Is the way you interact with your customers and field workforce smart and scalable?

Do you still bank on multiple service request forms, assignment related templates, service report cards and invoices?

Are you able to bill your customers in time after a successful field service ticket closure?

Field service organizations often face these issues, especially when the service sites are in remote locations. The time-tracking field crews and real-time updates are essential for field service organization working in client locations (Oil & Gas, Utlities industries). Asset monitoring and peer collaboration become more important when early identification and resolution of issues in remote location can result in huge dollar savings.

One smart way of handling this is to introduce a mobile work order management solution– which eliminates all the woes of handling remote people, assets and processes. Such mobile solutions help you manage your field workforce at ease by:

  • enabling you to assign work to your field staff
  • track the status of work orders assigned
  • send alerts and notifications to individuals/groups
  • track the time spent on the road and at work, and
  • get real time customer feedback on the task accomplished

– all through a simple application installed in your mobile phone.

Such mobile based work order management solutions can enable the field workforce to submit business critical reports on status of work and assets by simply updating electronic documents via their mobile phone in near real-time. Mobile field management solutions can help achieve more than 15% savings in the costs, and improve revenues and customer loyalty.

Adopting this approach could enable you establish a two-way communication and document exchange mechanism.  On top of that, you can bill your customers sooner, without having to wait for your field staff to get back with a work completion document. Life suddenly looks better now isn’t it?!