With modern technology and innovative solutions coming into play more than ever before, enterprises (whether SMEs or large-scale ones) are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain an edge over the competition. Enterprise mobility programs have become ubiquitous in most industries today, from transportation and telecommunication to healthcare and HVAC.

The goal of these programs has shifted from a mere increase in efficiency and competitive advantage to real, tangible differences in ROI. As can be inferred from the 2017 Executive Enterprise Mobility report, top managerial focus has shifted to making it all about the profits (from 5% in 2016 to 22% in 2017).

From this perspective, systematizing your workflows and man management is paramount. Field Service Management software is integral to achieving this objective. Such software generally offers myriad features that are beneficial to every tier of the business hierarchy, and acts as a sort of glue to hold all these levels together in harmony.

Developers like FieldEZ have embraced technological advancements and their applications in Field Service Management. They have already begun to integrate some of the big guns like analytics, IoT and even emerging trends like predictive modelling with AI and ML into their solutions.

Dashboards prove indispensable in organising and categorising tasks and resources. This survey from May 2013 shows that the odds of managers finding information on time, in businesses that employ this visual tool, increase by 28%. Dashboards improve adherence to schedules, optimize resources and streamline your workforce.

For example, the dashboard designed by FieldEZ comprises of customisable, colour-coded blocks that detail the identity of the customer and the issue, the status of the task and the relevant information pertaining to it, the field employee assigned to the job and the expected timeline, as well as payment details – all on one easy-to-verify page. Additional information can be accessed right there without digging too deep into the menus. Handy options are also provided to allow for quick edits and hassle-free additions to existing blocks.

Analytics is another area in which Field Service Management software can prove to be a boon for top-level management. Field Service Management solution providers like FieldEZ help enterprises unlock the business intelligence and glean valuable insights into customer preferences to boost CRM from generated data. Businesses can use the potential of Big Data and Analytics to the fullest.

Used in conjunction with IoT and predictive modelling, analytics relevant to field services can aid the cost centre in saving a lot of money. A stitch in time saves nine, and predictive maintenance identifies probable future faults in machinery (like fleets of vehicles) using the connectivity of IoT and implements solutions before the problem occurs. Predictive analytics also plays a huge role in boosting retail businesses – demand for various products can be forecasted, customer purchasing trends can be assessed and budget planning improves.

Field Service Management is also instrumental in enhancing the performance of employees at the intermediate managerial level. Management of field employees is made much easier with features like location tracking, tapping in and out while on assignment, and optimised routing (e.g. the ‘attendance’ feature in FieldEZ). Jobs are allotted automatically based on parameters like employee skill, availability and preferences, thus reducing the possibility of errors in scheduling and neglected clients.

The list enumerating the pros of Field Service Management solutions goes on and on. It helps you structure your enterprise’s work and man management, whether it deals with a single workflow or multiple, varied ones. If you want to keep your business in the game, implementing such solutions is highly recommended.

– Vaishnavi Kulkarni
FieldEZ Technologies Pvt Ltd