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FieldEZ Technologies has grown by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in 2011. We are one of the fastest growing field service management software providers with more than 45,000 users – achieved with no small help from our trusted partners across the world.
At FieldEZ, we take our partnership seriously and build a long-lasting relationship with them. Our partners are some of the most loved and renowned organizations who believe in us and in growing together.

If you are a potential user or customer, you are in safe hands! Our partners are diligently selected, expertly trained and qualified to assist you across the product lifecycle – whether its sales and pre-sales, implementation and onboarding, or ongoing support and enhancements. Our partners are excellent consultants, helping you understand your pain-points, and hand-hold you to achieve the maximum RoI for your organization. We also conduct regular partner – customer outreach programs, where we educate and capture valuable feedback on improving our process.

If you are interested to grow your VAR business or looking at strategic / product synergies with your solution, FieldEZ offers your various options and modes of operation – both at regional and global levels. FieldEZ is trusted by Fortune 50 as well as SMEs – and hence, we have a partnership option for any type or size of business. If you are passionate about providing excellent customer service and experience, then let’s talk! After all, customer is at the heart of any business – and the local partner is nerves and vessels that keeps it primed and active!


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Our Strategic Partners

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FieldEZ Partner Program

We are revolutionizing the way people work, and we are looking the right folks to help us in this exciting journey. FieldEZ Technologies is at the heart of the ISMAC (IoT, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) convergence that is today the pillar of the Digital Transformation. Field Service Management, which compasses all aspects of ISMAC, is poised to grow at 16.50% CAGR to ~4.4Bn USD by 2022 – and this is across regions, industries and businesses, as highlighted in the figures below. We also have numerous partnership modes to help you align your goals and strengths, and provide a strong synergy for both parties.


The reseller partnership is the basic and default partner mode that that we have under the FieldEZ partnership program, where we enter into long term agreement whereby the partner will be entailed to receive leads, liaison with prospective clients, pitch FieldEZ solutions and product, and negotiate the closure. Resellers would not be involved in the implementation and onboarding, which will be taken up directly by the FieldEZ Professional Services team. Resellers would also be expected to harvest outbound leads with attractive incentive schemes and multipliers for achieving mutualy agreed milestones. Reseller mode is an appealing option for small and growing partner companies with a strong local business presence in related segments including CRM / ERP as well as SaaS product sales, as who would like to tap the burgeoning and specialized segment viz. Mobile Field Service Management.

Partner Categories

bannerStart with FieldEZ on the go. Partner GO is the most basic program, but one that still gives you periodic training in the industry, technology as well as Sales & Marketing and committed technology support for each customer – all by FieldEZ’s partner team.

bannerGet enhanced commissions and bonuses with upgrade to SELECT level. These are based on performance and target achievement, as well as strategic and outbound outreaches to clients.

bannerIts always good to be in the prime of things – FieldEZ’s PRIME partner level is reached on consistent performance and strategic goals achievement, and brings along with it additional marketing support, customized collaterals as well as joint representation to the end-customer.

banner Nothing shines like gold! The top-most level in the FieldEZ partner ecosystem, the GOLD plan is attained through unfailing excellence and target achievement. Among others unique benefits, it provide guaranteed Account Manager and technical support, as well enhanced marketing visibility and event sponsorship credits.

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