An Effective Way for Contractors to Keep Track of Their Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce Management Software

One of the biggest challenges of managing a mobile workforce is accurately tracking the field service workers during their work hours. Without time tracking or GPS, it can be impossible to account your employee’s presence for their dedicated work shift. Workers will either need to call the office to record their time or fill in a timesheet, which can translate into a lot of paperwork and time wastage of about 5 hours every day. Plus, you don’t have any other choice rather than taking your employee’s word for how they spent the day.

FieldEZ Android Version 5.0 Released

We are glad to announce the release of the latest version of our android application – FieldEZ Ver 5.0. The application  makes a big shift from its earlier design experience. We have crafted every page carefully considering ease of use for our customers and incorporated Google’s material design concepts. The app has a refreshing new feel and makes it even more easier for the field user to manage his tasks and update information.

Securely Extend Your Enterprise to Mobile Devices

The proliferation of mobile devices, combined with faster network connectivity and infrastructure provides a new channel for enterprises to solve the challenges they face in serving customers, employees, and stakeholders. Real-time connectivity across functions in enterprises, and blurring of lines between consumer and enterprise solutions mean that organizations stand to gain tremendously in agility and competitive advantage through innovative mobility solutions that gather valuable insight into operations and performance.
At the same time, mobility solutions also present large challenges, such as the integration of these solutions to existing infrastructure and systems, as well as scalability and security. Hence, some of the key considerations for organization looking to overcome these challenges include:
• How can existing server-side or middleware architecture be integrated with newer, faster, and more efficient mobile applications?
• What should the enterprise server side architecture look like?
• How are security, business scalability, and performance requirements met?
• What are the considerations when designing next-generation architecture for mobile applications?


Go Agile – Build a Mobile Field Workforce

Service companies are increasingly adopting field service automation technologies to help their field workforce. Desktop scheduling software and reporting tools have been around quite a while  – as well as software that takes care of individual functions like billing and inventory management.


Native Apps and Field Service Management, a Match Made in Heaven – Find out why?

In the digital era today, the use of smartphones is ubiquitous. From CEOs to administrative staffs, in the business environment, smartphones have become an important element of everyone’s life. Running like the lifeline of a smartphone are mobile applications, designed to perform a whole range of functions. Native applications, built with a fair touch of innovation and purpose, can act as a source of competitive advantage.


Boost Efficiency with Remote Work Order Management. Go Mobile!

Work Order Management

Is the way you interact with your customers and field workforce smart and scalable?

Do you still bank on multiple service request forms, assignment related templates, service report cards and invoices?

Are you able to bill your customers in time after a successful field service ticket closure?