Sales force automation software is a unified business software solution designed specifically for sales professionals to remove much of their tedious, repetitive work, to free up a valuable time to sell their company’s offerings.

Today, the sales force automation software is adopted across various sectors, including healthcare, retail, logistics, BSFI, amongst others. In everyone’s effort to effectively manage customer relationships, inventory, invoice, and quotes, the sales force automation software companies are expected to be the major revenue contributors to the global automation software market.

sales force automation

According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, the global sales force automation software market was valued at approximately $39 million and is anticipated to reach a whopping $77 million by 2023, with a CAGR of 10.6%. Companies such as Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracles, and are the largest contributors to the market.

The adoption of sales force automation software facilitates better sales, improves sales win rates, and reduces the sales cycle time. Whether you are a small service organization or a global enterprise, sales force automation software is aimed to boost the productivity of your sales agent and improve the revenue generation for your organization.

Given all these effective growth drivers, the software is said to be one such technology that is worthwhile for remaining in an investors’ portfolio. If you still need persuading, below are the top five reasons why you need to invest in a sales force automation technology:

Increased deal closure rates:

Presently, several small and medium-sized companies are facing fragmented customer data and an ever-increasing customer base. Implementing the sales force automation software can help centralize and reduce the tedious tasks, thereby allowing the salespersons to track valuable prospects. The software enables the salesperson to analyze the customer’s action and create content, thus allowing personalization of service and an increased deal closure rate.

1. Reduced time to sell:

sales force automation software integrated with the company’s CRM acts essentially as a centralized database. This allows the salesperson to quickly access critical information making them more efficient and helping them in delivering better results. This improves the total experience of the customer and encourages a sense of confidence in the customer. North America is the highest contributor to the sales force automation software market in 2016 with a 59% share, owing to the increase in the need to simplify the sales processes to reduce physical efforts required for the sales data and increase in demand for process automation.

2. Easy coordination and management of field sales force:

Managing the field sales force and keeping check of their activities is an essential but tedious job for the managers. The cloud-based devices can be put to good use with the help of field service management software. It can be used in mapping, time recording, and activity charting purposes. The details are directly fed into comprehensive sales force automation software to yield beneficial details to the managers. While keeping a close check of the efficiency and performance of the sales force staff, managers can motivate and improve the performance of the team. The cloud-based platform has reported the maximum portion of the global sales force automation software market in 2016 and is predicted to surge ahead at a CAGR of 11% between 2017 to 2023.

3. Boost revenue:

The sales force automation software can help the sales team in rapidly generating estimates, transforming them into proposals, and closing a deal.  Prepared with the required data, the sales agent can decide to upsell or cross-sell during the interaction in accordance to the customer needs and current product offerings. It also helps in making sales cycles shorter and faster and thus generates more revenue for the company. Moreover, it can assist the managers with the necessary tools to access every salesperson’s business activity, figures, customer complaints and other relevant metrics. This will help manage growth and measure revenue.

4. Increased customer retention:

The real power of sales is not in gaining new customers, but in retaining the old ones. The sales force automation software brings in meaningful insights predicting future customer requests and leading to higher renewal deals. Continuous follow-up messaging is essential in retaining a customer, and with sales force automation, it is easily achievable.

In addition to these, the sales forecasting segment of the sales force automation software is expected to be the major revenue contributor to the global sales force automation market given the increase in investment in business process automation and rise in tracking mechanism to measure inventory management. Thus, these advantages of the sales force automation software compel enterprises and business of all sizes to invest in sales force automation software companies to increase the efficiency and productivity of their sales force.

Invest in the Right Sales Force Automation Company

FieldEZ offers a comprehensive field force automation software tailored separately for large enterprises and small/mid-sized businesses. With FieldEZ’s field service management software, you can enjoy numerous features and benefits, such as-

Chat and Collaboration

The software allows your remote workforce to perform better on the field with a chat and collaboration environment for sharing information and expertise.

Attendance and Leave Tracking

Manage the absence and presence of resources digitally with attendance tracking system.

Automatic Scheduling

Schedule jobs to the right technicians with a smart system that tracks their experience and expertise and assigns them the jobs they would be the best at.

Expense and Claims management

Track on-field expenses and make the claim process easier for your remote workforce.

Routing and location tracking

Allow your technicians to avoid accidental breakdowns and delays by routing them through an optimized path that tracks traffic in real-time.

Inventory and Spares management

Manage your inventory and never encounter a crisis with this feature. It helps to fill in inventories ahead of time.

Invoicing and Payments

Bring in the digital transformation to your enterprise by making invoicing and payments a remote job.

FieldEZ offers all of this and more. Pick the best field force automation software and manage your remote workforce efficiently.