Life at FieldEZ

Uniting, working, inventing and building solutions that is changing the face of field service industry.

Ready to work with us? We are a bunch of passionate people who have united under one roof to create best solutions to help the field service management industry (our customers) help their customers and clients. We do this with the help of a lot of passionate, happy and ambitious people like you and we are constantly in search of them.

We believe that our employees need to have a proper work-life balance and hence we promote flexible working hours where they have the bandwidth to know what’s best for them at the right time. We like taking them out on excursions and trips where we can all come together as a family, our leave policy is one of the best in the industry and we believe that people need to constantly keep learning in order to grow and hence we provide our employees with state of the art facilities while training them.

Quick Facts

We follow a flat hierarchy system

Various training and development programmes

Outing and excursion for leisure and connection

One of the best leave policy in the industry

Benefits and perks

You will love working with us even more when you know what we have to offer you and shower you with. We really want you to know what is at offer for you apart from the compensation which you will receive for your work and we want you to see it for yourself.

Equal Employment Opportunities

We believe in having a balance and we treat everyone equally, irrespective of your cast, gender, creed or nationality.

Unpaid Extended Leaves

You can always let us know if there is an emergency or if you are travelling or want to take an extended leave for personal reasons.

Work From Home

Sometimes due to personal or professional commitments, we understand making to work becomes hard and hence you have the option to work from home.

Paid Leaves

We offer a total of 20 paid leaves in a fiscal year plus both maternity and paternity leaves are also paid leaves and is apart from the initial 20.

EPF and Gratuity

Savings is something we believe all our employees should have and with our attractive EPF and Gratuity policies, we help you save what you have earned with your hard work.

Star Performer Award

We are constantly on the lookout for the shining star and if you think you are that, we have surprises coming your way.

Subsidized Lunch Options

We provide with a subsidized lunch option where we equally pay for what you eat in a 50:50 ratio everyday and get the best food for you.

Performance Bonus and Sales Incentives

We are all driven by results and if you can prove it that results are what you strive for, rest assured we have attractive bonus and incentives waiting for you.

Flexible Working Hours

We believe what is important is that you love your work and have the freedom to do it till the time you can complete it on time.

FieldEZ Celebrations

Fun, frolic and happiness is what we see and want you to be a part of, at our parties, events and excursions. Come be a part of our team and witness this for yourself. Until then, have a glance at some of these beautiful moments that unfolded in the past.

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Employee Stories

When you are new in an organization, it takes sometimes to settle-in and analyze how the processes are. When you are new to an industry altogether, it becomes even more challenging. With having spent majority of my working years in a marketing establishment with being abreast with Digital Marketing, the field service management as an industry was quite new to me. FieldEZ, helped me in making this transition smoothly and easily. I am enjoying my time thoroughly here and in the process, learning the best that the organization has to offer. FieldEZ for me became a game changer and a place that keeps me excited to coming back every day with a smile.

Balaji Srinivasan

Digital Marketing Manager

Employee Stories

When you join an organization, there are so many things which helps you decide if you want to make a career there or you whether you want to move on and look for better opportunities. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow and build a brand. It is a pleasure for me to look back and say I have made the most out of the last 5 years working at FieldEZ. I have been fortunate enough to be here and start a career as an amateur in the field to going places with the work I currently do. FieldEZ is the place where people work with passion, zeal and grit. This is a place where I have not only been groomed by industry experts but now have people I am asked to groom. Growing and learning together is what FieldEZ is about and I couldn’t have asked for a better place than this to reach heights in my career and for what I am doing or making out of that career.

Jhansi Rani

Senior QA engineer

Employee Stories

At a level where I am in my career and with the time I have spent at FieldEZ, I see myself growing everyday. There is so much that I have learnt in the past at FieldEZ, having spent 2 years of my career here, I only see myself growing strong in the company and in the industry where sky, is the limit. With an amazing team to work with, who is constantly looking after your requirements and is always there to help you irrespective of the situation to the leadership team being a friend to you than the boss, FieldEZ is the place where in its true essence, you will know what excelling in your career with the people who matter the most to you mean.

Dinesh Kumar

UI/UX Designer