The role of Analytics in Field Service Management

The role of Analytics in field service management

The role of Analytics in field service management

Field service management is vital to almost all enterprises in today’s world. It can often make or break a company’s reputation and its customer relations. For clients in certain fields like healthcare,  where hospital devices need to be up and running continuously, service delayed can be tantamount to service denied. Saving the customer’s time and providing prompt assistant always leads to higher consumer ratings for the service provider, and harnessing the power of predictive analytics in the utilization of information can work wonders for your enterprise.

Analytics, IoT and Forecasting: Why your Enterprise Needs Field Service Management Now More Than Ever


With modern technology and innovative solutions coming into play more than ever before, enterprises (whether SMEs or large-scale ones) are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain an edge over the competition. Enterprise mobility programs have become ubiquitous in most industries today, from transportation and telecommunication to healthcare and HVAC.

Five ways how Field Service Management software enhance operational efficiency


Fueled by the growing demand for a centralized field force management system, the Field Service Management (FSM) industry faces substantial growth and advancement in order to expand its scope and functionality. From $1.97 billion in 2015 to $5.11 billion by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 21% growth rate has been observed, to put a figure on it. Besides centralization, it now calls for real time availability of data, higher transparency, and above all, better operational efficiency.

Field Service Management Software: Get your Field staff start loving their jobs again


Here is a not-so-difficult dilemma – would you rather be paying your employees for hours spent providing prompt service to customers, or for time spent on tedious paperwork and manual record-keeping?

Why job assignment is the most important aspect of Field Service Management


Poor customer experience is one of the biggest reasons for non-retention of customers, resulting in losses and lower revenue. On the other hand, statistics show that a company with good customer service policy can expect to have as high as 75% of its sales coming from returning customers. Since service industries are evolving themselves into customer centric from product centric business models, it is imperative that the customer be happy.

Field Service Management Solutions: The Key to Get Your Business Booming


The ultimate goal of any business is to maximise profit. Most short-term aims of any venture contribute towards this endgame – from strengthening customer relationships and building a strong, positive reputation, to reducing costs incurred by the company, increasing marketing and sales, and ensuring that the employees are content. Field Service Management (FSM), if done right, can help businesses accomplish these targets with far greater ease and save time in the process to rake in the dollar bills.

FieldEZ Yet Again Wins Global Laurel

FieldEZ - India No1 Field Service Management Software

FieldEZ has yet again been featured as a Top 20 Field Service Management software in the world. Capterra, a Gartner company evaluated more than 300 field service management software worldwide on a number of parameters to identify the best out of the lot.

FieldEZ’s Pitch @ Rashtrapati Bhavan

The Future of Field Service Management

The Future of Field Service – Technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, Bots are already making the wave in consumer applications. It won’t be long before these technologies heavily influence enterprise applications including field service management softwares.

5 Tips to Help You Select the Right Dispatch Management Software

Dispatch management software

Embracing the latest technology will help you schedule your service personnel and other resources with efficiency on the field. Choosing the right dispatch management software will support you to fulfill business operations smoothly and improve productivity as well as customer service. If you want to meet your key performance indicators, follow these tips to select the right software:

The Future of Field Service Management – AI, AR, Bots and More

The Future of Field Service Management

This is is not meant to be a “Pokémon Go” for business piece. Given the great success of Pokémon Go as an Augmented Reality game there are plenty of articles that tout how Pokémon will usher the next wave of AR into the enterprise. I think it will create a greater level of familiarity with the concept of AR, and the concept of gamification, which in turn will impact the use of these technologies in the enterprise. In my opinion, the two most interesting articles on the phenomenon to date are: