Field Service Management Market Will Reach USD 6.68 Billion by 2023


Some jobs are simply better accomplished by machines than our brains, and this is more applicable today than ever before. Applying this analogy to the business field, most organizations are using technology to streamline operations and increase efficiency. In the field management market, managing a team of service technicians is one of the most intricate tasks. It involves a wide number of variables, which takes a substantial amount of time and meticulousness to keep track of the unpredictable changes that could occur at any time.


Making Field Service Workforce Agile and Flexible

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The principles of the Agile methodology are few but powerful. It focuses on delivering continuous value to the customer through iterative product development cycles. The focus on customer-centricity is something that field service management can learn from an agile development process. Primarily, the agile methodology is applied to software product development and delivery and is used by several organizations throughout the world for their product research and development.


Here’s Why Predictive Field Service Management Will Become Reality in 2018

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The Field Service industry is going through a growth spurt. The size of the field service market was $1.78 billion in 2016, and according to fresh statistics, it is estimated to increase up to $4.45 billion by 2022. Companies are being compelled to part ways with the manual processes and are increasingly embracing faster and more efficient processes with help from latest technologies and trends. Field Service Management software in this day and age are traditional and unyielding if they have no Machine Learning, IoT, or analytics capabilities. Without these technologies, it is hard to achieve automation and field service management companies care a lot about automation today!

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Which Trends are Shaping the Future of Field Service Management?

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Through state-of-the-art field service management software, companies have begun managing their on-field personnel with ease and efficiency. In this world where we have more and more choices for products and services, customer service plays an important role. According to a recent survey, about 97% customers revealed that the customer service was an integral aspect of their loyalty towards a brand.

The role of Analytics in Field Service Management

The role of Analytics in field service management

The role of Analytics in field service management

Field service management is vital to almost all enterprises in today’s world. It can often make or break a company’s reputation and its customer relations. For clients in certain fields like healthcare,  where hospital devices need to be up and running continuously, service delayed can be tantamount to service denied. Saving the customer’s time and providing prompt assistant always leads to higher consumer ratings for the service provider, and harnessing the power of predictive analytics in the utilization of information can work wonders for your enterprise.

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The Future of Field Service Management

The Future of Field Service – Technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, Bots are already making the wave in consumer applications. It won’t be long before these technologies heavily influence enterprise applications including field service management softwares.

The Future of Field Service Management – AI, AR, Bots and More

The Future of Field Service Management

This is is not meant to be a “Pokémon Go” for business piece. Given the great success of Pokémon Go as an Augmented Reality game there are plenty of articles that tout how Pokémon will usher the next wave of AR into the enterprise. I think it will create a greater level of familiarity with the concept of AR, and the concept of gamification, which in turn will impact the use of these technologies in the enterprise. In my opinion, the two most interesting articles on the phenomenon to date are:

Seasonal Businesses: Tackle Fluctuating Demand with Technology

Service businesses like Landscaping, HVAC or Snow Removal Services can have an unpredictable, seasonal business cycle. The lean months can be long and can ruin your profitability numbers. Or as in the case of our snow removal services friends with the recent Arctic blast, it can lead to a nice little windfall (pun intended)! In any case, fluctuating demand is a major headache. And managing the field team strength to chart the demand dips and spikes is probably the toughest job of all.