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A simple, easy-to-use and affordable field service solution for maid services companies.

FieldEZ runs on any mobile device, platform and network and

saves you on new hardware and software purchases.

Why Maid Service Software?

In a maid service company, there are lots of staff who typically work off-site most of the time. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely challenging for the manager to manage and keep track of every staff, along with their respective activities.

Moreover, keeping track of the employees with adequate, up-to-date data traditionally requires a lot of associated paperwork that not only consumes a significant amount of time & effort but also poses a risk of manual errors. 

With FieldEz’s maid service software, the cleaning services companies will be able to efficiently manage their entire employee base and ensure that they are delivering the best results to their clients. The software is a comprehensive platform that streamlines the entire processes associated with maid services, from employee optimization to field service management. 

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Common Features of Maid Service Software

Simple job scheduling

FieldEz’s maid service software allows you to effortlessly plan the job schedules of your employees through its simple interface, assisting in the process of assigning the right person to a suitable job in the right location. 

Route optimization

The innovative map-based and tracking technology used by FieldEz’s maid service software allows you to effortlessly optimize the location as well as the route, significantly contributing to minimizing employee travel time and transportation expenses. 

Time tracking

FieldEz’s maid service software is equipped with advanced time tracking technology that enables you to keep track of the respective amount of time spent by individual employees on-site and also evaluates your time, ensuring enhanced efficiency. 

Automatic invoicing

The maid service software by FieldEz helps you to effortlessly send invoices on time through the automatic invoicing tool of the software while enabling monthly billing and efficient online payments by clients. 

Client tracking

FieldEz allows you to track client requests as well through its maid service software. You will be able to keep track of and manage custom requests of individual clients and ensure the optimum customer experience. 

Customer feedback

The feedback tool of the software by FieldEz sends the captured customer feedback immediately to the field managers, enabling them to take immediate action on the problems and issues, thus securing a smooth company-client relationship. 

Attendance management

The maid service software ensures optimum field service management by allowing the on-site employees of the company to record their attendance simply from their mobile devices. 


FieldEz’s maid service software offers you with tools that allow you to keep your employees happier with streamlined payday and timely salaries. 

Benefits of FieldEz’s Maid Service Software

The maid service software by FieldEz offers a comprehensive approach to employee management, customer management, and field service management.  It allows you to store all your files and data at a single place, effectively preventing the proliferation and risks of manual errors in the spreadsheets, files, and documents.  

Mobile integration of the software makes it easily accessible from anywhere, ensuring maximized functionality as both the manager and the on-site employees get the best out of the management platform from any computing device. 

The software offers the managers the ability to access client and employee data, work schedules, and business insights from anywhere and anytime. 

With the software, you can minimize your overall time spent on manual administrative tasks while maximizing your focus on the quality of your business. The software altogether enables you to efficiently deliver top-notch services to your existing clients on the one hand and strives for better relations with new clients on the other. 

How Much Is The Maid Service Software Priced?

Cleaning service software like FieldEz’s maid service software typically offers a monthly subscription. You can also avail of the free trials of the software, which provides adequate opportunities to test out the suitability of the tool for your business. But before committing to a maid service software, you must ensure some additional factors that will directly affect the software pricing.  

The total number of users

The total number of users is often responsible for the pricing of your particular maid service software choice. While you can avail of a plan with monthly charges, there are further options of packages with increments also, for example, in accordance with 5 users, 10 users, 20 users, and so on. 

Degree of the functionality of your business

The pricing for your suitable maid service software also depends heavily on the sets of features and functions that it provides. Hence it is better to consider first the business requirements of the individual features and whether it will help your business. Software with more features may be initially expensive, but it will contribute to your increased RoI over time. 


Features that matter to your Maid Services business:
FieldEZ mobile business management software simplifies and automates your field process
and gives you more time to focus on your core operations.

Simple Job Scheduling

A simple and easy-to-use interface that allows for immediate crew dispatch, while optimizing for distances and other jobs. Field technician can enter the attendance in / out times complete all update directly from the mobile or tablet – saving time, money and paper!

Location, Time and Material Tracking

Track your field teams in real-time, so that any ad-hoc job can be efficiently assigned based on your team’s distance from the customer. It also helps you in rescheduling jobs and optimization of your operations. Track and receive alerts on your field team’s activities directly on your mobile.

Paperless Invoicing & Billing

100% paperless solution that can electronically capture customer signature & feedback. Seamless intergration with accounting tools like QuickBooks & Sage, ensure data is shared between your various systems – giving you more time to focus on your core business.

And more of the features you actually care about:

Reports & Analytics

Access a repository of standard reports, with an option to create custom reports

Attendance Management

Field staff can clock-in/ clock-out times and record attendance on their mobiles

Configurable Processes

Set up business processes quickly and intuitively using FieldEZ’s powerful Configuration Engine

Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast announcements to your field staff across group, department, territory and organizational levels

Service Ticket Management

Update service call status on the go and in real-time

Configurable Forms & Customization

Build your own form with your own terminology and data types/ business validations

Instant Customer Feedback

Capture live customer feedback that can be viewed immediately by manager

Alerts, Messages & Notifications

Email and SMS notification options are available at each stage of the business process

The FieldEZ Advantage

FieldEZ’s on-mobile solution for home security helps you effortlessly manage and organize your clients with a simple,
intuitive software design that can be customized to suit any requirement. One can track invoicing and billing, provide a
real-time schedule straight to your employees’ smartphone, and capture valuable customer feedback all using FieldEZ’s
home security software

Easy To Implement

Works on any mobile device & OS Integration possible with QuickBooks, Sage, Excel and more!

Easy To Use

Intuitive design
Simple to use workflows
Excellent support and training

Easy On The Pocket

Starts from just $25!
No new hardware or software required
Pay per user – no fixed costs!

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