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Lawn Care Software

Lawn care software helps users manage and schedule lawn care jobs, manage equipment, provide estimation to customers and send template voices. It helps businesses to get reports and get customer feedback. 

What is Lawn care software?

The function of Lawn Care software is to streamline administrative functions. It is used for scheduling of appointments, dispatching and billing for grass moving. It also grounds maintenance companies.

To run a lawn care business, it requires hard work. There are multiple crews that need to be tracked, then there is equipment to maintain and the customers also need to be kept satisfied. To run an effective lawn care business, there should be less paperwork and administrative headaches.

Common features of lawn care software:

Some of the common features of lawn care software are the following :

Invoicing and Estimates:

Through Lawn care software, a business can put its logo on invoices and estimates. They can add a custom message to invoices and estimates regarding payments terms or a quick note. Customers can also view and pay online. A lawn care software should be able to put everything in an invoice.

Faster payment service online:

A good lawn care software helps a customer in saving and charging credit cards, everything on one screen.  It should help in accepting online payments for invoices. The customers should be able to pay deposits for the work that is to be done 

It should help to save the customer’s credit card information to their profile. This will further allow them to charge their card either every month or when the work is completed. 

Send automatic invoices to the customers:

A good lawn care software should assist to send invoices automatically each month, to the customers. This software should help to choose the way they want to receive the invoices, for example. By email, regular mail or by text message. It should also help to choose the day of the month to send. 

Estimation and measuring of price for any property:

A lawn care software should help in measuring a property in seconds, without even having to visit the property. It should assist in saving measurements of the property, mulch beds, lining of the fence, etc.

Attaching before and after images of the places visited :

A proper lawn care software should possess the ability to attach images and documents, add pictures to an invoice for the benefits of the clients who want proof of labor. It is observed that the bank owned properties have been constantly in need of this. 

A lawn care software should be able to attach coupons, gift cards, images or documents that one chooses to upload.

Automatically send reminder emails and add due dates :

A proper lawn care software should assist in providing due date to invoices . If by any chance the invoice is not paid by that date, a late fee should be automatically added along with a reminder invoice.

Flexible and easy to use scheduling :

Another feature that a lawn care software should possess is flexible and easy scheduling. This should be super easy to handle. It should be able to schedule a single visit to a customer’s property or create a set of repeating visits.

What type of buyer are you?

After having an idea about the features of the lawn care software, let’s take a look on the types of buyers in this field.

Small Businesses : 

The lawn care software assists small lawn care businesses. This is a software solution which helps in providing basic features like optimization of routes, tracking time, invoicing and scheduling jobs. This helps in avoiding the excess solutions that are given, which is not required for the business.

Large Businesses : 

If the company owns a large lawn care business, then what they require is a few basic features along with some advanced features like reporting and lawn measurement tools. The integrations offered by the software also need to be kept in check. Therefore lawn care software provides assistance to large businesses as well. 

How to Choose the best Lawn Care Software?

Growing your lawn care business can be a great way to earn more. But with the emergence of every new customer, your needs for an efficient organization system will evolve drastically. This is why investing in an effective lawn care software is an excellent choice that can help your business become organized and enables you to make more money with less time and effort.

Lawn Care Services
A lawn care system can take you from an unorganized desk full of papers to an incredibly structured online system. It can help you in estimating work, emails work orders to field staff, monitor their progress in real-time, email invoices, and receive payments. It can significantly decrease the paperwork around the office. All you need to do is add customers to the calendar as needed. You can also take advantage of the automatic marketing software to add some new customers.

There are different types of lawn care software on the market. Before picking one you should think about the value, features, and user-friendliness of the software. If you simply want something to help you organize your business, then look for a field service management software that offers you billing forms, an interactive map, and a spreadsheet for customer database. Additionally, a field force management software can help in automatic marketing, which can then help you to expand your business.

In addition to this, you can think about the features that the software that you are interested in can provide. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Schedule and route your jobs faster: A good lawn care software will save you hours of time and will improve your client relationship immensely. It will give you a schedule that you can access at anyplace, route all of the jobs automatically, and can instantly generate the fastest routes.

2. Get more Jobs: You may have clients begging for your lawn care services, but if you are buried under a pile of quotes and estimates, it can eat away on your work energy. This can result in bid loss, which can then impact in losing clients. With a lawn care software, you can automatically price your jobs by selecting an estimated template and inputting all the client’s information. Moreover, you can also collect signatures in the field, create duplicate estimates as many as you might need, and view the client’s property online, and can send them an accurate quote for the work.

3. Automating Invoicing and Accounting: The manual invoicing and accounting tasks are stealing your time and wasting your energy. The field force management software helps in instant invoicing and maintains healthier cash flow with credit cards processing and automatic billing.

4. GPS Tracking: Every time an employee is slacking off, they are slowly killing your company. Slackers are a serious problem in the lawn care industry. With a GPS tracking feature in your lawn care software, you can see exactly where the employee is and where they have been. It is also a great tool for productive employees as it will help you get more out of the entire field team.

5. Better Call Tracking: Every time you lose a client because you forgot to do what they asked or because you couldn’t give them a quick estimate over the phones, you lose a huge chunk of cash. A lawn care software can help you store information from every single call, boosting your client retention significantly in the process.

6. Marketing: Email marketing is inexpensive and effective. But writing personalized emails manually can be both time-consuming and less productive. With the right lawn care software, you can send automated emails to every client. The field service management software helps in personalizing each email and sends out bulk emails for new services. In just a few short months, you can get more clients and maximize your profits.

These are just a few factors to consider when choosing your lawn care software. Choosing the best lawn care software can help revolutionize your business for the better. It is a critical element behind your growth and helps you increase both profit and employee productivity.

Benefits of Lawn Care Software:

Easy scheduling :  A lawn care software should assist you to create and adjust driver schedules with complete ease. 

Help in better management : Another benefit of lawn care software is to assist in managing everything at one place. It should be able to access information about the customer and the history of the service without much inconvenience.

Access crucial information whenever required : A good lawn care software should help in managing and accessing information wherever required without much difficulty. 

Grown Business with built-in marketing features : A lawn care software should help in managing the business in the local market. It should be easy and a simple process.

FieldEZ lawn care software :

FieldEZ Lawn Care software is the solution for effectively managing every aspect of a lawn care business. Our software provides assistance to handle daily tasks of business operations. This makes work easy and the companies can invest more time on thinking about ideas of how to grow their business. FieldEZ lawn care software will not only help you to save time but also money. This will assist your business to grow and gain more profit. 

Key considerations:

Thus the key considerations that we need to keep in mind regarding a lawn care software are as follows :

Integrations :If a business is willing to spend on software that offers integrations, then what needs to be kept in mind is to see if it integrates with some key tools. For example Mailchimp can be beneficial for a lawn care business owner.

Business requirements : It is important to know what features a business needs. After that it is important to shortlist two or three products then invest in software that is within a budget. This will help the lawn care business to run smoothly.


What is the best lawn care software?

FieldEZ lawn care software is considered to be the best because it is an all-in-one software that is designed to provide the best lawn care business. It helps in scheduling jobs, automatic invoicing and optimizing routes in an easy manner.

How to schedule in clip lawn care software ?

Scheduling in clip lawn care software is paperless and automatic. It needs to be set up once and then it works automatically. It is easy and does not interrupt even if there is bad weather. 

What lawn care software program does trugreen use? 

TruGreen uses technology from Glympse which is integrated with the Verizon Connect field service software platform. This helps them manage most of their essential jobs such as execution of customer routes, safety measures for employees etc.

What software are lawn care professionals using?

The most popular lawn care softwares among professionals namely RazorSync, Jobber ,Verizon Connect Field , Service Dispatch , Service , Autopilot , WorkWave , FieldAware. Each has their own advantages and have earned top spots on the list of lawn care softwares.

What kind of software to use for a new lawn care business?

The software you are looking for your new lawn care business should allow you to run your business smoothly and efficiently.  It should be a user friendly custom software that can be used for billing, scheduling, routing and accounting for lawn and landscape businesses of any size.

Lawn Care Business Software for Remote Workforce Management

When you have on-field service business like lawn care, you can manage operations efficiently with a field service management software such as FieldEZ. Here are some features that can help you manage your business better-

Empower your field staff manager with the true potential of technology by using a lawn care business software that is just right for you.