The best schedule software has a lot of functionality than what traditional spreadsheet schedules offer. They are automatically location-based to match time zones associated with GPS coordinates of designated people. It includes a very simple and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for simple changes and updates. Schedules are quickly added by setting up recurring schedules for events that occur on a regular basis. To track activity, events are color coded for easier visualization. These features help in quickly assigning new jobs and make changes with a lot of functionality. This type of easy to use scheduler has an intuitive design. The operation of this type of scheduler use a few clicks to manage new and current schedule.

By using the best scheduling software, coordinators can match skill and location to group together resources to streamline operation and increase efficiency. A field crew or agent working in the field that is situated at a particular location can be matched with tasks and events that are assigned to their local physical area. The color coded options on the schedule help make this location scheduling much easier. Many coordinators use color codes to designate regions that relate to the needs of the business, the skill of the field crew, and the consumers in that area.

The matching of skill and location along with a consumer group is completely customizable in the best schedule software .Tasks and events can be grouped together with a crew working in the field based on their skills and experience. This is one such example. The schedule and staff or assignment of clients to staff can be matched with any perimeter determined. This ensures that the resources of the staff are matched appropriately in a local geographic area with intended consumers. Any openings or gaps found in the schedule or a skill set is quickly identified and can be rectified. The resolution is a simple drag and drop function on the screen to make adjustments and corrections on a schedule quite quickly and easily. The action to make changes is very intuitive allowing for changes to be made quickly and correctly.