FieldEZ Version 4.7.7 Released


We have revamped numerous pages as part of 4.7.7 release, with refreshing UI enhancements, quick action buttons and additional functionalities. These include:

  • Updated UI:
    • Call Listing Page
    • User Listing Page
  • New Feature: Holiday Calendar
  • Recurring Jobs – minor enhancements

1. New Call Listing Page

We have completely revamped the Call Listing Page (alternatively named as Ticket List / Visit List page, etc.) with a clean user interface.

Call Listing Page

New Table Features:

  • The first two columns of the update call listing table are now fixed, while the remaining fields can be viewed on horizontal scroll.
  • To view the preview a call or a customer, just click on the respective This will open a pop-up showing the summary of all important fields. One can also click on “More Details” to take to the respective Call Details or Customer Details page.

Call Listing Page -1

  • Three new action button are now available against each call entry:
    • 15:  schedule / reschedule the call
    • 16: Go to the invoice details page for the call
    • 17: Update the call status
  • Additional feature are now possible on the sort and pin of the columns. This can be accessed by clicking on icon for the respective column. On click, one can:
    • 19: Sort ascending
    • 20: Sort descending
    • 21: Hide column
    • 22: Pin the column to the left
    • 23: Pin the column to the right

Note: To reset the view, simple refresh the page.

2. User Listing Page

The update user list page now has features to search based on the user role. One can also search for a user directly from the search tab.

User List

3. Holiday Calendar


Click on the Settings icon on the top-right of the main header and navigate to Advanced Settings > Manage Holidays.

To create or edit a new holiday, simply click on the date in question. Enter the required details in the pop-up, including the regions for which you want to be mapped.

Note: To set up the regions for your team, please contact FieldEZ Support.

The Holiday Calendar is a brand new feature where one can configure organization holidays for the users, and hence can be very useful while scheduling tickets and jobs. The calendars can be configured at a regional level so that distinct holiday lists are created for users working in different geographies.

With this new feature, one can define the holidays for the organization and regions. These will further reflect in the scheduler pages, as shown below. Note that one can still assign and schedule tickets to a any user and day, even on a holiday / leave. This gives the dispatcher the flexibility to assign, say, a priority ticket.

Holiday Calendar

4. Leave and Holidays shown in the scheduler page

Another nifty feature launched in this release is the ability to view the holidays and leave for a particular user, on the scheduler page. The dispatcher will thus be able to make an informed choice on the assignment of a particular ticket or job based on the availability of the user for the particular day.

A holiday is represented on the Day or Week view scheduler with an off-white 24 shade in the particular cell. The holiday name will also be mentioned in the cell.

Both pending as well as approved leave is shown in the scheduler, either as a shaded cell (for day scheduler or as a shaded triangle icon on the top right corner of a particular cell (week scheduler)

Pending Leave  :  11  (week scheduler)     13  (day scheduler)

Approved Leave :  12  (week scheduler)    14  (day scheduler)


5. Enhancements to Recurring jobs feature

We have added a few more recurring job frequency options – users can now create recurring jobs at a quarterly and annual interval. This is apart from the existing recurring job frequencies: daily, weekly and monthly.

The quarterly and annual options would be useful for applications where periodic and annual maintenance jobs need to be configured, or say where there any periodic long-term visits that need to be scheduled.

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