A task management software is software used to help you manage your tasks, track dependencies, resources, and milestones, assist with estimation and scheduling, and even help you make important decisions when needed. It helps you manage even simple to-do lists and builds more strong, more collaborative teams. 

Task management software guides you to the top 20% of your high priority tasks, further improving efficiency. It helps you set deadlines and follow them. Task management software empowers a team to productively and efficiently.

How do you keep track of team tasks?

It is essential to know where your team stands on the assigned projects and tasks. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of the team’s tasks. This can be done by:

  1. Making commitments that can be witnessed. An increase in visibility and demonstrating their progress would be greatly helpful in keeping track of their tasks. With project task management software, scheduling is made easy. 
  2. Reviewing their records and asking them to create future plans are also valuable insights. 
  3. Following a team’s schedule and staying up to date on how free or busy the area can also help delegate work accordingly using a task manager. 
  4. Using a project task management software, you can communicate and group your team members easily and all at once.
  5. Getting real-time updates and notifications on the team’s work by using a task tracker tool. 
  6. A project task management software also helps gain insight into the progress your team has made on the assignments by providing team reports. 
  7. The task tracking tool also shows and approves the time your team takes to work on various tasks using timesheets.

Benefits of using a task management tool 

There are various ways a task management tool assists your business and leads to its positive progression. The benefits are: 

  1. Task management tool keeps all the tasks in one place, avoiding the loss of work and information and the preservation of time.
  2. It helps you prioritize your work, thus pointing out the more important assignments to cover. 
  3. It greatly improves collaboration. It shares files, feedback, ideas, etc., with the teammates, so everyone is included and on the same level. 
  4. A task management tool also allows you to access data from anywhere at any time.
  5. Task management tools keep an eye on all tasks. This is especially useful for big organizations where there are too many tasks at once that may need to be viewed at once. 
  6. A task management tool and its benefits save ample time, and it prioritizes work for the teammates, which in turn boosts your business’ productivity.
  7. It also makes task delegation easy, and it has the ability to evaluate and assign the right task to the right person. 
  8. The task management tool has features that allow it to track the time spent on various projects. It also has features that notify team members about overdue tasks.
  9. It is a centralized platform for sharing documents. If there are too many documents that need to be organized, it makes it easier to find related documents.
  10. The task management tool breaks down complex projects into related or dependent tasks and integrates all work to make sure quality products and services are provided to the clients. 
  11. Task management tools also allow you to set goals and milestones and keep track of them as well.
  12. It also allows you to have reminders and calendars where you can put in your tasks eliminating the need to memorize them. 

Picking the right task management software for you

Every business and organization is different, and so are their requirements. It is vital for the entity to choose a task management software that will be useful to them. They are multiple options and features to consider before purchasing one. Things to consider would be:

  • There are various benefits to online task management software as well as the on-premise management software. It is crucial to pick one that suits your company’s needs. 
  • You have to make sure the software is customizable so that it can be catered to your organization’s needs. 
  • The task management software must allow room for collaboration on projects so that teams can work together. 
  • It should have timesheets and give real-time reports for progress. 
  • Task management software should result in an increase in scalability and productivity. 
  • It should be user friendly so your employees can adapt to it easily. 
  • The task management software should also come with strong data security as well as a professional interface. 

Key features of the task management system 

There are various features to look out for when it comes to a task management system, such as:

  • Task planning 
  • Task assignment 
  • Task prioritization 
  • Kanban keyboard 
  • Tracking status
  • Notifications

FieldEZ task management software

FieldEZ task management software is a crucial thing to install for the progression of your company. It makes various tasks easier for the employees as well as the managers, and it also keeps a detailed progress report on the companies functioning. 

This software possesses various features such as task organization, tasks editing, visual planning and scheduling, customizable workflows, document management, email notifications, integration with integrated development environments, visual studio integration, instant messenger, and time card submissions that make the team’s work so much easier and precise. 

FieldEZ task management software is the best free task management software. It helps significantly increase the productivity of your company, which in turn is also cost-effective for the company. It prioritizes tasks, helps you schedule an estimate them, and also organizes all the tasks for you, which is time effective and allows your employees to focus on important tasks and the growth of your business.