An Effective Way for Contractors to Keep Track of Their Mobile Workforce

One of the biggest challenges of managing a mobile workforce is accurately tracking the field service workers during their work hours. Without time tracking or GPS, it can be impossible to account your employee’s presence for their dedicated work shift. Workers will either need to call the office to record their time or fill in a timesheet, which can translate into a lot of paperwork and time wastage of about 5 hours every day. Plus, you don’t have any other choice rather than taking your employee’s word for how they spent the day.

Real-time Tracking Solutions

With the mobile workforce solution software, you can track your field workers in real-time and know where they are and where they are supposed to be next. The software also works in an offline mode, ensuring your employees are always tracked, even in rural and non-connected areas. This will help you save a large amount of money on a daily basis as well as develop a culture of accountability at work.

Benefits of Using a Workforce Management Software

1. No more Timesheet Fraud

If employees don’t track their time schedules, you can end up overcharging your customers as it can cause troubles of billing. Many employees may also add overtime to their sheet just to make some extra money. With real-time mobile tracking, you can verify each job duration, thus reducing labor costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Higher Accountability

Once your employees know they are being tracked, they will ensure shorter lunch and tea/coffee breaks, avoid early departures or late starts and be more accountable for their actions at work.

3. Reduced Side Jobs

You will get notified when an employee goes off-route or takes unauthorized stops. This way, you can avoid paying for all unauthorized uses of the company’s vehicles or hours.

4. Better Customer Service

As you will always be aware of your technician’s exact location, you can notify customers about their whereabouts and give timely updates. This will reduce delays and long waiting for customers, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction.

5. Reduced Payroll Cost

Managers can optimize routes, save fuel, add more jobs to the day and reduce employee overtime with the help of the software.

Using a proven mobile workforce solution software can drastically impact the operations of a contractual company and enable higher growth.

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