Construction Management Software

The efficiency of construction projects is often compromised due to ineffective collaboration among teams, lack of proper monitoring, inadequate organization, and more. But with construction management software, these inefficiencies can be avoided, enabling teams to become more productive from the beginning to the end.

What is Construction Management Software?

As the name suggests, a construction management software is a project management platform that helps organizations to manage, streamline, & optimize construction projects, including people, resources, and customers. It facilitates job scheduling, tracking, budget management, billing & invoicing, and communication between teams & crew. Web-based construction management software allows users to access project information & collaborate with other members in real time, maximizing efficiency & productivity through automation.

Key Capabilities and Offerings:

The key capabilities of a good construction management software include:

  1. Job Management and Scheduling: Scheduling tools enable team managers to oversee proper displacement of workers across all the components of projects, thus streamlining construction business operations and improving communication & collaboration with & between subcontractors, suppliers, ground teams, etc. through automated text reminders, notifications & emails.
  2. Project Tracking: With the help of a construction management software, construction teams can track projects from the very beginning to the end, ensuring transparency, work accountability, and on-time delivery.
  3. Accounting and Job Cost Estimation: Construction firms can streamline their cost-estimating process and perform all their core accounting & job-specific budgeting workflows at a single place with a construction management software.
  4. Quotation Tool for creating Profession Quotes: The quotation tool from a construction management software will enable construction firms to stand out from the general competition by sending professional & detailed quotes faster.
  5. Cost Tracking: Construction management software with cost-tracking tools enable construction businesses to effectively keep track of their expenditure in respect to their budget. This can not only improve future estimates but also ensure that additional costs are minimized.
  6. Measure Take-off: Construction management software allows users to measure project blueprints or digital plans and determine the quantity of resources on-screen and within minutes.

Why do you need Construction Management Software?

Construction management software is a way out of the typical contractor problems. Not having one can seriously compromise the pace as well as quality of construction projects, thus hindering project productivity, business credibility, and customer satisfaction.

A project management platform solely dedicated to construction management can help construction businesses to overcome the following challenges faced by contractors:

  1. Lack of communication between estimation, project management, and accounting staff as they are using different software.
  2. Inconsistent & unprofessional reporting on financials, scheduling, correspondence, etc.
  3. Inability to track job opportunities and upcoming projects in an integrated system The risk of ineffective communication and information loss due to collaboration only over emails. Excessive accumulation of data in spreadsheets by the accounting & project management teams thus creating a more effortful & time-consuming system to monitor budgets, track progress, or estimate costs.

What are the key benefits of using Construction Management Software?

Thanks to a versatile set of features & tools that accompany a construction management software, construction businesses can achieve a lot by using it. The software not only empowers construction teams with integrated tools & a collaborative platform, but also enables them to execute the clients’ projects in the best ways possible through efficient scheduling, planning, tracking, and whatnot.

Costs & budget to profitability

cost and budget

A CMS allows construction project management teams to track costs & manage expenses in real-time throughput the project. This ensures that the team has a clear view of budget at all times and can mitigate excessive costs and prevent unnecessary expenses, thus staying within budget & maximizing profitability.

  Enhance productivity

By leveraging a CMS, project managers can streamline & optimize construction processes, including cost, time, & resources.

This empowers the managing teams to make the right decisions, thus improving productivity & project efficiency along the way.

Save time

save time

CMS allows construction firms to automate their manual processes that not only saves manual efforts but also a considerable amount of time, enabling businesses to complete take-offs & deliver quotes faster.

Plan & schedule effectively

plan and schedule

The sole aim of CMS is to simplify the end-to-end construction processes, facilitating effective planning of the project, job scheduling that maximizes productivity, and on-time distribution of resources

Ensure accuracy

Using a construction management software means that the construction business is swapping excel sheets & paper works with a completely automated cost estimation & budgeting tool.

This minimizes the risk of human errors and ensures accuracy at all times.

Enable seamless collaboration

construction software

One of the major benefits of using a construction management software is that it allows construction businesses to organize their projects in a single, web-based, easily accessible platform.

This initiates communication between the different teams and encourages them to share information for seamless collaboration.

FieldEZ Construction Management Software

FieldEz provides construction firms & businesses with a smart construction management solution that enables them to streamline & manage their construction projects with end-to-end automation. Our web-based CMS brings together all the departments of construction project management under a single hood and ensures easy usability & seamless integrations. Awarded the Leader for Field Service Management Software in 2020 by G2, FieldEz is your best choice when it comes to construction management solutions.