Field and service companies rely on the best maintenance and work order software. This software runs on any mobile device as well as any platform and network. The benefits include saving time and money. The software is used for job scheduling that matches the efficient use of employees and their availability. This reduces costs by eliminating missed appointment, long travel distances, and a conflict of resources necessary for a staff member to provide support for the client.

Through GPS, staff members are monitored on their location and their work orders are tracked. Materials needed for a job are also tracked. This ensures that the resources needed by an employee are available to a customer local to the work. To make field operations easier, the best maintenance and work order software includes paperless invoicing and billing that can be coordinated by remote staff working in the field. Financial activity can be processed while or soon after an employee completes a job with a client. This saves time on back office work and ensures billing activity is kept up to date.

The benefits of maintenance and work order software has more to do with the management of remote staff working in the field. Broadcast messaging feature ensures that an announcement is sent directly to field staff to ensure a consistent message is given to all employees. The reporting in the financial billing is managed by mobile device with support staff working in the field. The resources available for an employee to be applied on a job for a client is also managed by the maintenance and work order software. This form of inventory control ensures that materials and resources are available for use before the job is scheduled. This layer of efficiency ensures that there is a perfect match with the schedules for the client and the field staff using necessary resources and materials.

The best maintenance work order software is configurable. The setup of parameters that dictate resources needed for a job including materials in time can be set up in advance. The tracking of necessary resources can be managed and fit to the schedules of work order staff. To ensure a smooth operation, work order service tickets and trouble calls are managed through this software using messaging services. The notification process is done by email and text messaging so that staff members receive notifications on mobile devices.