If managing your field staff has become daunting for you, it’s time that you should switch to a service tracking software. As its name suggests, this software helps to track on-field crews and give them instructions for timely completion of every job. However, while buying this software, you should be wary of few factors. Foremost among them is the adaptability of software for your business dimensions and scope of working. Other prominent aspects determining better returns on this investment include:

It Should Efficiently Manage Service Tickets:

Service tickets or jobs should be planned efficiently to reach at each location on time. Timeliness is integral to attain success in field service industry. Hence, your online scheduler should enable proper management of service tickets. If you have a recurring job or an ad hoc project, this feature comes quite handy to manage them accurately without any lapse.

It Should Allow Simplified Attendance Management:

You should select a service tracking software that has mobile-based application and compatibility to various devices. With simple user interface, it should be easy to access from anywhere. It will allow your field staff to mark their attendance and time of leaving from the site for ensuring precision in timing. This increases their productivity and accountability for the benefit of your business operations.

It Should Allow Instant Invoicing:

Paperless invoicing can accelerate your accounting operations with lesser time consumption and overhead costs. Along with this, there are software solutions providing feature of instant feedback from the customers. Both these features enhance and speed up your processes by closing the job within deadline.

It Should Facilitate System Integration:

Your service management software should be easily integrated with other business software and systems. It should work in tandem with ERP, CRM, accounting software, or any other back-end system used in your business. This feature will facilitate you in managing your work with more precision and in a time-bound manner with proper data synchronization.

It Should Be Easily Configurable:

In this industry, you cannot rely only on customizable solutions. You need advanced configurable software that can get you started within minutes from the time of its installation with enhanced configurations suiting your operations.

Other features should include compatibility to varied devices, interactive timely reports, GPS tracking, and resource management. When you buy a service tracking software enabled with these features, you can gift your enterprise an asset that will certainly increase your ROI over the period of time.