The Internet of Things (IoT) is bound to create endless opportunities for every aspect of life and business. Currently, it is anticipated that over 20 billion connected devices will be in use globally by 2020. This provides a wealth of new opportunities for many different industries including field service.

Field Service Management and IOT

Field Service Management and IOT

IoT provides the ability to generate huge amounts of data from an equipment, which can mean a whole service operation remake. Devices equipped with sensors are connected through the internet, wherein they can communicate and send notifications machine-to-machine without any human intervention. Although IoT is not just for M2M, any longer, it has the potential to make any services smart, if applied effectively. Below are a few ways in which IoT is revolutionizing the field service management industry across varied industries:

1. Home Healthcare:

Medical and healthcare professionals need access to critical patient data to deliver the best care possible. With the help of wireless connections linked to medical devices and with a single database for all the relevant information, doctors and healthcare professionals can provide proper and immediate care to their patients. Field service management software integrated with IoT enabled devices can automatically use data to take predictive actions that can drive major improvements in delivering better remote services to patients at their home and saving costs.

2. Government:

IoT sensors strategically placed across sewer plants, valves, and pumps can greatly improve the productivity level of field technicians. Moreover, it removes the need for them to work in hazardous conditions. IoT sensors can also alert the operator to what needs to be checked and identify the exact area of damage, thereby reducing the need to constantly monitor the condition of the equipment. Similarly, a number of operations governments undertake can be easily transformed with the introduction of IoT in the field service management space.

3. Oil and Gas Industry:

In the oil and gas industry, the IoT sensors can reduce the risk of field technicians being exposed to hazardous environments regularly. The field service management software integrated with IoT can help petroleum plants, chemical refiners, and natural gas processing plants kick in digital transformation and aim for streamlined processes and intelligent decisions.

The Internet of Things is going to change everything about how we lead our daily lives in the near future. By leveraging its power, technicians can have an unprecedented amount of feedback, and this data can lead to even more insights which can help improve innovation in and across various industries.

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