That there could be so much space for technology in something so inherently earthy might sound like a paradox, but there is no denying the fact that the lawn care and landscaping industry can benefit immensely from mobile field service management applications. 

Smarter job allocation

To begin with, lawn care and landscape business owners can efficiently assign open jobs and tasks to the field employee most suitable for the assignment. For instance, tree pruning and cabling jobs will require a different skill set than tree disease diagnosis. A mobile field service management application helps lawn care and landscape field force workers access relevant data and leverage useful functionalities: reminders for periodic checks, material stock availability and price of products that a customer might want. It can also send out updates by other personnel, based on current or past experiences, so that these insights help technicians perform their jobs more efficiently — the possibilities of collaborative access to data in real-time are virtually endless! 

Smarter integration

As with any organization, business growth often involves a corresponding increase in contractual paperwork and invoice maintenance. A mobile field service management application can seamlessly integrate with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, and other business applications including CRM and ERP systems. This can help your lawn care and landscape business owners focus on core activities rather than shoulder a heavier administrative burden. 

Smarter lawn care insights

As a lawn care and landscape business owner, one of your most crucial priorities is possible to ensure customer satisfaction. This necessitates a method by which customer experiences can be collected and analyzed to evaluate the quality of service that’s being offered. A mobile field service management application can also help lawn care and landscape technicians decrease the amount of paperwork they have to carry between the office and various job sites. Why? Mostly because customer feedback (in the form of yes or no questions, or short surveys) and signatures can be captured directly on the mobile device. Conversely, leveraging the scope of ‘instant’, updates regarding the newest products or industry best practices can be sent out to field technicians, enabling them to suggest the ideal solution for the customer’s issues. 

Smarter scheduling

Occasionally, as a business owner in the lawn care and landscaping industry, you may find that you need to attend to impromptu or emergency maintenance jobs. With a robust mobile field service management application, you can not only track your workforce but also guide them along the shortest route to the customer. Business owners in the lawn care and landscaping businesses have a lot to gain from adopting a mobile field service management solution.  A flawless integration links everything from the forefront of your business to the back office. And has the ability to capture instant customer feedback so you know where exactly you stand and what to do next, and scheduling work according to planned or emergency requirements. These advantages enable ‘green businesses’ to grow faster, and more efficiently!