Maintenance work is tracked by work orders that field staff use to identify tasks needed to be completed with a customer. The best maintenance work order software increases the efficiency and makes the distribution of maintenance work efficient. A lot of automation can be put in place using mobile devices and GPS so that field staff can be tracked and work order activity can be updated in real time. The activity shown in the work order completion determines what is billed to the client. Invoicing at the end of day after work orders are complete can be automatically processed. As an alternative, the maintenance work order software can close the billing for a project and issue an invoice as the work is shown complete.

The optimized billing that comes with the best maintenance work order software allows for a customized system of identifying different elements of a work order with tabs and drop-down menus. The selections can be chosen by the maintenance staff processing the work order with the client. Any questions or discrepancies are eliminated with the client’s signature on the mobile device that shows all relevant pieces of information about the work order. This improves quality of billing and invoicing. Due to the client signature, there are no surprises or discrepancies that would be questioned by the client when they receive the invoice.

The maintenance work order software can also manage payroll as the maintenance staff member will indicate the work completed and the duration of the job. The combination of tasks and time easily calculates what is owed to the staff member for the job. This payroll criterion is updated real-time by mobile device by the field staff and signed off by the client. Management only needs to verify what was entered. The maintenance work order software can also include travel time and distance automatically calculated by GPS during a work day. The expenses of travel are already calculated automatically by the software and the GPS on the mobile device.

Scheduling is easily managed by the maintenance work order software especially in cases where last minute changes arise. One such example is the cancellation of an appointment or the unavailability of an employee due to a job that is running longer than expected. The software can track the nearest maintenance staff person by way of GPS and current status of availability. This ensures that clients are supported and available time is filled. Successful maintenance companies are those that have a full schedule and have staff that can attend to all customer needs.