The ultimate goal of any business is to maximise profit. Most short-term aims of any venture contribute towards this endgame – from strengthening customer relationships and building a strong, positive reputation, to reducing costs incurred by the company, increasing marketing and sales, and ensuring that the employees are content. Field Service Management (FSM), if done right, can help businesses accomplish these targets with far greater ease and save time in the process to rake in the dollar bills.

Benefits across the board

Field Service Management software is a boon to all the departments of a company, both in the cost centre and the profit centre. IT and Accounts departments benefit hugely from efficient FSM tools. The digitisation of data, accuracy of entries and lowered human error helps these departments work faster and increase productivity. Production and manufacturing can also be tailored to suit consumer needs with the help of the features offered by FSM software like troubleshooting and customer feedback.

FSM helps companies earn the loyalty of their clients by helping deliver the best possible field service at a reduced service cost. It reduces the risk of clients defecting to competitor firms. By enabling ease of communication between the original equipment manufacturer and the client, such software tools optimise after sales support and services. The cost incurred by the business is minimized as customers are taken better care of.

Stay in touch with your stakeholders

Field Service Management also enables better communication between customers, employees and dispatch. According to a survey conducted by CSG International, 89% customers want to stay updated on the location and estimated arrival time of technicians, and want to know relevant details regarding the technician dispatched. Along with facilitating this, FSM tools can also send mobile alerts to the client in case a technician is delayed, which is also a feature 56% of the survey respondents approved of.

Field Service software can keep employees abreast with developments in clients’ work orders, client histories with the business and prior interactions with field employees. This makes for better solutions and hence, better CRM.

Field Service and Sales Management software has streamlined sales operations in companies that have adopted FSM practices. For businesses whose bread and butter is on-ground marketing, Field force management software increases productivity of sales representatives. For example, pharmaceutical companies can avail of FSM tools that schedule appointments of sales reps with doctors based on the field of specialisation of the doctor and the department in which the employee in question has made the maximum number of sales. FSM boosts marketing, leading to higher sales and in turn, higher profits.

Time saved is Money saved

Field Service Management promotes faster invoicing and dynamic scheduling, and better usage of the same limited amount of resources. Companies save both time and money by prescribing to FSM solutions. 80% of organisations believe that mobile field service is essential for improving staff efficiency. For example, this software can select the best possible route for a field agent to take, resulting in lowered fuel costs and less time spent by employees commuting. Fewer employees can thus provide service to many more customers in the same time span.

For businesses that need to provide remote services, Field Service Management is more of a necessity than a luxury. A high Return on Investment (ROI) is always a favourable outcome, and companies can utilise FSM tools to manage their mobile workforce and field work in a way that will work towards that end.

– By Vaishnavi Kulkarni
FieldEZ Technologies Pvt Ltd