the best available option for contractors, modellers, and design-build companies.

  • What is the average implementation timeline?

For any small to medium businesses, the average implementation time is 18.4 months.

  • What is the software used in construction management?

Construction Management uses a web-based construction Management Software like project management, job site data collection and reporting, collaboration, and so on.

  • What is the construction management system?

Construction Management System is a professional service that uses project management techniques to effectively plan, design, and schedule a workforce from start to end.

Popular Construction software available in market


BuildTools is a web-based, fully integrated construction project management software. It is a residential construction management software designed to manage and connect the back-office processes. Users can better manage their budgets, schedule subcontractors, issue purchase orders, and other behind-the-scenes work processes. They can keep their projects in sync and up-to-date. In a single platform, it has bid management, document management, budgeting, communications, purchase orders, accounting integration, and more.


Buildertrend is a web-based construction management platform that manages communication, project schedule, budget, tasks, documents, and more. It is for custom builders and remodelers, specially built for managing custom projects.


WorkflowMax is a cloud-based free construction management software that provides end-to-end PM solutions. It has tools for leads, quotes, timesheets, job management, and invoicing. Pricing is at a convenient user per month basis, so it is easy to scale depending on the company’s business loan. It is ideal for architects, building and construction professionals, surveyors, and engineers, among others. It works well with construction accounting software like Xero as well.

Field EZ Construction Management Software

Field EZ provides a smart field service management solution that helps firms and construction businesses to manage their field operations through automated scheduling and work management. G2 has awarded FieldEZ as a Leader for Field Service Management Software in 2020. Its web-based construction management software provides some of the best construction and earth-moving heavy equipment.

Inventory Management Software 2020


What Is Inventory Management Software?

An Inventory management software is a software specifically designed to track the inventory of a business, that is the software manages various items across multiple stages of the supply chain. A simple inventory management software typically includes features like inventory item categorization, stock level management, barcode scanning, tracking of sales and purchase orders, and automatic reorder point purchasing.

While retail businesses generally use a basic version of the inventory management software for perpetual optimization of inventory data, businesses having complex supply chains commonly use the inventory management function integrated with their ERP systems or along with their warehouse management integration. An effective inventory management software ensures that your business runs in an efficient and profitable way.

Benefits of Stock Management Software

  • Reduced inaccuracies

There are many internal management processes in the inventory management system of a business. Doing all these processes manually not only increases the time required but also can lead to inaccuracies, for example, data duplicity. By adopting an inventory management software, the risks of inaccuracies are minimized through automated data recording and tracking processes, and it considerably reduces manual effort.

  • Enhanced productivity

By streamlining the internal process and enabling you to access analytics and reports, inventory management software assists you in making smarter business decisions and thus enhances the overall productivity of your business.

  • Customers satisfaction

Inventory management software enables you to normalize a decent stock management methodology that ensures optimum customer satisfaction. It will help you to keep up with the expectations of your customers and clients when they return for more of your services and items.

  • Cost-efficient

An inventory management software not only ensures reduced expenses caused due to inaccuracies and human errors but also opens up the possibilities of further profit through cost-savings. It lets you avoid deadstock & overstock situations and minimize revenue loss, overspending, etc.

  • Enhanced data security

The inventory management software allows you to restrict the use according to particular interests and ensures lessened errors. This also ensures data security at all levels of the process.

  • Increased profits

Well, maintenance of your inventory through an inventory management software does more than just reducing unnecessary expenses. It contributes to an enhanced benefit ratio and considerably paves the way for an increased profit margin.

Competitive Advantages of Using Inventory Management Software

A good inventory management software is of utmost importance if you want to provide your business with a competitive edge. It can definitely change the prospects of businesses like e-commerce retailers, logistics providers, and other industries with thin profit margins.

Better synchronization: Inventory management software provides businesses like e-commerce retailers the opportunity to synchronize inventory across multiple digital channels, while physical retailers can synchronize multi-channel inventory across multiple stores in a better and more efficient way.

Greater efficiency: Inventory software delivers a competitive edge to the businesses by ensuring greater efficiency in the processes by integrating with point-of-sale systems to update stock levels in real-time whenever the sales are made.

Reliable tracking: Advanced features in ERP-integrated inventory management software enables end-to-end tracking of goods. This ensures reliable tracking and optimum asset management benefits.

Business Sizes Using Inventory Management Software

Businesses across multiple industries, of all shapes and sizes, can use inventory management software. The smaller businesses generally use a scaled-down inventory management solution that works in line the sales and the accounting system. On the other hand, larger businesses, including enterprise businesses typically prefer an inventory management tool that is well-integrated with an ERP or supply chain system that significantly simplifies the process of inventory tracking across multiple links in the supply chain.

Software Related to Inventory Management

Inventory management functionality can be found across a diverse group of software categories that make inventory management more effective and optimized.

  • Accounting software:

Accounting software typically helps businesses to automate and streamline their core accounting functions. It provides billing, invoicing, and standard report production abilities to the business and ensures a stable financial standing.

  • Distribution ERP systems:

Many businesses across industries require a distribution Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that streamlines the supply chain operations of the business between the manufacturers and the customers. This type of software is often built with features like inventory control, warehouse management, order management, CRM, and accounting.

  • Manufacturing ERP systems:

Manufacturing ERP software, unlike distribution ERP systems, enables the businesses to plan and execute manufacturing projects from the beginning till the end, through automation, scheduling, and tracking.

  • Retail management systems:

The retail management system allows the vendors to combine point-of-sale systems with inventory management systems within a single platform.

  • Warehouse management systems:

Warehouse management software is inventory management systems specifically designed to streamline, automate, and optimize important warehouse processes.

A-List of Common Inventory Management Solution Features

  • Barcode scanning:

Integration with barcode scanners offers easy and effortless product identification, labelling, and product tracking.

  • Inventory optimization:

It enables you to maintain the right amount of inventory for each product, often in line with seasonal demands and other aspects, ensuring that you avoid over-stocking or under-stocking.

  • Stock notifications:

It enables you to receive alerts and notifications regarding the availability of stocks beyond a predefined threshold.

  • Report generation:

An inventory management solution offers you with sales history and allows you to access detailed reports on each product.

  • Multi-Location management:

It also enables you to manage multiple warehouses and point-of-sale (POS) across various locations within an integrated system.

  • Material grouping:

Using inventory management software, you can easily organize items on your inventory into predefined categories and remain updated on the category specifications.

The Inventory Management Solution Features You Really Need

Inventory management software for small business

  • Perpetual inventory:

This feature can be extremely advantageous in inventory management software for small businesses, including small retailers and e-commerce sellers, as it enables them to synchronize their product levels across multiple locations, and even across different sales channels. It, furthermore, optimizes purchase orders, reports, and invoicing, allowing small businesses to make smarter business decisions.

Midsize business

  • RF support:

This feature helps the medium-sized businesses significantly through barcode scanning that in turn, improves accuracy and speeds up processes.

Enterprise business

  • Lot traceability:

This feature helps large businesses to effectively track their products throughout their supply chain processes.

Faq’s on Inventory Management Software

  • What is the best software for inventory management?

There is much software for inventory management in the market that suits the requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes. FieldEz’s inventory management software is extremely efficient, as well as easy to use. It is one of the best inventory management software in India that enables you to streamline the entire process of inventory control by reducing errors, additional expenses, and improves the RoI.

  • What does inventory management software do?

An inventory management software is specifically designed to deliver optimized management capabilities across the entire supply chain of a business. It manages various items throughout multiple stages of the process and ensures a secure and strong inventory control.

  • What is the best free inventory management software?

There are several vendors that provide simple inventory management software for free. However, these inventory management software for small businesses is typically scaled down to deliver only the basic functionalities of inventory control. By utilizing FieldEz’s inventory management system, one of the leaders in inventory management software in India, you can try out the different inventory control features and determine the most suitable one for your business.

  • What are the 4 types of inventory?

The 4 types of inventory that are most commonly used are:

  • Raw Materials
  • Work-In-Progress (WIP)
  • Finished Goods
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO).

Determining your particular type of inventory helps you to optimize your supply chain accordingly and allows you to make smarter financial decisions.

  • Why do we need inventory management software?

Inventory management software helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage and organize their entire inventory. It ensures optimized control over the inventory items, products, stocks, market demand and more. Inventory management software with integrated functionalities provides a more secure and efficient way to control the supply chain processes across various locations and sales channels. Hence choosing a strong inventory management software is critical to the smooth and profitable running of your business. However, you can choose an inventory management software for free to check out its compatibility with your business.

  • How do you create an inventory system?

Even though you can create an inventory system manually, it can lead to certain inaccuracies and data duplicity. This will, in turn, affect the entire organization and effectiveness of your inventory system. But using an inventory management software to create and optimize your inventory provides you with accurate results, data insights, analytics, security, flexibility, and more.

  • How do I calculate inventory?

An inventory management software allows you to systematically calculate your inventory without any risk of manual errors. It not only minimizes the risk of inaccuracies, but also makes the entire process faster, simpler, and more efficient. Inventory management software integration with accounting systems also helps you to calculate your financial prospects and enables you to make sound financial choices.

  • How do you control inventory?

Controlling inventory is a critical task for ensuring organized and effective supply chain processes. Leveraging an inventory management software for achieving end-to-end control over your inventory allows you to streamline and optimize the items and the processes as per specific requirements. Additional integration also enhances the functionality of a simple inventory management software to its optimum level.


Field Employee Tracking

Field Employee Tracking Software

Getting tired and frustrated with managing teams manually and through different applications. Use Field Staff time tracking software and lead your whole work office through a single application.

Field Employee tracking software makes team management more efficient and easier. It is the best and effective way to manage your office. You can easily evaluate the work from your phone anytime, anywhere.

Managing Field Employee tracking can be a headache without the right set of tools. It can be very challenging and tiring. This tracking software or application is a very powerful tool to manage your office teams.

Field Staff Time Tracking App

Everything is going digital these days, and everyone is on the internet with official accounts. The world is getting so fast, and so we need to go step by step with it to stay ahead in the competition. Interact and oversee with your team digitally through this portal.

Field Employee tracking software provides you with access features that give you access control. These tools provide an integrated system; additionally, customized features are also available. It is a user-friendly Field Employee time tracking app.

Field Staff tracking app as the name suggests designed especially to manage the employment status. It helps in live tracking and task management. Field Employees can report directly on this software, and you can basically keep an eye on the work or tasks assigned to a particular Field Staff. The attendance monitoring system in the application automatically takes in the attendance of the Field Employees.

There is an availability of different features that will help you in superintending. These features provide accessibility to task management integrated systems, Field Staff location in real-time, time attendance, the current status of the task assigned, expense claims, travelling route is taken, device battery status, and digitally performance feedback for the Field Employees, etc., and much more. It is a data-optimized application.

Warehouse Field Employee Tracking

We provide the platform for you to maintain your time and cost. This application allows you to deal with hundreds of Field Employees. You can monitor weekly and monthly insights and analyze the work efficiency from this single app.

You can even track the Field Employees when they are away on vacation or out of the office or in the field. The system collects information from the warehouse management system through windows.

Indeed, You can also keep an eye on the past history of Field staff movement, including the total distance travelled with real-time geolocation during working hours. Even the route taken by the particular Field Employee can be tracked.

The reminders, personal meetings, team meetings, conferences, etc., everything can be set in the application as well. The computer screen recording and audio-video surveillance feature is also provided. How much an Field staff has used his phone or an application in particular digitally, what he/she is working on, everything from a to z can be monitored.

An employment tracking app is essential to go digitally about the work and keep in touch with your Field Employees. It helps you keep your Field Employees up-to-date. And ensures that Field Employees are equipped with all the information they need. It will show you what is needed at the moment in the company.

All this data will help you make certain decisions about the Field Employees, their work, their time of work, their appraisals, etc. And also, about your company’s investments, assets, and liabilities.

You can assign them all the work through the app. This will help you supervise a particular work in due time. And increase productivity.

It helps you make sure that the company’s time is used productively and your Field Employees are well paid for the work they are actually doing. It removes the fraudulent behavior of Field Employees.

It ensures security, as well. All the data is confidential and can be protected through data encryption and data security networks.

Field Employee Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software collects the data of your Field staff and registers them as the Field Employees of the company. So no other person can access the data provided. The database management system has a huge database to store data.

It is easy-to-setup and easy-to-use software. You will get regular alerts and can save lots of time by tracking everything through a single app and evaluating every aspect of it only.

It gives you complete control; only the admins can have control. Being a boss, this app is the best assistant one can have. It is an all in one solution to run your office beneficially. It gives you and your Field Employees transparency.

Fieldez Field Employee Tracking Software

FieldEZ software will prove itself very productive, especially when you have a field staff. It can be very uneasy and irritating to get phone calls all day to get updates or tracking how far the work has gone or to discuss the problems. Sometimes it also causes a lack of communication and misunderstanding. Calling every Field staff for asking their locations will cost you a lot of time and effort.

This tracking application gives you the versatility and comfortability of doing work with a field team. It provides warehouse Field Employee tracking. Use the resources and benefit from them.

After using this portal, you will notice changes in the performance and attendance of your Field Employees. The insights will change drastically, and you can help your Field Employees give their best. You can help them know their potential.

Also, you can track the highest performance and lowest performance as well and can sort things out with individuals individually. Feedback reports can be provided individually as well as the suggestions and improvements needed. You can award the highest performances accordingly.

This app is specially developed to track you, Field Employees, during work hours only, and it will not invade their privacy. You can set the time settings in the portal to ensure that your Field Employee’s work hours are monitored only. The shifts can be assigned to the Field Employees as per the requirements. Also, it will make it easy for you to know at what time your presence is required in the office and vice versa.

You can also evaluate reports while you are offline, so it’s a data-optimized, data saver application. Also, you can have an eye on the salary statements of your Field staffs.

All in all, this application will prove very beneficial with better performance, productivity, and process.


  • What is the best tool for tracking Field Employee away vacation and out of office?

Field Employee tracking app provides you with a real-time tracking tool through which you can easily track your Field Employees, even when they are out of the office or on vacation.

  • how to design an Field Employee tracking ?

You can take a crash course to learn how to design an Field Employee tracking app or software. It is a software program, so you need to know coding to design it.

  • how do exempt Field Employee tracking time?

Exempt Field Employees’ work has been tracked by days. Exempt Field Employees receive the same paycheck, regardless of how many hours they work.

  • Automated tracking of Field Employee spending when travelling?

The Field Employee tracking app also tracks your Field Employee when they are travelling. It tracks the live location and the route taken as well. It keeps track of expenses as well.

  • What is the best Field Employee app for tracking used equipment?

You can use an equipment time tracking app or Field Employee tracking app. Some of the best Field Employee tracking apps are Hubstaff, Timecamp, Desktime, Toggl etc.

  • how do Field Employee tracking monitor Field Employees?

Field Employee time tracking software collects data about Field Employees, their phone locations, its programs, apps, and URL’s a person has used during the workday, and for how long.

  • what can we use for the new ot rules to be legal for Field Employee hour tracking?

You can follow the guidelines that are given by the government about the new overtime rules. And can set your features of tracking your Field Employees according to it. You can use any Field Employee tracking software for it as well, just make sure it follows the rules and have the features you will need.

  • why is it important for an Field Employee to participate in tracking performance

It is important because it will make sure that your bosses know how hard you are working. Your office knows where you are and what you are working. It will make your communication with your seniors much easier and will keep you up to date as well.

  • What is the correct method of tracking Field Employee cell phone payments?

First of all, you have to choose a way through which you will pay your Field Employees. It has to be a legal, secure and direct option. It will be much better if it is online; it will make it easy for you to track down all the payments.

  • who first created Field Employee tracking

There hasn’t been a track record or confirm information about who first created the Field Employee tracking. However, there is a Google patent in the name of Geir Christian Karlsen and Baard Forde Groningen as the inventors of Field Employee tracking.

  • how to install Field Employee tracking software without them knowing?

You can install the Field Employee tracking software on their computer without them knowing by incognito installs. Many companies offer their services.

  • how tracking Field Employee turnover, performance, and attendance have changed?

Tracking Field Employees will change the work system. It will make them work productively and not waste time. This way, your Field Employees will take their work more seriously because they will know that their seniors and watching. And this way it changes performances and attendance.

  • Why is Field Employee tracking important?

Field Employee tracking is important because it keeps track of all the data in one place. And it is a secure way to run your office efficiently and keep tracks of all your Field Employees and their work.

  • Why is Field Employee productivity tracking important?

The app keeps the record of who is doing what and how quickly tasks are being completed. It makes them aware of deadlines and manages tasks effectively in order to increase productivity.

  • what to give in source tracking for Accenture jobs if referred by an Field Employee

Source tracking helps the working center to know how a candidate has heard of the job. So you should definitely give the right information. If you have heard about it from an Field Employee, just say it to a friend or a known person.


Project Management Software

project management software (1)

Project management software definition?

Project management software are comprehensive online platforms that allow teams to work and collaborate on various projects. These can be considered as real-time workspaces that enable both members of the team and outside partners to get an overview of all the projects including the daily details. Project management software often includes other resource management tools for maximum support and efficiency.

With project management software, definition of all project related data becomes accessible to all the parties and ensures that the projects are delivered on time through constant communication. It further allows the team members to monitor deadlines, track overall time, and significantly enhances the effectiveness of the project with the help of automatic rescheduling of tasks, reports generation, and integration with billing & invoicing systems.

How project management applications work

The different types of project management software basically come off as a software equivalent of the project manager. Just as a project manager oversees specific projects through its assignment, completion, and other aspects, the applications in the project management software list also help the team members of a specific project through its entire process.

As the project management software’s definition suggests, the different types of project management software help each and every individual involved in the project to check task assignments, update their respective progresses, monitor total time spent on an assignment, share and utilize resources, and complete the assigned tasks efficiently within given deadlines.

All the applications in the project management software list act as a single platform, with often integrated storage spaces, that allow the team members alongside other employees, clients, contractors, and project managers to share documents and resources. Additionally, the project management software offers complete visibility of all the details of the assignments, including the assigned person, deadline, and relevant information. This ensures accountability of the tasks as well their credibility, while providing detailed insights on who is overworking and who is not.

Project Management for Small Business

If effectively implemented, the different types of project management software can subsequently replace emails for project inspection and management. However, whether it replaces email or not, the applications in project management software list can be extremely beneficial for small and large businesses alike.

And since small businesses have very specific needs, it is extremely important to choose a project management software that perfectly fits the requirements of the business. One of the most prominent factors of determining whether the type of project management software is suitable for small businesses is their price modules. Selecting a tool from the project management software list that has all the necessary features for the company’s use and offers an affordable pricing structure can be the most effective choice.

There are also tools available for project management software free download that allows the small businesses with minimum budget to access the basic features effortlessly. However, project management software free downloads can demand minimum amounts of money on a monthly/annual basis to deliver their entire features.

Another aspect that can help small businesses determine their type of project management software is the different permission levels offered in the tool. Some project management software provide permission levels at various hierarchical levels for easy access by the organization. While this feature can be quite efficient in large businesses with typical hierarchical roles, it can not be so particularly beneficial in small businesses where an employee has multiple roles.

Other aspects that demand to be considered for choosing the perfect type of project management software for small businesses include the particular type of business alongside its team structure, functions, and working styles.

FieldEZ project management software 2020

Keeping in mind the dynamic project management requirements of various types of organizations, FieldEz has developed a comprehensive project management software solution that allows flexibility across teams and enables you to optimize the functionalities in line with your specific needs.

FieldEz’s project management software solution provides end to end project management, streamlines planning and monitoring of progress, and enables the project manager to completely customize access and functions. FieldEz thus ensures a secure and effective digital teamwork environment that drives performance and productivity at every level.

Common features and tools in project management systems

As per the project management software definition, the tool has three major pillars, namely, planning, tracking, and collaboration. Although each tool in the project management software list may possess some distinguishing sets of features with different functionalities, there are some characteristic features and capabilities that are present in the most popular project management software examples.


Planning is the first and foremost pillar of project management that involves finding the right team members with the skills for the particular project, before determining the resources required in the project. Once the team and the resource list is assembled, you can use project management software for scheduling, setting a deadline, and allocate resources as necessary.


Scheduling allows the project managers to construct a project timeline, delegate tasks, utilize the calendar for making lists and more. The automatic alerts, monitoring of accomplished goals, and complete timeline visibility not only help the managers but also significantly help the team members to remain informed about their deadlines, progress, and important updates all through a robust interface. The scheduling feature is also available in the project management software free downloads.


The forecasting feature that you can find in different project management software examples provides detailed insights based on previous data and plays a significant part in calculating the RoI of a project before investing major resources. Thus the forecasting feature essentially forecasts or predicts any potential risks of your business by analyzing each task in respect to your company’s set budget and revenue goals.

Resource allocation

The resource allocation feature allows the project managers to study where their organizations invest their time, materials, and manpower. Through this feature, the managers can efficiently view and change the allocated resources in a specific project, plan the project thoroughly, and divert potential challenges.

Tracking and management

The best project management software examples help the project managers to completely monitor the various aspects of the project and enable them to keep the projects effectively on track.

  • Time tracking

Time tracking feature in the project management software examples allows the project managers to track the amount of time spent on each project, evaluate the overall productivity of the assigned person, and enables the organization to access an archive of valuable data that helps in forecasting the completion dates of similar tasks in the future.

  • Task management

Task management is an integrated feature of the project management software that allows the project manager to assign the different tasks and responsibilities of the project to the various team members often based on their specific skills and capabilities. It enables the managers to quickly and effortlessly understand the challenges in each task and thus helps the entire team to progress effectively. Task management feature also helps the team to appropriately organize their assignments by providing a robust interface with notes and tags that offers additional references to strategies and changes.

  • Permission settings

Permission settings enable the project manager to provide selected access to team members and outside parties to view, edit, or change tasks and other specifications. It thus allows the managers to track down any unauthorized changes and helps in delivering efficient and error-free results.

  • Budgeting and expense tracking

Even though budgeting and expense tracking software for projects come in standalone versions, some project management software examples offer integrated budgeting and expense tracking functions. These features provide a comprehensive approach to the project management and organization by allowing the managers to learn how team members accrue expenses in a project through valuable data and also helps in forecasting the potential expenses in similar future projects.

  • Analysis and reports

Analysis and reporting functions allow the project managers to view and critically analyze data to turn around mid-project challenges. It offers the managers the opportunities to evaluate the productivity of the entire team and helps them to rectify or utilize the situation accordingly.


Keeping the projects connected can be a challenging part for the project managers. The collaboration tools of the project management software ensures effective collaboration and smooth communication across various team members and departments.

  • Document sharing

Although emails are the most common option to share documents between teams, its basic structure and interface can prove to be quite challenging and ineffective for maximum support. Hence, selecting a project management software that allows the users to easily upload and access documents and other resources jot only contributes to productivity but also significantly improves efficiency.

There can be a wide range of comprehensive document sharing options integrated within different project management software examples. Project management software free downloads often have simple yet helpful systems like Google Drive integration.

  • Internal messaging

Another important aspect of project management that considerably strengthens the communication between teams and enhances the overall performance of the project is messaging and similar communication functions. Even though the messaging and meeting functions generally come off as stand alone versions, they can also be found in comprehensive project management software examples.

Special use case: IT project management

IT projects often demand a different approach to project management since it requires unique sets of tools to shift from one stage to another. Consequently, IT project management software, in contrast to traditional project management software, are developed with more focus on Agile methodologies and have sets of features that particularly cater to developers and project managers. The following areas will help you to understand project management software comparison between traditional and IT use cases.

  • Bug tracking:

A feature to capture, track, log, and monitor any bugs in a software development.

  • Product roadmaps:

This feature helps the project managers to create product roadmaps that allows the teams to understand the bigger picture and enables them to fulfill a common set of goals.

  • Backlogs/stories:

It helps to create tasks as ‘user stories’ and enables the team members to optimize each and improve quality.

  • Subversion/Git hosting:

It helps to manage code directly inside the project management platform.

  • Top project management software featured in this guide

While there are many types of project management software present in the market, FieldEz’s project management solution is one of the most effective among the project management software examples. It can be perfectly optimized for your organization’s project management requirements and teams’ demands. However, you can opt for a project management software comparison to find the most suitable solution for your company.

  • Choosing a project management software platform

Looking for a project management software comparison before choosing the most suitable one? FieldEz’s expert consultants will provide you with an effective project management software solution and help you to select the tool perfect for your organization.

FAQs on Project Management Software

  • What is the best software for project management?

FieldEz offers one of the best project management software for optimized planning, monitoring, tracking and collaboration across project teams. FieldEz’s project management software solution makes sure that the company delivers optimum results by leveraging the high quality features of the software.

  • What is the best free project management software?

There are many project management software that are available for free in the market. With project management software free downloads, you can mostly access all the basic features of the software.

  • What is the easiest project management software?

FieldEz’s project management software offers an easy-to-use integrated interface that allows its users to utilize all its functions in a simple way. It provides an equally easy solution for project managers and team members alike that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • Does Google have a project management software?

No, Google does not have a native project management software. However, it has effective alternative solutions to create project plans and more, alongside allowing additional Google tools integration with standalone project management applications.

  • Is Microsoft Project the best project management software?

Microsoft Project is considered to be one of the finest project management software examples that allows project managers to develop plans, assign resources, track progress, manage tasks and budgets, and analyze workloads.

  • Is Microsoft Teams a project management tool?

Yes Microsoft Teams is an effective communication and collaboration tool that empowers the project managers to completely streamline the project management process by allowing document management, real-time chats, video meetings, and more.

  • Is Excel a project management tool?

Excel can be successfully used as a project management tool for small to midsize projects. It enables the project managers to visualize, plan, and track their projects from the very beginning and allows simple optimization.

  • What are Project Manager tools?

Project manager tools are software specifically designed and developed for project managers to access and monitor their projects and team completely. Project manager tools are thus essentially project management software, particularly aimed for providing optimum support to the project managers.

  • What are the 5 stages of project management?

The 5 stages of project management include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Each stage is extremely critical in the overall productivity and success of the project.

Small Business Valuation Calculation

small business evaluation

Know The Value Of Your Business…

Do you know what the exact worth of your business is? You are not alone. While many business owners are simply curious about their business worth, some want to sell their business, alongside many others who need a formal valuation for legal proceedings. Regardless of the reason, a business valuation calculator will help you and other business owners to know about the exact value of your business.

What Makes Your Business Valuable?

The value of a business is directly connected with its capability to produce future profits. In respect to this, the ultimate value of your business that a buyer is willing to pay for comes down to two aspects – the return-on-investment (RoI) and the relative risk. That is the value or price of your business significantly increases with higher RoI and lower risks, and vice versa.

However, associating the following characteristics with your business enhances the overall selling worth as they mitigate the future risks of your business and improves its sustainability:

  • Predictable drivers to make new sales.
  • Stable or improving traffic from multiple sources
  • More repeat sales
  • Higher numbers of repeat customers
  • Availability from established suppliers with stable backups
  • Zero legal complications and concerns
  • Potential to grow over time
  • Streamlined and documented systems

How can I easily calculate the actual value of my business?

Traditional valuation methodology to evaluate the exact worth of your business can be simplified into three specific types of methods:

Earnings Multiple

The buyer can deploy the multiples method by depending on the actual size of the business. In the range between 1 to 3, and multiply it by the annual profits. In the case of monthly statistics, in comparison to yearly, the multiple can range between 12-36. This method is generally not used for small business valuation under $5 million.

Comparable Sales

With the comparable sales method, the buyer determines the overall value of your business by comparing your past sales data. These are similar to your business field. Although this method is not particularly accurate, comparing sales definitely forms a clear idea of the value of your business.

Asset Valuation

Through the asset valuation method, you or your buyer can effectively determine the overall worth or potential of your business by evaluation of the various assets. This method considers the pros and cons of each asset of your business and understands the various prospects. This method is usually applied for the strategic implementation of your business for better outcomes.

Where Can You Sell Your Business?

Are you looking to sell your business? Then the following modes can be found adequately profitable.

Broker :

Brokers can be the best option to sell medium-sized businesses that make between $250,000 and $5m in profit per year.

Marketplaces (under businesses) :

If you are a small business or micro business owner that makes under $250k profit annually, then selling your business privately through forums or marketplaces can be the best option.

Investment Banks ($5m and over profit businesses) :

Investment banks or acquisition companies are the more solid options to sell larger businesses that earn more than $5m annually.

10 Business Valuation Calculators To Gauge Your Business Value

Here we are listing down some free business valuation calculators that will help you to effortlessly get started on with determining your exact business value before you sell.


CalcXML provides a wide range of financial tools that allows small businesses to effectively understand the financial prospects of their business through trial and tested models of calculation.

It is extremely easy to use and offers prospective buyers with necessary insights into the business. Moreover, the CalcXML considers all the basic aspects like annual revenue, business risks, etc. and delivers informative results within a very short time.


ExitAdviser helps business owners to get in touch with prospective buyers and also provides quick business valuation in line with their support service. The business valuation calculator simply delivers effective results through the evaluation of the business’s net annual profit and sales growth.


As a world leader in crowdfunding, EquityNet has already helped millions of small businesses and companies to raise massive amounts in equity, debt, and royalty-based capital across the world.

As an extension of their services, they offer businesses of all shapes and sizes with a valuation calculator. It thus not only allows you to evaluate your business with respect to your competitors, but also enables you to understand your business’s profit margin, risks, and cash flow.


BizEx offers a more advanced free service business valuation calculator through the Multiple Earnings method. It enables you to access instant valuation ranges by utilizing the business’s multiple earnings and provides you with the option to use these numbers over with your broker.

Digital Exits

Digital Exists provides you with a more detailed analysis of business data and delivers an accurate estimate of your business value. It will help you to gauge the market in a better way with respect to your business prospects.

American River Bank

The American River Bank utilizes the discounted cash flow method in its large and small business valuation calculator to determine the exact value of your business. The company claims that this method is more effective and relevant as it considers the future operating conditions appropriately.

Hadley Capital

Hadley Capital uses a different method of EBITDA multiple calculations in its service business valuation calculation. It helps you to determine the accurate value of your small business. However, this method of startup valuation calculator may vary greatly as per the different characteristic features specific to your business.

Hadley Capital’s calculator particular emphasizes on the annual EBITDA of our business, alongside other factors like your annual capital expenditures and revenue income.

MassMutual Financial Group

MassMutual is an insurance provider that supports businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world. Just like the company itself, it’s business valuation calculator also focuses on delivering seamless user experience.

The easy to use calculator ensures that you get clear and accurate estimates of the overall worth of your business within a couple of minutes.

help me

HelpSME provides simple and user-friendly business valuation calculators to small businesses that require support, including tutorials and advice. It uses the special method called Net Present Value (NPV) to evaluate the business’s worth utilizing the future cash flow.

National Life

National Life offers end-to-end financial services and support to businesses. Its online business valuation calculator leverages its industry insights to deliver appropriate market estimates and determines the business’s value by evaluating its future cash flow. Furthermore, the National Life business valuation calculator focuses significantly on the company’s prospect of marketability and compensation.

Although there are several online business valuation calculators available on the web today, they generate absolutely 100% accurate results. Also, neither any two methods of valuation are completely alike, nor this list is exhaustive. Hence you should always consider related business factors before proceeding on with the final valuation.

It is highly recommended that even if you take help of any valuation method or mode mentioned above, you should always pay heed to your homework to make sure that you are selling, or buying, a business at its appropriate rate.

MR Reporting Software


Medical Representatives (MR) are an integral part of the pharmaceutical companies, and the overall sales often depend on their Mrs. Since the pharmaceutical sector rides on how good the sales of the drugs are, it is critical for them to continuously and adequately optimize their sales force resources through a healthy field workforce management system. One of the best and most efficient ways to do so is by integrating MR Reporting Software into pharmaceutical companies’ marketing system.

MR Reporting Software is a sales rep management software specifically designed to manage sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. It is an advanced field management & automation tool that allows the field managers to effectively track the Medical Representatives’ activities on the field, manage monthly/quarterly/half-yearly schedules of the medical reps, inspect on the product promotions of individual representatives, and monitor their overall performance as well. By continuously optimizing the company’s sales force resources, the software allows the company to benefit through enhanced productivity and profitability.

Field force management through MR Reporting Software ensures that the company targets are more efficiently achieved. It allows:

  • Complete automation of the sales force resources
  • Effective management of Doctor appointments and details
  • Streamlined and organized primary and secondary sales data
  • Comprehensive management of medical representatives on the field
  • Analysis of competitor brands through real-time data insights
  • Quick view MIS reports with detailed information dashboard

Management of Doctor Appointments and Information

The MR Reporting Software leverages predictive and machine learning technologies and enables the pharmaceutical companies to provide optimum field support to the medical representatives. The software allows effective management of doctor appointments and related details, making the job much more manageable and efficient for the MR Executives.

Through the MR Reporting Software, the medical reps can automatically access error-free information regarding the names, specialties, contact details, appointment schedules, affiliations, products, etc. of individual doctors. The implementation of the software not only enhances the efficiency of the medical reps but also saves a considerable amount of time.

MR Reporting Software allows:

  • Proper management of multiple contact information
  • Adequate management of different product details
  • Reminders for appointments and tracking
  • Access to recorded marketing conversations

Key Features

  • Information Dashboards

Pharmaceuticals sales software like MR Reporting Software provides the field manager with a comprehensive dashboard that allows access to real-time updates and detailed information on medical representatives and their activities on the field.

  • Simple & Quick Reporting

MR Reporting Software ensures that the entire field operations are running effectively with innovative reporting tools that enable quick responses. The easy-to-use interface of the software renders the simple execution of the device.

  • Job Scheduling

The sales rep management software allows the field manager to assign and manage each medical representative’s schedules on the field through complete automation. It significantly reduces the manual effort of paperwork and makes the process more efficient.

  • Error-free Execution

Pharma reporting software or MR Reporting Software utilizes automation technologies that shift the focus from manual efforts to automatic processes that minimize the risks of human errors and maximize the deliverance of acute results.

  • Route & Location Tracking

The sales rep management software provides adequate resources that help the field representatives reach the right locations and serves as a brilliant tool that allows the field manager to track individual representatives’ movements and activities.

  • Expenses & Claims

The pharma sales and marketing software provide the pharmaceutical field managers with the potential and endowment to efficiently record, claim, and approve expenses on the go, allowing them to keep track of the costs.

  • Effective DCR Tracking

The pharmaceutical field managers can track the Daily Call Report (DCR) of the medical reps on the field through the sales rep management software. They can easily access the information on the non-submitted DCR as well as identify forged DCR submissions.

  • Invoices & Payments

The pharma sales software provides the pharmaceutical company with the ability to capture and track their revenue’s overall flow quickly. The software allows a strong financial asset flow and profit visibility.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

The MR reporting software offers cost-effective yet advanced pharma sales rep management by saving a considerable amount of money through complete optimization, visual aid printing, and low-cost internet charges.

  • Attendance & Leave

The pharmaceutical field managers can effectively keep track of the attendance and leave requirements of the medical representatives, enhancing the overall management efficiency through MR Reporting Software.

How FieldEZ helps Pharma Marketing Platforms

For Sales Head / Sales Management

  1. FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software provides the sales head/sales manager with resources to effectively plan routes and automatically assign medical representatives to the locations.
  2. The sales managers can efficiently schedule medical rep visits to specific Doctors, hospitals & pharmacies and provide particular instructions regarding the respective products & sales execution.
  3. The sales head can effortlessly track individual medical reps’ locations with real-time insights and optimize their corresponding targets & activities using FieldEz’s MR Reporting Software.
  4. FieldEz’s pharma marketing software enables the sales manager/head to get acute insights into the medical reps’ activities and audit their activities by location and time.
  5. The sales manager can effectively measure sales growth and enhance their overall productivity & performance, continuously utilizing data and error-free reports by incorporating FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software into their system.

For Medical Representatives

  1. Using FieldEz’s pharma reporting software, the medical representatives can easily update the appointment activities, visit/call details, add DCR through mobile or tablet applications, all in real-time.
  2. The pharma reporting software by FieldEz also allows the medical reps to save a considerable amount of time and manual effort by generating daily activity reports through automatic processes.
  3. The medical reps can manage and optimize their visits/calls and improve their productivity through proper planning with the help of time calculation features provided by FielEz’s pharmaceutical sales software.
  4. The sales rep management software by FieldEz also enables the medical representatives to register instant complaints about mobile.
  5. FieldEz’s pharma sales and marketing software provide the medical representatives with navigation facilities that allow them to use maps to optimize route and travel time.

How to Build an Efficient and Happy Workforce with Field Service Management Software


Today, technological advancements have revolutionized the way work is created, distributed, and completed. Globalization of field service markets is also driving organizations to rethink the arrangement of their on-field workforce. When organizing and planning field service operations, it is not always easy to account for unexpected variables. Vehicle breakdowns, employee illness, and longer than expected field service visits can result in costly delays and setbacks.



A recent survey reported that 77% of the field technicians enjoyed solving customer problems. But 46% of the field workforce claimed that the paperwork and admin work was the worst part of their job. These unnecessary, repetitive, and monotonous activities take away from their productivity, thereby making them inefficient and unsatisfied. Keeping your employee happy is crucial in order to maintain a good relationship with your customers.


The Need for a Field Service Management Software


A field service management software can provide real-time automated workforce planning, and shipping, which enables you to proficiently assign the sales persons to make the most of the available workforce. This also guarantees that your customer service never endures any setback because of any unpredictable circumstances. By selecting an appropriate field service management software, you can give yourself, your management, and your field staff the facility to be more efficient by automating everyday tasks.


A recent survey reported that since using a field service management software, organizations found a 90 % increase in their number of conversions. Mobile field service management software saves you from having to cope with countless amounts of manual receipts, photographs, and paper notes. It enables technicians to store the detailed work description, timings, materials used, and all the related information concerning the task on their mobile devices


In addition to this, the software can assign and dispatch the field technicians accordingly, which can directly affect the profitability as it minimizes the drive time and increases productivity. It simplifies the management of the complete field service lifecycle and allows for robust planning and scheduling, providing organizations with the ability to adapt to changes throughout the day and avoid any additional expenses.


The field service software facilitates task coordination with a dynamic scheduling engine that handles the various planning and scheduling variables and dependencies. It also takes into consideration the skill set, certification, union work classification, proximity, time commitments, contracted service level, and so on, while selecting a field technician.


Conclusively, implementing a field service management software takes the decision out of the hands of a manual environment and puts them into the software, thus leading to a more productive outcome and a higher ROI coupled with a satisfied workforce and customer base.


Get the Right Field Force Management Software


Any business needs the right strategies and tools in place to keep employees satisfied. Most businesses take care of their employees but forget their remote workforce. The remote workforce that handles field service tasks is a crucial asset for any organization.


Manage your remote team with FieldEZ’s field service management software. Our software suites are equipped with the following features-



Leverage software and take your remote workforce management to the next level with FieldEZ.



Top Two Machine Learning Trends to Follow in 2018

Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been around for a long time now. Given the rapid technological advancements, both have been growing at an exponential pace in recent years. According to a recent survey, investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence is believed to provide greater competitive advantages as claimed by 84% of the companies globally.

Machine learning brings to you customized and personalized results to further expand the frontiers of knowledge and insights into the market. In addition to this, the global revenue from artificial intelligence for enterprise software is expected to reach $31.2 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 52%. With that in mind, here are the top two trends that we think will rule Machine Learning this year:

Machine Learning


  1. Predictive Marketing: Machine learning advancements such as neural networks and deep learning algorithms can discover hidden patterns in an unstructured data set and reveal new information. Machine learning is majorly used in identifying and acquiring prospects with attributes similar to existing customers. By effortlessly integrating machine learning into a field service management software, businesses can reap the benefits of precise resource plans and enhance their customer satisfaction. A few years ago, a thorough analysis of emails was the only way to gain insights into the resulting outcome of marketing tools. Now, machine learning aptly tackles this problem and promises a plethora of insights for organizations.

In addition to this, machine learning together with a sales force management software can prioritize known prospects, leads, and accounts based on their likelihood to take actions. With machine learning and AI algorithms, a company can improve and render new configurations which can become the support of predictive analytics. With an appropriate field service management software in place, a field service company can profit not only from the best possible planning but also from advanced problem identifications.


  1. Content Generation: Machine Learning has already enabled the replication of content creation. In 2018, we can expect more automated chatbot conversations to confirm the quality of service, and machine learning seems to be coming up with better solutions in record time. Artificial intelligence along with machine learning helps carry out extensive research and accurately predicts the expected outcome. It can also seamlessly integrate with field service management software and sales force management software so that minimal configuration is required to start taking advantage of the service applications.

Additionally, salespersons can formulate a template of what a conversation is expected to be through the content generated. In a way, machine learning will enable companies to model their communication with potential clients.


As companies face the inevitable necessity to digitally transform and automate manual tasks, they should now begin outlining the areas of activities that might require machine learning support. Field service management is a perfect example that utilizes machine learning to redesign service operations and improves the process to affect the customer experience.


Consequently, the faster businesses become digital-oriented and start using the latest technological advances, the greater is their chance of gaining a competitive advantage and increasing customer satisfaction.

Field Force Management 


Five Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Five Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

Technology has changed the way we carry out businesses at home and at work. With the evolution of mobile technology along with apps and cloud computing, our need as a consumer and the reliance on real-time information is slowly sneaking into the management world; especially into the mobile workforce management sector.


Mobile Workforce Management Software


This is where the mobile workforce management software comes into help. It provides an automated solution for various everyday tasks performed by organizations. It helps in creating a link between the office staff, the mobile workers, and the customers. Mobile workforce management gives you the opportunity to use the power of technology to increase the efficiency of the business. In addition to this, below are the top five benefits of mobile workforce management:


1. Customer Focused: The most successful businesses in the world know that customers are the center of their universe. Every customer interaction is important but impossible to manage. With workforce management, every interaction is automatically updated. This data is integrated with the location of the mobile workforce to result in smarter task allocation and happier customers.


2. Insights: Quality of the data and appropriate utilization of the collected data has the power to make or break a company. Adopting cloud-based field service management software can help with the collection of data, apply smart algorithms, and deliver insights that can help you take better managerial decisions. These insights can help you cut costs, increase spends in areas that require support, and identify areas for operational improvement.


3. Improved Efficiency: One of the most important advantages of adopting workforce management software is the ease of task allocation in the workforce. When you implement cloud-based workforce management software, the work allocation is completely automated, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.


4. Increased Revenue: Revenue generation is something that every company tries to achieve. Cloud-based mobile workforce management software can help your business automate task management, data analytics, reporting, customer communication and performance monitoring. This leads to the reduction of cost required for multiple applications.


5. Ease of communication: Communication is the key. Customers love updates; whether it is about delivery or any other service. With workforce management software, this can happen through a single press of a button. Quick communication will also help in engaging with the customer and help them solve the problem faster. It will also help to collect instant feedback from the customer.



Businesses who fail to embrace new opportunities are in danger of getting left behind. Implementing mobile workforce management can help achieve high operational efficiency and reduce costs by cutting down on manual work whenever possible. By saving time, it also helps you save money.


Field Force Management Software for Small and Large Enterprises

FieldEZ’s field service management software helps businesses to transform the way they manage their remote workforce. Here’s what you get wrapped into one when you employ FieldEZ’s field service management software-


  • A delivery tracking software
  • A service dispatch software
  • A work order management software
  • A mobile attendance tracking software
  • A mobile inventory management software

This sales force automation software can set in a digital transformation in your enterprise.