Create an agile workforce with mobile sales management software

A Field Sales Management software helps any field service management company in managing their field team effortlessly and efficiently. Assigning jobs, managing quotes, time tracking the field service technicians on the ground, ensuring error-free data entry are just some of the features which are critical and can result into problematic situations at your organization if they are not handled with an agile mobile workforce management which can help saving your’s and your field service technicians and manager’s precious time and money. An effective sales force automation software simplifies and automates the field processes and gives you more time to focus on the core functions, besides inculcating a sense of discipline to streamline the field operations.

The Field Sales Management software associates itself with a field service company and efficiently manages its field team and operations through an effortless approach. Field Sales Management looks into the critical features of field teams, including job assignments, collecting quotes, real-time tracking of field technicians, error-free data entry, and many more. The system ensures that these potentially problematic situations are optimized through an agile, mobile field force, enabling the organization to enhance their work efficiency while saving a considerable amount of time & money. 

What is Field Sales?

Field Sales represents the company or business in the market on a more direct approach. It helps the organization to reach out to potential customers directly, while at the same time evaluating the market prospects on a more individual note. Field Sales allows the companies to pursue leads and make significant contact on the process through one-on-one marketing tools.  Field Sales remain a significant aspect of a company’s entire marketing procedure and substantially contribute to its enhanced engagement and improved customer experience. Through proper Field Sales management and strategies, your company can effectively impact the market trends, sell more, and succeed in building strong customer relationships that, in turn, help in the overall brand growth and development. 

Field Sales Management Strategies 

Field Sales Management comes off as one of the most critical and difficult parts of marketing. To succeed and drive sales performance like never before, the following key field sales strategies should be developed and incorporated into the system by all field sales managers:

  • I am building a refined team of skilled field sales reps.
  • Sales-specific coaching of the individual field sales reps. 
  • Thorough measuring activities and analysis.
  • I am highlighting and rewarding top field sales performers.

How do you manage a Field Sales Team?

Each Field Sales Team requires a unique strategy based on its market position and prospects to succeed in long-term competition. The following key points will help you to boost your field sales team’s overall efficiency strategically:

  • Transparent communication for optimum team clarification and lesser errors.
  • Helpful, constructive feedback for appreciation and continuous improvement. 
  •  Proper project management tools for better organization & visibility of processes. 
  • The right software for better optimization and enhancement of employee & customer experience.
  • Consistent sales-specific training of the field sales team for the best quality services.

What is needed for Sales Management to be effective?

The sales manager’s role is crucial to the effectiveness of Sales Management and, thus, to the success of the entire company. Hence, to ensure effective sales management, the sales managers must possess industry-specific skills and leadership qualities. They should be knowledgeable about the sales prospects and portray management abilities that allow them to train and organize their respective sales teams efficiently. The core strengths of the sales managers that make Sales Management effective are:

  • The ability to set goals and expectations for the sales team and formulate an environment of intense focus.
  • The ability to coach and train new sales team representatives to ensure the optimum performance of the team.
  • The ability to measure and analyze the sales performance of the team and strive towards better results. 
  • The ability to clear communication and transparency to ensure maximum support and accountability.
  • The ability to create a positive environment by building strong & healthy relationships with the team.
  • The ability to streamline processes and enable dynamic workflows by leveraging innovative sales technology.

How to increase Field Sales?

Leverage the advanced technologies and innovative field management software to gain control of the entire field sales process. Increase field sales by optimizing the marketing strategies and procedures as per the industry-specific needs. 

Utilize maps to get insights into customer locations and drive sales towards them more effectively by reducing travel time. 

Enhance the overall performance of the field sales team management through engaging reports and interactive dashboards that enable control of leader boards, targets, and achievements.

The mobile integration through field sales management app helps the field sales team to update leads directly from mobile as they travel to automatically assigned tasks. 

Improve Yourself in Sales

Increasing sales as a field sales representative become easier and more efficient with the auto-scheduling & assignment programs’ help. The system allows the field reps to reach out to customers on time while heeding their specific skills, availability, workload, and urgency. 

FieldEZ’s Field Sales Management Software allows you to update lead information instantly, even in offline mode, from anywhere and anytime as you travel to your assigned task. 

The easy-to-use features offer you adequate validation that helps you to avoid data entry errors. 

The software allows you to access all the necessary information and data within a single platform to maximize lead conversion.

It also helps you to increase your sales through analysis of automatically generated reports that save manual efforts and time. 

Increase Sales as a Sales Manager

Choosing the right field sales management software helps the sales manager increase the sales of his company and allows him to streamline the overall workflow and efficiency of his field sales team. 

By leveraging FieldEZ’s Field Sales Management Software, you can effortlessly schedule and assign tasks to your field representatives through complete auto automation. 

The field sales tracking software makes tracking team attendance, expenses, leaves, etc. easier and enables you to check relevant insights anytime & anywhere from your mobile/tablet. 

You can also drive field sales by appropriate appointments management and quick lead response with the field sales tracking app’s help. 

With the software’s help, you can systematically organize real-time staff availability, skills, and other information at a single comprehensive dashboard. 

How do you make field sales?

The FieldEZ Field Sales Management Software helps you enhance the entire process of field sales marketing through a technologically advanced approach. Being the pioneers in force automation for sales and Customer Management, FieldEZ offers you a one-stop solution for effective field sales management service and other associated aspects. It brings to your company a comprehensive and easy-to-use software that integrates itself with mobile applications and supports iOS, Android, and Windows. The flexible pricing model also presents good cost-efficiency without compromising the field sales management service quality.