Digitize with Mobile Field Service Management software

Field Service Management (FSM) has significantly evolved in the past few years, and today it encompasses not just scheduling, dispatching, work order management but also route optimization, intelligent scheduling, real time status update etc. FSM software allows businesses to impart the best field service solutions to their clients that work seamlessly with their current back office solution right from the beginning.

How can we choose the best software that deals with the Field Service Software Management App?

Since business concerns and requirements may vary from company to company, it is extremely important to understand the FSM software’s compatibility with your business requirements. Before you choose the best software for the FSM platform for your business, evaluate the following:

  • Understand your business requirements and needs
  • Weigh out the options of SaaS and On-Premise FSM and choose the one that suits with your business structure
  • Software that lets you organize field teams and service groups based on expertise and technicalities.
  • Ensure all-around functionality of the platform that meets all of your business demands, from on-site customer support to field monitoring & optimization.

What are the benefits of field service management software?

  • Standardization of workflow
  • A Field Service Management software provides a cohesive system of fieldwork that standardizes the business workflow and streamlines the entire process, from dispatching to invoicing.
  • Minimum manual labor and paperwork
  • An FSM software reduces manual labor by real-time data management and helps eliminate excessive paperwork, prevent data loss and other manual errors.
  • Fast invoicing
  • FSM software simplifies the complicated and time-consuming process of invoicing by automatically calculating the figures with captured field service data. This ensures fast, efficient, and error-free invoicing.
  • Dynamic scheduling and urgent task assignments
  • FSM allows dynamic scheduling that ensures quicker effective responses to the nearest tasks and simplifies assignments to urgent high-priority tasks. This ensures efficient customer service as well as proper task management.
  • Route optimization and fuel control
  • With the help of FSM software tracking features, you can easily evaluate the faster routes and optimize accordingly. This not only ensures fuel control but also considerably helps in reducing costs.
  • Inventory management, monitoring tracking
  • FSM software provides a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage inventory, monitor field operations, track equipment, deliveries, etc. It also offers scope for valuable business insights that help optimize your business and enhance its performance.

“Connect field service with other teams and mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues. Ensure the safety of both customers and workers.”

What are the best apps for field service management?

  • There are many field service software apps in the market, but FieldEZ’s FSM mobile application stands out because of its native features. It is a comprehensive field service software mobile application that is exceptionally user-friendly and compatible across devices. The easy-to-use features enhance the functionality and performances on mutual ends of field service management.

Field service management for small business

  • Ineffective field service management can be devastating for small and new businesses. Hence it is necessary that as a small business owner, you implement a professional Field Service Management software that helps you to manage and monitor all of your filed functions under a single hood without hefty price tags. FieldEZ offers field service management for small businesses and helps your business grow and keeps you in the competition through seamless FSM software.

FieldEZ Service Management App

  • FieldEZ’s Service Management application provides you and your employees a seamless and hassle-free working experience through online and offline modes. The field service management app is extremely user compatible and offers smooth efficient synchronization of data. The easy-to-use interface of the app and its functionality ensure optimum performance productivity. FieldEZ’s Service Management App can help you achieve 10% of the improved field load factor, 34% of cost-saving on travel, and 46% of improved task assignment efficiency.

What are the features of field service software?

    • Easy and intuitive UI – FieldEZ’s FSM software offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that makes the entire process seamless for you and your employees field workers.
    • Scheduling and dispatching – The FSM software allows the service manager to optimize schedules for his service technicians and field crews and then dispatch them to jobs accordingly.
    • Invoicing and billing – The FSM software enables the service technician to effectively carry out payment procedures without any manual errors and complexities.
      • Fleet management – The service manager can easily track the delivery fleet in real-time while also getting access to the individual vehicles’ maintenance and service history. This ensures that vehicles get their proper maintenance in their due-time and reduces the chances of vehicles’ random breakdowns.
    • Asset and inventory management – Through FSM software, you can check and track equipment and inventories in individual vehicles as well as warehouses.
    • Warranty Management – FSM software provides you with the ability to check for the respective warranties of individual parts equipment, ensuring warranty claims, and more.
    • HCM – The FSM software features, while integrated with workforce management and payroll, make a very effective and productive suite of optimum functionality and efficiency of your business through a single platform.
      • Reporting and Analytics – FSM software offers you the ability to capture business data and insights and enables you to make more informed business decisions by running reports and evaluating analytics. This ensures higher operational efficiency and productivity of your business.

Service Management Software Helps Businesses Grow and Stay Competitive

    • Field Service software provides small medium-sized businesses with amazingly cost-efficient solutions that help them to grow and stay competitive at the same time. The FSM software leverages innovative tools that scale and improve the businesses’ performance and productivity within a budget.
    • 3 key areas which generally pose challenges in providing a error-free service:
      • Lack of back end efficiency
    • Excess expenditure and inefficient customer service often lead to a lack of back end efficiency. To simplify this challenge, maximizing customer service through connected customer journeys ensures an overall improvement in the back end scenario of your business. Service management software secures customer experience through an intuitive approach and considerably helps maximize profits through cost-reduction.
      • Inefficient logistics
    • Logistics forms another challenge in field service management. Assigning the right technician, managing high priority jobs, and maintaining a low cost on travel and fuel becomes an extreme;y complex territory. FSM software significantly simplifies the tasks by optimizing work assignments through skill levels. FSM software also helps in dynamic scheduling during urgent tasks and minimizes travel time cost.
      • Effectiveness of field service technicians
    • Assigning tasks to qualified and experienced field technicians becomes easier and more effective with FSM software. FSM helps you assign tasks to the ideal technicians, reducing the risks of inefficiencies in fieldwork and customer service. The quick responses of task assignment and the right technician ensure customer satisfaction and considerably contributes to your company’s business value.

Make Customer Satisfaction the Focus

    • By implementing FSM software that matches your company’s requirements and demands, the approach to customer satisfaction becomes simpler and more effective. FSM software offers both short-term and long-term benefits in your business. By addressing the challenges mentioned earlier, you experience business growth and stay ahead in the competition.

Defining Field Service Management?

Field service management could create a welcoming and agile atmosphere for technicians with automated, cloud-based software that improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, technology for Field Service Management offers the required tools to maximize the productivity of staff.

All organizations who digitize their work activities, however, agree that the process of assignment, creation of procedures and actions by their workers is reduced substantially.

Since a variety of activities are often performed by field service employees, therefore field service management software may allow workers to envision their daily objectives and assist them with project management.

Typical field service management features include primarily used for organizing work orders, dispatch agents and job tracking status:

  • Arrange and observe plans, appointments and schedules for employees
  • Save time and energy with the optimization of the appointment feature.
  • Automated processes including packaging, preparation and invoicing
  • Track stock proactively
  • Improve contact between local employees and managers and increase accountability

Many FSM solutions provide call management software that offers on-demand access to past customer experiences, service logs, work notes and more.


Work Order Management

The software provides work order management solutions. In an easy-to-read dashboard, field service managers control every order history. Work order management also assists field service providers in placing orders for service and tracking status reports in real-time.


Shipment management services are provided by field service management software that assists in planning route logistics. Select the necessary facilities, and ensure optimum utilization of products.

Mobile invoice

Technicians can receive and pay customers on-site and even provide on-site cross-selling and upselling, creating more customer sales for the business.

Comprehensive reports

Monitoring each aspect of your business, from contract management to profitability, helps your team to make data-driven decisions, which leads to better delivery of services.

Who uses the software for field service management?

Anyone who works in a data management platform requires field service management software. In addition, this may include construction workers, electrical engineers, plumbers, landscape workers, energy workers, security managers, technicians and all other workers who switch from offsite to on-site.

For instance, it is also used by other areas, such as nursing – home care practitioners are able to use the app to monitor patient details.


In industries like telecommunications, where technical staff in the field need to know what the service request is, the schedule and more information, field service management software have become common.

Telecommunications companies will greatly benefit from the technological solutions offered in the field; the technology simplifies installations, repairs and maintenance processes.

Computer applications for the field of telecommunication also are extremely useful for the management of asset life cycles.

Organizations may track maintenance and service level arrangements for any machine and maintain a comprehensive repair record.


The key field services systems include a mobile app where technicians can access from their mobile device all the related functions in the field. Individuals can receive shipment alerts, record invoices, receive payments, select new goods, review inventory, and schedule customer follow-up visits from the technical interface.

Project Leaders

The key role of a team manager is to organize motions of technicians between and inside jobs quickly and efficiently. Team managers should ensure that the technicians can align their expertise with the job they need.

Make better use of the time they pass between jobs and that each team member meets safety and company procedures. Each of its technicians will be shown a field service program by team leaders.

Staff Administrative

The payment process can be streamlined and digitized by a field services management program to make transactions easy to scan and pass to accounting software.

FSM software can also track and pass on digital time cards to all workers to payroll and accounting software, significantly decreasing spending on payroll every month.

Personnel with customer satisfaction

Although technicians communicate with customers in the field directly, a variety of field service companies often handle their customer care using customer experience personnel.

These people have to provide access to the whole profile and work history of their clients, so they understand the condition of their employment without taking time away from current jobs. The planning features should be directly articulated and visible.

The Three Tiers of Field Service Management


More interaction between the office and the techs that work in the field is very necessary for bigger businesses. Companies need their teams to work together without affecting efficiency.

In addition, their priorities aim to simplify workflows, improve knowledge processes across teams and seek to improve collaboration between teams too. Good helpdesk applications and exceptional field services can help business teams with these objectives.

A Programme of enterprise field services management will intelligently help you handle the availability of field technicians in shifts, locations, current schedules and more to route service tasks for a fast solution with the right field technician.

Small Businesses

Similar standards apply to small and medium-sized companies that offer field assistance.

The field service module will help you maintain the tasks related to every ticket and record who solves every problem.

SMB FSM device functionality is equivalent to enterprise software. The difference is that the programming, review of software and technical support may be limited.

FSM systems support administrators, efficiency and understanding of what is happening. Even if a smaller company only wants the management of shipping or fleet operations, a software package for field services will boost work at an affordable price.

Third-Party Services

Companies that rely on contractors and other third-party employees need the FSM software output of the same kind as enterprises, and access to customer data is therefore very important to them.

When a job is assigned to a contractor, many organizations, before the existing customer’s Complaints are received, can no longer tell how much time a service is given or whether the issue is solved.

Outsourced services FSM software offers visibility in the service provision of contracting firms and makes technicians third parties distinct from the internal staff of a company.

By having two-way communications with external workers, service providers can adjust their contractors’ schedules at the last minute and provide client notifications.

Comparing a Field Service Management (FSM) Software

It is important to ensure that your local team provides outstanding services to consumers in a dynamic landscape like service delivery.

Anyone working in field services uses field service management software. Technology for field service management helps to simplify the routine activities of fieldwork by enhancing contact between on-site and offsite sites between the field service staff.

The next move is to understand the functionality of field service software in order to list your offerings according to your business requirements.


The budget for applications for field service management is subject to many factors.

Software prices for field service management are dependent on different factors such as the number of sites, customers, field service technicians and features.

Companies may opt for a single, one-time upfront fee and a monthly subscription fee.

For advanced companies, organizations and corporations with complex processes requiring customized systems, the prices may be higher. In certain cases, costs for a company that wants to automate production are lower.


Software for the management of field services may be hosted, deployed on the web or used in conjunction with these two methods via a browser service.

SaaS adoption also expanded with cheap and widespread mobile devices, as well as growing demand for affordable small business technologies.

Mobile Integration

Since it is simple to use, mobile field service application can provide customers with information and field technicians with addresses or location information. In the field of service management, mobile devices integration would also enable field technicians to provide updates.

More than 50% of manufacturers use mobile devices. From logistics to document completion simplification, mobile devices have become a necessary tool to help businesses achieve their goals.


The industry now integrates the automation into its applications and technology, which is very useful and enables more efficient daily operations. Dynamic software for field service management can minimize effort for helpdesks as well as field teams.

With efficient Automations, everyday activities can be processed automatically. With the right configuration, one can optimize the workflows and ensure that service tasks are delegated to the right technicians.


Strong field management needs stronger communication between the employees and field teams. A good field service software makes it simpler for team communications.

Since you can connect easily with your helpdesk and field workers, it helps the teams to grow by keeping field teams in the loop automatically with information, including updates on customer status.

How Field Service Management Software varies from any other?

For manufacturing companies, Field Service Management (FSM) services provide several advantages. It will help you plan more work and fix it more effectively.

Time for more effective appointments

The planning problems for engineers and dispatchers are, however, one of the biggest problems in this field. FSM software offers real-time planning, which immediately alerts technical staff to new tasks.

In contrast to the majority of FSM, apps help you to optimize reservations for appointments. You can plan the best route between jobs with this feature.

Significant changes

Software for field service management is a gamechanger to the customer. Because of its high installation costs are not needed, and their maintenance is not a struggle either. Operating expenses and other major costs can almost always be tracked through FSM.

A field service management system also costs less than a business resource planning system to implement and maintain (ERP).

Unique to market

Field service management software is industry-specific and edge cutting. This provides customers with customized applications with a unique experience in contrast to other software available on the market. FSM also helps with correspondence and contact records management.

Monitoring at real-time

In addition to its real-time monitoring capability that enables high optimization and efficient programming and task allocation. The geofencing and GPS tracking system is extremely useful.

Customers can easily monitor the employees in real-time. And can also assess them according to their satisfaction using field service management software. This boosts customer loyalty and user facility.


Digitize and transform the field operations with fieldez. We are building an experience where your clients are fond of your brand because you give them a straightforward and easy payment, with smooth and enjoyable experiences through 24/7 access to services and goods.

Fieldez Service Management enhances the ability to fulfill consumer needs, increase cost efficiency and improve the productivity of the field team.

FAQs on Field Service Management Software


  1. Which industries use field service management software?

The management of resources can be done effectively with the help of field service management software. Any industry with a requirement of on-field employees needs field service management software. By using this software, enterprises can manage their field workers easily and improve overall efficiency.

Field service management software is used in several industries:

  • Telecommunications and Cable industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Postal and Packaging industry
  • HVAC industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Engineering, mining, industrial, and manufacturing industries

In short, any industry that provides door-to-door services can use field service management software and reap its benefits. Even companies that generate leads through door-to-door sales can use this software. 

  • What operations are there in the field services?

There are 3 primary operations in field services:

  • Installation

After the purchasing process, customers are provided installation services by some companies. The company’s technicians ensure a proper installation of the product—for example, the installation of a television or an AC. 

  • Maintenance

Different companies provide maintenance services for their products. The technicians are required to take preventive and proactive measures to maintain the quality of the products. They are also available for corrective actions to be taken on a damaged/broken product.

  • Adoption

Field service employees can also provide advice to customers to make their products work efficiently. They also engage in the sales service, and hence they advertise the company’s product to potential customers.

  • Are field service engineers exempt employees?

Many companies hire field service engineers and technicians to provide installation and maintenance services to their customers. Most of the work is manual labor work for these employees, and hence they are eligible for overtime bonus. Though, some companies do not provide any overtime compensation.

Field service engineers should not be considered exempt employees and should be valued according to their work. In some cases, field service engineers are overworked and work up to 40 hours a week. These employees can file a lawsuit against the companies if they treat them as exempt employees.  

  • What are the responsibilities of a field service engineer?

A field service engineer should be adept at handling technology as most of their work deals with electronic devices or computer systems. The primary duty of a field service engineer is to provide satisfaction to the customers.

A field service engineer is responsible for analyzing the problem in a damaged/broken product and repair it quickly. They are also responsible for the proper installation of devices in the customer’s environment. They are also responsible for providing informative advice about the preventive and proactive measures to be taken.   

  • Which is the best field service software?

FieldEZ is the best field force management software. We provide different software as per your requirement. FieldEZ lite and FieldEZ pro are the two software provided for small businesses and large businesses, respectively. We provide live demos of both versions.

We are the best field force management software as we are trusted by renowned companies. DHFL, Wipro, Dell, Asian paints, and AT&T are some of our prominent clients. We value the requirements of our customers. Our mobile field force management software is available on both IOS and android.

  • What is the role of FSM in Salesforce?

A field service management software focuses on managing the resources of a company involved in providing field services. The software can also help manage the salesforce of a company. With the help of this software, you can track the progress of your salesforce easily.

The software helps you in participating in the field service. It enables you to analyze the leads quickly and convert potential leads. There is an instant reflection of the work on your dashboard. You can ensure that every sales employee of the company is giving his/her best.

  • Is FSM software an open-source software?

There are many open-source FSM software in the market. This type of software provides the basic functionalities of FSM software.  Some of the popular open-source FSM softwares are Fergus, Housecall Pro, ServiceMax, Loc8, ReachOut Suite, ServiceTrade, Tasker, and RazorSync.

Well, you will not get all the trending features in free FSM software. To enjoy customized features and extraordinary benefits, you need to invest some money in FSM software. Along with trending features, you will also get technical support from the company. The company will do the entire deployment of the software.

  •  What is the purpose of field management software?

Any software is always needed to make tasks easier for the company. With the help of field service management software, you can easily track your field employees. You can ensure that the field forces are giving their best. It works as a third eye for you to follow the work done by your field force and measure the efficiency of the work.

You can ensure paperless management of your entire field force with the help of this software. It helps track your employees and helps in improving the overall efficiency of the company. 

  • What are the advantages of implementing Field Service Management software?

The primary advantage of field service management software is the proper and easy management of the company’s resources. It makes the task of tracking your employees easy, and you can ensure that the field employees are delivering the required efforts.

Some other essential features of implementing field service management software are listed below:

  • Instant reflection of work on the app
  • Analyze your leads with ease
  • Actively participate in your fieldwork
  • Use your field force wisely
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Invoicing and Payment
  • Work Order Management


  •  When should I implement field service management software?

First of all, take a look at the number of field service employees working in your company. If the number is small, you can manage the process without the software. The software will be particularly beneficial when the field force is large in number.

Another criteria that you can consider is the results. If you are not satisfied with the results of your field force, you can implement the software to improve the management of resources. Field service management software will provide additional features that can be helpful in other operations of the company.

  • How do you manage a field service technician?

First of all, to manage a field service technician, you need to have a planned work calendar for the technician. The field service technician should be briefed on his/her duties and responsibilities. These steps are necessary to make your field service employee work-ready. 

You can use field service management software by FieldEZ to ensure smooth management of your field force. The field service management software offers various features that can be beneficial for your company. It eases out the process of tracking your field service employees, and the mode of reporting the work becomes flexible. 


  • Is Jira a service management tool?

Yes, Jira is a service management tool. It helps collaborate with Dev, IT Ops, and business teams to collaborate quickly and deliver satisfactory results to the customers. The software is used by many reputed companies and is positively rated by the customers.

Essential features of the Jira app are:

  • Deliver Value Fast.
  • Make Work Visible
  • Connect Dev and Ops. 

You can get the software for free on the website of Atlassian, and they also provide you with a live demo of the software. 

  • How can I improve my field service?

You can only improve your field service if you improve your field workers’ efficiency and quality of the work done. Improving and managing your field service can prove to be a very complex task. Even with a lot of effort, it is possible that you may not be able to improve your service to the desired level.

An easy and efficient way to improve your field service is to implement field service management software. This software will help you manage your resources, track your employees, and improve the efficiency of your field services. You can also enjoy the benefits of other features to boost the overall results of your company.


  • How can I become a field service engineer?

To become a field service engineer, you need to have sound technical skills. However, the skills would differ from company to company. You must have problem-analysis skills and troubleshooting skills. Along with these, you need basic communication skills to interact with the customers.

The candidates usually require an engineering degree or similar training to qualify for becoming a field service engineer. You should be aware of the duties and responsibilities of a field service engineer and shape your skills accordingly. It will help if you are hardworking as the job needs a lot of manual work. 

  • How large is the field service industry?

The global field service management market value was $3.12 billion in 2018, and it keeps on growing. The industry is a massive one, with millions of field service employees working in it. There are various sectors included in the field service industry.

  • Telecommunications and Cable industry.
  • Healthcare industry.
  • Postal and Packaging industry.
  • HVAC industry.
  • Insurance Industry.
  • Engineering, mining, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

The field service market is expected to grow by 16.5 percent in the year 2022.