Workflow management helps various coordinate tasks that make up the work an organization does. The purpose of it is to achieve active results according to one’s set goals. 

Workflow management software is the software that supports workflow management by automating the parts of management coordination. It is intended to be a general-purpose tool that can support any type of workflow.  A workflow management software lets businesses and organizations define and control their routine associated with their various business processes. 

How is it helpful?

Workflow management software is very helpful in various ways. They increase a company’s productivity, saves time and money, automates menial tasks allowing employees to focus on the company’s growth, and overall improves customer experience as well as employee satisfaction. It is a step forward for every company. 

One of the main reasons it is this helpful is because it is user friendly, and the employees can use it and adapt to it easily. It does not require coding. Therefore, an entire IT team is not required. It can design a drag and drop workflow for you. Workflow software also allows web-based integrations, which are undeniably the most helpful to a company.

FieldEZ workflow management software

FieldEZ promotes and encourages the use of automated workflow management software. It is the right step in the right direction for your business’ growth. Automation for certain workflow tasks will be very beneficial. 

FieldEZ helps reduce chaos and improve time management, cost management, as well as productivity for your company. FieldEZ offers workflow flexibility and powerful configurations to ensure seamless implementation. It provides all the benefits of a free workflow management software in good and reliable quality for your business. 

Common functionality of workflow management software 

The common functionality of an automated workflow management software is that it streamlines routine business processes for peak efficiency. It usually involves the creation of forms to hold data and automate a sequence of tasks for the various data until it is fully processed. 

Workflow management software clearly defines workflows, prioritizes, and streamlines the defined workflows, and regularly monitors them. The system also makes sure it is optimizing the workflow’s efficiency to tackle all the business goals effectively and easily. 

Benefits of workflow management software

Workflow management software helps easily automate the previously mentioned tasks. There are many benefits to workflow automation, such as:

  1. Workflow management software can help significantly reduce the number of errors. It can identify the pros easily so they can be rectified. 
  2. The system can connect multiple entities, people, software, and work cultures. It also provides employees with communication tools, thus improving connections throughout.
  3. Integration is also crucial to a company. Workflow management software draws data from different software tools and runs workflow between them. It also allows employees to use more than one application at once. 
  4. Workflow management systems help automate various processes, thus taking some menial tasks off hand. This results in an increase in productivity. 
  5. It considerably saves time, as well. It eliminates redundant manual tasks giving the employees more time to focus on other important assignments. 
  6. Workflow management software can manage IT requests, run internal surveys, raise marketing content requests, and even approve travel reimbursements. It can juggle a myriad of tasks by itself. 
  7. It clearly defines every employee’s role, therefore increasing transparency, trust as well as control. 
  8. It overall improves work culture and promotes not only customer satisfaction but also employee satisfaction, which increases service experience as well. 
  9. Workflow management systems save costs, as well. When an employee is more focused on the growth of the company, it generates more revenue for the business. 
  10. Workflow management software also provides graphical data reports, which can be a great help, especially in fields such as efficient task management. 

Key considerations for workflow management software buyers 

There are various crucial things to consider before purchasing workflow management software. Few important things to keep in mind would be:

  1. To make sure that the workflow software has an easy setup. Using software that is cloud-based would be the best choice for you. It can be easily set up and can be used instantly without going through the trouble of installations. 
  2. The workflow software should be reasonably priced. Based on the features and the functions it is providing, you have to make sure your system is cost-effective. 
  3. It is also important to choose software that is user friendly. Your employees should be able to adapt quickly and easily to the software. 
  4. While purchasing workflow software, it is important to buy it from a reliable company. One that is willing to have helpful vendors and fix bugs. 
  5. The number of updates that software and their company can provide is also something to keep in mind. 
  6. The security that the software can provide should also be kept in mind. 
  7. Your workflow management software should also be customizable to your needs. 

What type of buyer are you?

There are four different kinds of buyers to consider here: There’s the analytical buyer, the amiable buyer, the driver buyer, and the expressive buyer. 

The analytical buyer:

The analytical buyer is the kind of buyer that purchases their goods based on logic and information. They pay attention to detail and are introspective and withdrawn. They can appear to be indecisive when they don’t have sufficient information about the product. 

The amiable buyer: 

The amiable buyer is more of a friendly customer. They base their purchases on stability and cooperation. Their decision-making process is usually slow but tends to give into friendly and comfortable social situations. 

The driver buyer:

The driver buyer is the kind of buyer that is more focused on how others view and follow their directions. Their drive comes from empowerment. They work on power and respect. Building a strong relationship with the driver is the key to their decision making.

The expressive buyer: 

The expressive buyer is someone who is focused more on recognition and approval. They cannot stand being isolated, and thus building a trusting relationship is helpful to the sellers. They usually give into a salesman’s pitch if it can highlight their personal value.