An excellent field force CRM results in reaching out and helping your customers and/ or clients at every touch points. A Customer Relationship Management Software or a field service management software captures customer information through data analytics and makes life convenient for your field staff managers to help ensuring a smooth completion of task.

CRM Software

CRM, i.e. customer relationship management is the process of interacting with customers. It helps you approach potential customers and manages relationships with current and new customers as well. According to the CRM, the only tag is “put your customer first”.

CRM software is a platform that provides you with various tools and features for you to enhance your business relationships with your customers. It is a force automation software to improve productivity. This software is specially designed to assist your organization with an inbuilt customer experience.

It is easy to use and intuitive software. It enhances communication, is powerful, customizable, and is provided with hundreds of extensions and integrations. It gives you a platform to manage your teams and keep track of field employees. Customer satisfaction is essential to increase your business sales, and that is what this software helps you with happy the customers, happier your business.

CRM Process

The CRM process is user friendly. The data is accessible from any device and from anywhere. It involves the activities and strategies companies use to provide personalized services to their customers. It is a data-driven, easy-to-use, customized process to deal with customers’ experience in a better, digital, and sophisticated way. It reduces customers’ effort.

The process is to track, store, organize, and manage prospects through the entire lifecycle of work, investments, and alliances.

CRM Strategy

CRM strategy is to increase the revenues and reduce the costs. It improves the customer’s loyalty. It will help to increase productivity and profitability. It collaborates with different departments and provides one system to handle all the activities together in one data system the idea of building interactions with customers in order to the approach of a business.

CRM Strategies will allow you to build personal interaction with your potential customers. You can feed all the information of your customers in one place and can get access to all the data, including the historical data of a particular customer. It will be easier to keep track of all the data then by which you can identify your customer’s needs and can solve their problems personally.

CRM Benefits

The biggest benefit is that everything is digital and automated. And then bringing a customer is not enough, keeping them your regular customer and maintaining the alliance is essential too. It helps in centralizing communication and simplifies collaboration. It helps you know your customers better, indeed, make trustworthy and healthy bonds. It ensures you quality, security, creativity, and innovation as well.

Who uses CRM Software?

Business companies and industries that are in direct contact with their customers and provide them with direct services are the ones who use this software.

Companies who provide customer care, or are in sales and marketing, start-up business, enterprises, etc., basically, any company who have customers can and should use this software.

CRM for different business sizes

There are lots of different CRM software’s present in the market. You can take any software according to your need and business approach. It depends on your business either you have a local small business, medium-sized business, or large business. The pricing and features of the software vary according to the need, and you can select the software according to your business’s better needs.

Types of CRMs

There are different types of CRMs that offer a different approach. Choose what is right for your business.


It gives marketing and sales services and allows you to manage your business better.


It helps the company make the best use of the information they have collected about the customers. The insights and data help make better business decisions.


It helps in accessing data of your customers with different departments and support teams to work together and productively.


Strategic CRM provides different customized features to give a significant boost to provider buyer relationships. And this way you can help your customers solve their problems with personalized services.

Campaign Management:

It is a blend of operational and analytical CRMs. You can run a campaign from CRM to increase brand awareness and reach your potential customers.

Pricing Guide

The CRM software usually costs 15$ per month for one user for a small business plan, 25$ per month for a medium-sized business, and 50$ per month for a large business plan.

There are other costs added for other premium features. You can choose a plan according to the need. Choose an annual data plan if you want to pay less and use software longer.

Open Source CRM Software

Open-source web application allows you to analyze your company’s relationships with customers. This solution will provide you with the tools to understand your consumers’ behavior and cater to your services, specifically to their needs. It provides you with the opportunity to review and evaluate people, companies, projects, and opportunities. It will help you improve customer satisfaction. It provides a place for customers to connect and collaborate. It provides a total care package for CRM needs.

Real Estate CRM Software

Increase your real estate business with CRM Software. It allows you to measure your sales and team performances, plan your day in advance, track sale calls, upload documents, update follow-ups, and set targets for sales. It is specifically designed for real estate companies, to track the field agents and evaluate targets based on orders. It allows finding the best performing salesperson as well based on target completion activities. You can easily answer the inquiries as well. And can reduce costs and increase work time and efficiency.

Real Estate CRM software contains every feature that you will need to handle and manage your teams for your real estate business from marketing and sales.

Cloud CRM Software

In cloud CRM software, the customer’s data resides in the cloud. It offers access to web-based tools. Employees can log into the CRM system from any internet-enabled device. It makes accessibility much easier. It delivers scalability. It is the best platform to manage teams in the field for small businesses to increase sales efficiency. Capture, assign and manage the prioritize-hot leads.

CRM Call center Software

CRM call center software is designed specifically for call centers/contact centers and customer care services. It helps your customers to reach your employees and ask their inquiries and indeed reduce customer effort. It provides seamless and consistent interactions. Also, it allows the customers to contact via any channel they prefer according to their choice and availability, either its voice call, messaging apps, SMS, Email, etc.

Insurance CRM Software

Insurance CRM Software addresses the needs of insurance providers and brokers. It provides mobile functionality to let you deal with your customers to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships. You can manage multiple policies at once and automate activities through the software. Helps you to focus more on addressing your customer’s needs.


  • What are CRM software examples?

Ans: Some examples where CRM software implementation is done is Apple CRM, Tesco CRM, Amazon CRM, Oracle CRM etc.

  • What does CRM software do?

Ans: CRM software helps you manage all the departments and data at one place with secure services. You can manage all the data of your customers. It provides you with a platform to build relationships more effectively and provide the best customer experience.

  • What are the top 5 CRM systems?

Ans: Top 5 CRM systems are Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot and Infusionsoft.

  • Which is the best CRM software?

Ans: Some of the best CRM Software’s are Zendesk and Salesforce.

  • Is CRM software?

CRM is a management system, not a particular software. Certain systems and software are developed to make this system work on a single platform.

  • Is SAP a CRM system?

Ans: SAP CRM is an integrated CRM Software which helps in services in business marketing and sales sector, to help manage customer data.

  • Does Google have a CRM?

Ans: Google uses CRM software for maintaining customer relationships, but it doesn’t provide CRM services. Google uses Salesforce software for CRM.

  • Is Google Analytics a CRM?

Ans: No, google analytics is not a CRM Software. It is a tool which helps in looking into insights into your marketing channels. It tracks and reports website traffic.

  • Is zendesk a CRM tool?

Ans: Yes. Zendesk is a CRM software which provides all the tools for CRM.

  • Who needs CRM?

Ans: Any company who has customers needs CRM. It helps salespeople to manage all their customer’s data, schedule plans, and have insights for sales opportunities.

  • Is CRM software hard to learn?

Ans: CRM software is very easy to use. It just makes some changes in your day to day work system. You will just need some days to adapt. Otherwise, it’s easy to learn the use of the software.

  • What problems does CRM solve?

Ans: CRM helps you solve problems like unorganized data, client communication, inconsistent tracking, complicated tracking and reporting, content sharing, forecasting sales etc. It will help you increase your growth.