Embracing the latest technology will help you schedule your service personnel and other resources with efficiency on the field. Choosing the right dispatch management software will support you to fulfill business operations smoothly and improve productivity as well as customer service. If you want to meet your key performance indicators, follow these tips to select the right software:

1. Look for Integration Capabilities

The software you choose should be able to integrate the data from your existing IT infrastructure. It should immediately be able to function for critical tasks like billing, resource management, and CRM. Proper integration will ensure a complete range of automation and it will enhance performance when the software can leverage historic job data.

2. Don’t Compromise on Mobility

As per a recent survey, only 11 percent users actually access business applications from their corporate office.

Slowly, the trend is now shifting to mobile solutions, rather than brick and mortar offices. It is important to select a software that is Cloud-based and can be reached through mobile phones and tablets as well.

3. Choose Optimized Routing

In order to ensure effective scheduling, it is important to have real-time data rather than just planning the dispatch as per locations. In order to truly optimize your scheduling, look for a software that offers real-time traffic patterns, shows ideal routes and limits delays on the job.

4. Opt for Ease of Usage

This is one of the most overlooked aspects when choosing a software. Companies that are asset-intensive rarely have the time to offer lengthy or complicated training to all their service personnel. The software should be extremely easy to use so that service men can easily interact and understand the features without much difficulty.

5. Should Minimize Administrative Jobs

The time spent in manual paperwork and administration can reduce workforce optimization and impact the overall customer service and profitability of an organization. Pick a software that will minimize the time and effort spent in paperwork and administrative tasks to keep your customers happy and ensure faster response time.

By spending some time analyzing the above points during your choice of dispatch management software, you can reduce company overheads, avoid customer no-shows, achieve better productivity and improve your customer service capabilities.