Today, technological advancements have revolutionized the way work is created, distributed, and completed. Globalization of field service markets is also driving organizations to rethink the arrangement of their on-field workforce. When organizing and planning field service operations, it is not always easy to account for unexpected variables. Vehicle breakdowns, employee illness, and longer than expected field service visits can result in costly delays and setbacks.


A recent survey reported that 77% of the field technicians enjoyed solving customer problems. But 46% of the field workforce claimed that the paperwork and admin work was the worst part of their job. These unnecessary, repetitive, and monotonous activities take away from their productivity, thereby making them inefficient and unsatisfied. Keeping your employee happy is crucial in order to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

The Need for a Field Service Management Software

A field service management software can provide real-time automated workforce planning, and shipping, which enables you to proficiently assign the sales persons to make the most of the available workforce. This also guarantees that your customer service never endures any setback because of any unpredictable circumstances. By selecting an appropriate field service management software, you can give yourself, your management, and your field staff the facility to be more efficient by automating everyday tasks.

A recent survey reported that since using a field service management software, organizations found a 90 % increase in their number of conversions. Mobile field service management software saves you from having to cope with countless amounts of manual receipts, photographs, and paper notes. It enables technicians to store the detailed work description, timings, materials used, and all the related information concerning the task on their mobile devices

In addition to this, the software can assign and dispatch the field technicians accordingly, which can directly affect the profitability as it minimizes the drive time and increases productivity. It simplifies the management of the complete field service lifecycle and allows for robust planning and scheduling, providing organizations with the ability to adapt to changes throughout the day and avoid any additional expenses.

The field service software facilitates task coordination with a dynamic scheduling engine that handles the various planning and scheduling variables and dependencies. It also takes into consideration the skill set, certification, union work classification, proximity, time commitments, contracted service level, and so on, while selecting a field technician.

Conclusively, implementing a field service management software takes the decision out of the hands of a manual environment and puts them into the software, thus leading to a more productive outcome and a higher ROI coupled with a satisfied workforce and customer base.

Get the Right Field Force Management Software

Any business needs the right strategies and tools in place to keep employees satisfied. Most businesses take care of their employees but forget their remote workforce. The remote workforce that handles field service tasks is a crucial asset for any organization.

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