Are you a security agency managing the physical security of large client premises?  Does your client look up to you to prevent physical security related non-compliance issues? Ensuring great and consistent service quality is an important aspect in Security services – and it is indeed very hard to maintain the levels 24/7. Fortunately there is technology to help you out, as well as some simple steps to ensure you are on top of the game:

  • Equip your clients with a way to carefully monitor the day to day work and performance of your security guards on the field. One good way to do that could be using some simple mobile-based technology and apps. Field Service Management Software like FieldEZ enable your clients track the attendance, duty hours and performance graphs of the security guards and other relevant people on the field very easily.
  • Field Service software can also help you integrate other aspects of your security system including asset tracking for your surveillance cameras and other equipment, dashboard and reporting, and also instant invoicing and billing to the client. In fact, such an approach can easily turn out to be a solid differentiator for your services. You can even allow the clients themselves to view the performance metrics in real-time, giving them a world of confidence on your staff.
  • Updating and briefing the security staff on a regular basis on the security needs and dynamics of the client is an unavoidable routine task. The group leaders managing the security on the field must also be adequately trained on the same – reminding them consistently about the team KPIs and performance matrices. This will enhance their performance, minimize the operational risk and related efforts towards seamless security management of the clients’ facility.
  • Share your your insights on the latest in security measures and best practices to help them lay out a strong security infrastructure. Periodic newsletters and email would go a long way in educating the clients as well as boost your organization’s branding, credibility and ‘thought-leadership’.
  • Last but certainly the most important aspect to ensure a successful security initiative is – pick your guys with lot of care and caution. Your security staff is your greatest asset and the face of your organization. With proper training and technology aids, they can transform your service organization.