Field Service Management for Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing Companies

Field Service Management Software for Industrial Equipment and Machines - ARE YOU READY FOR FULLY AUTOMATED FIELD SERVICE?

The Industrial equipment and machine manufacturing companies manufacture and service a wide variety of mission-critical, high value assets. The equipment typically worth millions of dollars is the backbone of these companies and cannot afford to have any downtime. If this equipment breaks down or malfunctions, productivity drops, costs rise, and reputations suffer; with the potential of significant revenue loss. This makes it crucial for the Industrial equipment and machine manufacturing companies to deliver phenomenal service and ensure 100% availability of the equipment.


Business Challenge:

Traditionally, reactive Field Service Management (FSM) has been the default service organization approach to delivering good customer service. Simply put, this approach involves responding to problems as they arise, and focusing on getting the job done. For field service organizations today, success no longer revolves only around “getting the job done”. These companies need to address any repair issue with speed and effectiveness, hence, adopt a proactive approach. Increasingly, executive management expects the service organization to also generate significant revenue through low cost fulfilment of contracts.


The FieldEZ Field Service Transformation Solution

FieldEZ’s field service transformation solution harnesses the power of IoT to offer a predictive maintenance solution to organizations, enabling them to delight their customers with minimal outages and downtimes.




FieldEZ enables remote monitoring and remote service that drive both a reduction in the costs of services and an improvement in the level of service. The huge volume of machine data is processed & analysed and can be used to improve reduce downtime of mission-critical assets, call volume in service center and mean time between failure. The FieldEZ platform automatically triggers work order based on connected product alerts, diagnose issues and also determines the best service response and dispatch based on customers’ SLAs, technicians qualifications and other resource availability. The platform is also extremely flexible and swift in its deployment giving you the agility for mission critical work across new processes.


Reduces Increases
Time to market Market share
Service cost per site visit Revenue
Customer downtime/SLA penalties Profitability/margins
Mean time between failure (MTBF) Average selling price
IT infrastructure costs First time fix rate (FTFR)
Mean time to repair (MTTR) Customer satisfaction/ loyalty
Product recalls and returns System uptimes
Call volume in service center Product registrations
Warranty claims Competitive advantage; Win ratio


For the Management

  • Efficient scheduling of manpower
  • Lowers operational costs – Automates scheduling and optimizes routing
  • Identifies real-time Revenue generating / maximizing opportunities
  • Outcome-based & SLA-driven management of Service Requests
  • Restructures Field Service function from Fixed cost to Variable cost
  • Faster customer response times thereby customer delight
  • Instant report availability of services done for future action
  • Reduces downtime of mission-critical assets/ equipment/ devices


For the Field Technician

  • Rapid notification of new or impending failures
  • Instant access to service history
  • Real time mobile dispatch, scheduling, routing
  • Improved productivity due to effective call scheduling
  • Prompt and relevant notifications from an automated personal assistant


For Customer

  • Condition-aware preventive maintenance
  • The right technician assigned, with the right parts, at the right time
  • M2M notifications of failures or impending problems
  • Rapid equipment repair and restoration
  • Service Level Agreement awareness and compliance
  • Complete service history
  • Proactive status notifications

Core Features:


  1. Remote Sensing of Machine Data
  2. Ticket Lifecycle Management
  3. Automated Scheduling and Routing
  4. Alerts & Messages
  5. Customer Management
  6. Quotes & Invoice
  7. Priority & SLA Management
  8. Leave and Attendance Management
  9. Custom Reports
  10. Integration to CRM/ ERP and others
  11. Native Mobile Application



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