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10 Ways Service and Support Will Change by 2020

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The past years have proved to be an exciting and transformative period for the service and support industry. Similar to every other industry, customer experience has prevailed and will continue to in the future as the ultimate differentiator that will drive innovation at a rapid speed. Service providing organizations, globally, are increasingly using field services as a means to please customers.

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Wearable Tech In Work Attire – Staring Not Far In The Future!

Wearable tech in Field Service Management

According to Wearable Technologies, a pioneering platform in the wearable tech space, the value of the wearable tech market will boost from a little over $10 billion in 2017 to about $17 billion by 2021. As the customers’ spending limit stretch and the wearable tech adoption increases, the market will see a surge in growth and sales like never before. A report by i-scoop released a year back predicted that by 2026, wearable technologies would shift to new markets and there will be innovation concerning where it can be used on the human body.


Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sales In Surprising Ways

Artificial Intelligence - Field Force Management

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sales, Big businesses and the small ones have all entered the fray when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. The technology is bringing in paradigm shifts to the way businesses are run all over the world. From developing neural networks to cognitive recognition, to changing the mainstream business landscape, AI is truly revolutionizing all areas of human experience. The field service management space is no exception to the effects of AI. Businesses are keeping track of their on-field workers through powerful software solutions, and are leveraging AI to make smart decisions about aspects such as the travel route for a service professional, the right time to contact a customer, etc.


The Future Is Here: Big Data in The Telecom Industry


According to a study, the number of global smartphone users will reach a whopping 2.87 billion by 2020, up from 2.32 billion in 2017. This boom in the Telecom industry and the trends this fact highlights include a subtle hint at the amount of data Telecom companies will have access to in the near future. When the truth dawns upon Telecom companies that they have data of humongous size by their side, organizations will begin to experiment and analyze their Big Data in a bid to create operational and fundamental changes in the way the Telecom industry operates.

Mobile Technology: The Future of Schedule Management

Top-5-Trends-in-Mobile-Technology credits Saksoft

Mobile technologies are transforming workplaces at lightning speeds. Mobility in the workplace is helping employees streamline their productivity and improve their efficiency. In the field service management space, mobile technologies are changing the way services are managed and delivered. With the BYOD revolution bringing in mobile devices including smartphones and wearables, companies are forming new strategies for leveraging mobile devices for improving their operations.


FieldEZ Launches new Expense Management Module for Field Employees


FieldEZ Technologies today announced the launch of new product features and enhancements, targeting greater collaboration among the field service staff, and simplifying the core field scheduling, dispatch and workforce management processes.



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Unconventional Ways Artificial Intelligence Drives Business Value

Field service management companies are in a frenzy looking out for ways Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be seen as the focal point of the evolution of machines. Machine today are learning to perform reasoning and thinking, some aspects that were only previously associated with humans. Businesses in all major industries have started building from the ground up, their AI strategies. According to fresh studies, by 2020, about 57% of businesses will have to know what their buyers need before they even tell them. This should compel businesses today to invest in AI. Buyers of tomorrow will need predictive system capabilities that reduce their part of the job.


2020 Field Service Technology Predictions: Drones, Robots, and Self-Driving Cars

2020 Field Service Technology Predictions: Drones, Robots, and Self-Driving Cars

The speed of technological innovation has reached an all-time high. Advanced technologies are causing major disruptions in industries and burning our businesses who are managing to stay traditional. In the field service management space, while the progress has been slow, businesses are now gearing up to match the pace. Technologies in the field service space are revolutionizing processes, and changing the way businesses operate, forever!


Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) refers to the processes and systems that manages and enhances the interaction between the customer and the organization throughout the lifecycle of the customer on a continuous basis. Due to rise in a number of access channels (like web, mobile, social media, etc), the complexity of CEM processes and systems have increased significantly. CEM solution of the organization is expected to provide ROADS experience to the customer. ROADS stand for Real-time, On-demand, All-Online, DIY and Social.


3 Technologies Crucial for Predictive Field Service


Modern technologies are moving rapidly, and people, or organizations, are catching up, breathless! With new apps and devices popping up on the IT industry landscape faster than ever, field service management space is gearing up to leverage these technologies to excel at various operational facets. Gauging the customer’s preferences continually is focal to success in the field service management area, and all emerging field service management software is being built around the same concept- improving customer services and experiences.