Mobile technologies are transforming workplaces at lightning speeds. Mobility in the workplace is helping employees streamline their productivity and improve their efficiency. In the field service management space, mobile technologies are changing the way services are managed and delivered. With the BYOD revolution bringing in mobile devices including smartphones and wearables, companies are forming new strategies for leveraging mobile devices for improving their operations.

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In today’s field service management software, it is not uncommon to find traces of mobility management. Companies all over the world are embracing this new wave of mobilization. According to recent statistics, about 45 percent of companies employing 10,000+ people provide mobile apps to at least half of their workforce. This trend points us to the fact that organizations are managing their workforce and improving their efficiencies with enterprise applications that work on mobile devices.

How Mobile Technology is Shaping Schedule Management in FSM

  • Service Scheduling Software

  • With an automated service scheduling software, field service management companies are reducing their managers’ burden while allowing a seamless mobile app to decide which technician can cater to a particular service request. When a technician is chosen for a particular task, the field service scheduling software makes sure that the decision is based on the expertise level and the experience of the technician. Through this, effective scheduling of services becomes easier than when managers had to do it according to their considerations. With a mobile service scheduling application, technicians can come to know about their day’s engagements and to-dos even when they have not yet hit the office.
  • Service Dispatch Software

  • With a service dispatch software, a field service management company can provide exceptional customer experiences. With a lot of data fed into the system regarding the preferred time and day of service for each customer, a company can cater to each of their customers effectively. The data needed to perform right service dispatch will include the timings when a customer prefers a service technician to enter their house, the times when a customer refused or canceled a service plan, etc. These data points will reveal the perfect dispatch times for technicians, so that over a period of time if the same trends continue, predictive field service management can be made possible.
  • Mobile Work Order Management Software

  • A mobile work order management software takes a lot of load off the managers and the management in any field service management organization, and turns it to the mobile app. With an advanced and seamless mobile work order management software, scheduling and dispatching become easy too! Managers no longer have to care about keeping track of the smallest activities in their operations as the mobile app helps them stay on track with aspects such as scheduling, invoicing, staffing, etc. Role management is another facet of field service management that becomes easier and smoother with a mobile work order management software.
  • Logging Jobs and Services

  • For field service managers, logging of the jobs and services becomes smoother with a mobile service logging software. Managers can record the time a technician took to complete a job, can track the efficiency of their team, and, can keep track of the customers’ feedback after they have received these services. With this integrated approach, the managers can have a look at the service history of each of their technicians when they have to reward or reprimand their teams. The efficiency of each technician and their productivity levels can be gauged. When there is a need for improvement, special training sessions can then be arranged for the less efficient technicians to learn from those on the higher end. This streamlining of processes can be achieved only with mobility on-the-go!
  • Asset Tracking Software

  • With mobility, a field service technician can leverage an asset tracking software to report the condition of an asset to their managers before beginning the service task. This can be achieved by uploading photos into a mobile asset tracking software, which the manager shares access to. QR codes can be used to manage the other parameters of an asset ad to keep track of the data such as the asset’s performance history and service history. With a QR code policy, any anomalies in maintaining the information about an asset can be completely eliminated. An asset tracking software can become an asset for any field service management company.

With these use cases that span across scheduling service and beyond, field service management companies can lead to customer experience transformation when they use mobile devices for their upliftment.

FieldEZ’s Mobile Workforce Management Software

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