Artificial Intelligence can be seen as the focal point of the evolution of machines. Machine today are learning to perform reasoning and thinking, some aspects that were only previously associated with humans. Businesses in all major industries have started building from the ground up, their AI strategies. According to fresh studies, by 2020, about 57% of businesses will have to know what their buyers need before they even tell them. This should compel businesses today to invest in AI. Buyers of tomorrow will need predictive system capabilities that reduce their part of the job.

There are scores of ways in which Artificial Intelligence is driving the businesses of today. Customers demand to get quality and expectation-exceeding services from all their providers, and companies continuously strive to achieve a balance between customer convenience and data security.

In the field service management space, there is an inevitable need to bet on AI to boost customer satisfaction. Field service management companies are in a frenzy looking out for ways Artificial Intelligence technology can be employed to make their processes efficient and their services productive.

 Field service management companies are in a frenzy looking out for ways Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Businesses – The Benefits in Field Service Management

  • Customer Experience Transformation

When a field service management software leverages AI to perform customer interaction and communications, the customers are left in a state of awe. These days, companies are experimenting with their AI strategies, and in one such use case, companies can track the voice of their customers as they place service calls, and feed that into an AI system. Thereafter, when the same customer calls, they will not have to provide their identity. Their voice will become their identity, and the AI-enabled customer service software will be able to recognize them and address them by their names, without the customer having to as much as introducing herself. If this is not customer experience transformation, what is?

  • Training and Knowledge Management

In the area of field service management, AI can be used for managing the training of technicians. When technicians conduct a service with high performance, the details, or the video recordings can be fed to an AI-enabled application, which can take out the parts of the service that were truly exceptional. This knowledge and the insights can be used for training purposes. When in a customer service call, a sales rep performs exceptionally well, the call can be used to conduct the training sessions for other reps, so they know what it takes to deliver excellent services. Through effective knowledge management, field service companies can build a better workforce.

In a job scheduling software for a field service management business, it is important to dispatch the right talent to the right task. An intelligent system can help businesses classify and segment their resources on the basis of their technical expertise. Using this classification, the AI system can then recommend which technician will perform a particular job in the best manner. Talent management and job scheduling become easier with the AI technology. Not just this, job scheduling also takes into account the customers’ preferences of day and time. According to past data, an AI system can suggest the best service time for each customer, leading a business to deliver better and customized services according to the customer preferences. A field service management software that handles all these aspects in an intelligent manner can become a massive asset for a field service management company.

With an AI-enabled attendance and leave system, field service managers can know when their technicians are most probable to skip work. This prior knowledge can save a field service management business from running out of technicians, as managers will work to ensure there are enough heads on the team on any given day. Staffing and recruiting processes can also be streamlined through the effective use of AI in tracking the attendance of service professionals. By integrating a mobile attendance tracking software with a service dispatch software, a system can be built that handles the need of technicians on any day without any human intervention. Field service managers will have to worry less about the technicians who have arrived or haven’t shown up, and they will have to worry less about who replace the technicians who couldn’t make it to work.

In the field service management space, inventory management is a crucial piece of the business’ puzzle. When the right parts for servicing are not available, field services get delayed, resulting in an unsatisfied customer. With Artificial intelligence, requirement predictions can be made, helping field service managers fill in their inventories effectively. Proper inventory management may lead to better business revenues and enhanced customer satisfaction. Mobile inventory management is, thus, a crucial part of field service management.

The field service management industry is getting better at leveraging Artificial Intelligence for its immense benefits. And, some companies are offering Field Service Management software that are already integrated with the best technologies, including AI.

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