Oil & Gas is an extremely diverse and resource challenged industry with major operational challenges. Time is as precious as the black gold itself, and any efficiency improvements would provide substantial competitive advantage. The operational challenges are plenty for an Oil & gas company and they manifest themselves through lengthy order to cash cycles, low utilization and revenue per field resource numbers, high bill contestability and difficulties delivering and supporting customer commitments. FieldEZ’s cloud based field service management software for oil & gas removes the risk, complexity and manual work from managing the field resources & equipment driving more efficiency and cost-effectiveness into the entire process.

FieldEz offers tremendous value in each of the 3 segments of the Oil & Gas Industry enabling a truly Digital Oilfield.

The Upstream Oil Sector:

Upstream - Field Service Management Software for Oil & gas

The upstream oil sector includes searching for potential underground or underwater crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling of exploratory wells, and subsequently drilling and operating the wells that recover and bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface. In this sector, FieldEZ

  • Makes Operational, Environmental and Maintenance Tasks more efficient through mobile automation
  • Well test data
  • Security & Environmental Checklists
  • Work order automation
  • Field Data Capture or Manual data entry
  • Enables critical information to be transferred real-time from any point in the field to the Corporate and from corporate systems to the field, helping companies realize their ‘Digital Oilfield’ objectives.
  • Enables complete automation and management of Service Call outs across the stakeholders viz. the Corporate and Oil Field Suppliers, with integration to multiple systems (complete visibility into productivity /cost metrics)

The Midstream Oil Sector: 

Midstream - Field Service Management Software for Oil & gas

In the midstream oil sector which primarily involves the transportation (by pipeline, rail, barge, or truck), storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products, FieldEZ enables :

  • Automation of maintenance tasks, work orders and inspections for terminal operations, pipeline & storage mtce.
  • Timely and accurate field data on midstream operations.
  • Integration to Corporate backend systems and ensures compliance to operational / safety procedures.

The Downstream Oil Sector:

Downstream - Field Service Management Software for Oil & gas

In the downstream sector which involves refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas, as well as the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas, FieldEZ enables:

  • Automation of plant maintenance tasks, work orders and inspections workflows, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of critical info.
  • An easy to use interface to field users versus access to complex backend systems.
  • Seamless integration to PM / ERP systems and get much better control over MRO.
  • Mobile Sales force automation to manage distribution & sales of packaged products like lubes, additives.

The FieldEZ Advantages:

  • Highly Secure: High security communication (256-bit encryption) between devices and server.
  • Device & Platform Independent: Access using any device and any platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Java and more.
  • Offline Mode: One of the first mobile applications to work in an online / offline mode across devices, eliminating dependency on a live data connection
  • Configurable: Control workflows, forms and data on the mobile from the server
  • Integration: Seamless integration to any backend system through Web-services
  • Grow with your demand: Rapid implementation and time to market.




For a Field Engineer:

  • Receive work orders / inspections / manual data entry to be done on your mobile
  • Create ad hoc work orders / inspection and provide visibility to operator
  • Update statuses using your phone & save time
  • View your calendar / field assets on the map and plan your time efficiently
  • Attach files / photos / videos to work orders for offsite analysis
  • Instantly capture feedback & confirmation  (signature)
  • Record attendance
  • Track your daily work report in real time


As a Pump Router / Supervisor:

  • Ensure optimal allocation of work orders / manual data entry to carried out by field crews
  • Increase revenue while reducing costs
  • Define the workflow to be followed by engineers for work order / inspection status reporting on the mobile and ensure structured processes and usage of correct charge codes
  • Approve material and labor requests on the mobile
  • Get instant visibility on productivity
  • Improve allocation of resources using valuable field intelligence
  • Communicate instantly to field force through message boards


For Sales:

  • Awareness of current customer job disposition supports well informed sales personnel
  • Visibility of available capacity drives sales to improve overall revenue per resource metrics
  • Push notifications of critical issues

Benefits of using FieldEZ:report

  • Increase utilization of existing resources.
  • Improve targeted use of personnel to reach the highest revenue allocation of resources.
  • Manage field activity centrally, reducing infrastructure costs and administrative efforts.
  • Integrate field data with back office to reduce service-to-invoice cycles.
  • Improve control and consistency by automating and enforcing organizational policies, and reach absolute compliance with customer commitment.
  • Enable rapid and easy crew management and communication – even within the field.
  • Accommodate varied needs within each service segment while maintaining one priority based schedule.
  • Get full visibility of job disposition, logistics requirements and equipment.
  • Reduce time and effort to manage the schedule while increasing accuracy for billing.
  • Support a single centralized scheduling and mobility solution while addressing varied and changing business needs.