Businesses in the service industry operate more efficiently by managing their work order using software that runs in a distributed environment such as tablet computers for field staff. Service work order software adds efficiency to service industries that saves money in the long run. It also increases revenue by allowing field staff to process more customers due to a more efficient work order flow. The purpose of service work order software is to provide a structure that is custom designed for individual businesses to increase productivity through scheduling and communication. Businesses are able to make custom workflows and process work orders that are custom designed for the business.

Field staff are more efficient using service work order software on their tablet computers that show real time the work order elements and status. The tablet computer showing all real time activity is also used for client signature on the tablet computer. Once signed, the completed work order generates an invoice automatically for the customer.

This helps save time and money in the billing department through the automation of completed work orders approved by the customer that automatically generates an invoice. The automatic aging report recognizes delays and payments and issues an invoice automatically. Businesses spending many of their hours out in the field can save time and money on back office work by taking advantage of the automated tools from service work order software.

As a scheduling tool service work order software has alerts and reminders that can be set automatically and identify milestones within the workflow. A service company can identify the status of a project to see if it is on schedule or if resources need to be added to keep it on schedule. This helps keep the service company efficient by staying on track with the intended schedule. The benefit that a service work order software has is that any potential delay in a project creates an automatic alert so that the potential delay is minimized to prevent loss of revenue.

Because the service work order software resides on a field staff members’ tablet computer all field staff can be tracked and management will have full knowledge as to where their entire company is situated. In the event, additional resources are needed at a particular site the service work order software can identify the nearest staff member who has completed a work order and is available. If no field staff is available, then the next available resource is the one that is further along toward completion and has less risk of falling behind in providing support elsewhere. The service work order software helps maintain efficiencies even when emergencies occur.