FieldEZ Launches new Expense Management Module for Field Employees


FieldEZ Technologies today announced the launch of new product features and enhancements, targeting greater collaboration among the field service staff, and simplifying the core field scheduling, dispatch and workforce management processes.



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Unconventional Ways Artificial Intelligence Drives Business Value

Field service management companies are in a frenzy looking out for ways Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be seen as the focal point of the evolution of machines. Machine today are learning to perform reasoning and thinking, some aspects that were only previously associated with humans. Businesses in all major industries have started building from the ground up, their AI strategies. According to fresh studies, by 2020, about 57% of businesses will have to know what their buyers need before they even tell them. This should compel businesses today to invest in AI. Buyers of tomorrow will need predictive system capabilities that reduce their part of the job.


2020 Field Service Technology Predictions: Drones, Robots, and Self-Driving Cars

2020 Field Service Technology Predictions: Drones, Robots, and Self-Driving Cars

The speed of technological innovation has reached an all-time high. Advanced technologies are causing major disruptions in industries and burning our businesses who are managing to stay traditional. In the field service management space, while the progress has been slow, businesses are now gearing up to match the pace. Technologies in the field service space are revolutionizing processes, and changing the way businesses operate, forever!


3 Technologies Crucial for Predictive Field Service


Modern technologies are moving rapidly, and people, or organizations, are catching up, breathless! With new apps and devices popping up on the IT industry landscape faster than ever, field service management space is gearing up to leverage these technologies to excel at various operational facets. Gauging the customer’s preferences continually is focal to success in the field service management area, and all emerging field service management software is being built around the same concept- improving customer services and experiences.

Customer Service in 2018 – Tips, Tricks, and Must-Dos For Field Service Management

Customer service in 2018 - field service management

The world is getting increasingly competitive, and to maintain an edge over the competition, companies are focusing towards delivering exceptional customer experiences. As understood by experts, customer service is a critical piece of the business success puzzle, and organizations today are in a frenzy to deliver the most personalized, tech-savvy customer services to their customers- in a bid to retain them for longer.


Are you ready for fully automated field service?

Field Service Management Software for Industrial Equipment and Machines - ARE YOU READY FOR FULLY AUTOMATED FIELD SERVICE?

Field Service Management is growing at a phenomenal rate, and the buzz in the industry today is about all things connected to the Internet enabling Automation. When a company deploys its employees outside its premises, mostly traveling to various client locations each day, most companies need a system in place to track the status of the operations remotely.


Making Field Service Workforce Agile and Flexible

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The principles of the Agile methodology are few but powerful. It focuses on delivering continuous value to the customer through iterative product development cycles. The focus on customer-centricity is something that field service management can learn from an agile development process. Primarily, the agile methodology is applied to software product development and delivery and is used by several organizations throughout the world for their product research and development.


Here’s Why Predictive Field Service Management Will Become Reality in 2018

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The Field Service industry is going through a growth spurt. The size of the field service market was $1.78 billion in 2016, and according to fresh statistics, it is estimated to increase up to $4.45 billion by 2022. Companies are being compelled to part ways with the manual processes and are increasingly embracing faster and more efficient processes with help from latest technologies and trends. Field Service Management software in this day and age are traditional and unyielding if they have no Machine Learning, IoT, or analytics capabilities. Without these technologies, it is hard to achieve automation and field service management companies care a lot about automation today!

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Which Trends are Shaping the Future of Field Service Management?

Field Service Management - FieldEZ

Through state-of-the-art field service management software, companies have begun managing their on-field personnel with ease and efficiency. In this world where we have more and more choices for products and services, customer service plays an important role. According to a recent survey, about 97% customers revealed that the customer service was an integral aspect of their loyalty towards a brand.

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Do we have to rethink the future of mobility?

Enterprise Mobility

Environment sustainability and cost-effectiveness are the two significant factors driving the automotive industry today. The massive transformation the automotive industry is going through is getting increasingly rapid. Car ownership and vehicular mobility are off the list of trending topics and have been taken over by smart city planning through smart mobility solutions such as electronic vehicles and shared mobility solutions.