An automotive service advisor’s main duty is to interpret and address all the customer’s main concerns and complaints about the auto mechanic so that the mechanic can diagnose and repair the problems accurately. The advisor translates the repair problem into a language the customer can comprehend. They also schedule service and handle administrative aspects of the customer service departments.

Automotive service advisor job description:

An automotive service advisor has a versatile job which includes greeting customers, scheduling service appointments, writing service orders and descriptions of the different problems and repairs as well as, translating the customer’s repair problems into a comprehensible language for the customer.

They also catalogue customers’ concerns and comments and explain the repair to the customers. They also test-drive vehicles to confirm the service repair, estimate the cost and time for air repairs and handle all the customer complaints.

What does an automotive services manager do?

An automotive service manager’s job is to run an efficient and profitable service department. Their duties include choosing and overseeing productive staff, customer retention, cost controls, maintenance of all service records and achievement of set objectives. They make sure also that the daily inventory that their service is up to is operational to their customers.

An automotive service manager’s job involves customer service interactions, reports and repairs. They provide their services also with a sales-minded attitude to develop lasting customers.

How to Become an Automotive Service Manager?

To become an automotive service manager it is preferred to have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university or a one to two years related training or experience. You can also opt for an equivalent combination of education and experience. You should have language skills, mathematical skill as well as reasoning ability.

Common qualifications would involve:

  • ASE Automobile Service Consultant Certification
  • ASE Certification
  • Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection License
  • Ford Certification
  • ASE Master Automotive Technician Certification
  • CDL
  • Hazmat Endorsement
  • EPA 609 Certification
  • CDL B
  • CPA
  • Forklift Certification

After completing this Certification, As a result, it will help create an impressive automotive service manager resume.

What skills are required to be an automotive service manager?

An automotive service manager needs to have :

  • Strong communication skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Technical as well as mechanical skills
  • A charismatic, business savvy personality
  • They should be detail-oriented also
  • in addition, Troubleshooting skills
  • Sales and management experience
  • Customer service
  • Computer literacy
  • Dealership experience
  • as well as should possess Leadership experience

How long does it take to become an automotive service advisor ?

The time can vary from individual to individual to become an automotive service manager, although it is considered to be a shorter path as compared to other careers especially due to the education and experience requirements.

What is the average salary for an automotive service manager?

The average salary for an automotive service advisor would be around $69,628 dollars annually. In India, it also varies with job experience. The automotive service manager salaries with 1-4 years of experience you can get around Rs. 2,43,480 a year while with 5-9years of experience your salary can be increased to Rs. 3,68,671. These automotive service advisor salaries are calculated to an average based on research.

What is the work environment for an automotive service manager?

An automotive service advisors work environment involves employment encounters while performing their duties on the jobs. It also involves run-ins with customers, since it is a part of their job.

What is the future outlook for an automotive service advisor?

Jobs of all kinds are coming into the light, including the jobs of an automotive service manager. It is estimated that in the future management occupations will be projected with 6% growth (from 2019-2029)

What courses should I take to become an automotive service manager?

To become an automotive service manager there are some necessary qualifications to fulfil. You need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent of that. Some jobs prefer having a bachelor’s degree in automotive service management or a related field. Some specific auto service management jobs require an associate degree as well as on the job experience.

What degree should I consider if i want to be an automotive service advisor?

As previously mentioned, although some service advisor have college degrees it is possible to become an automotive service manager with just a high school degree. It is still important to have an automotive service manager resume, especially to get the good positions in reputable companies. Experience is what makes a bigger difference.

As far as a degree goes, getting a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or mechanical engineering with an automotive concentration could be helpful. An MBA or any other master’s degree gives you a level up in getting the higher position in the job. It will help you create an automotive service advisor resume.