Field Service Management software today work on one basic principle- delivering prompt, error-free, exceptional customer services. Customer-centricity is the driving fuel behind the growing popularity of major technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics. Since these technologies predict the customers’ demands and strive to meet these demands well within stipulated time, scores of companies around the world are leveraging them to drive their operations and optimize their processes.

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With Field Service Management, there is not much difference. Companies in the space are already scurrying towards adopting advanced technologies to deliver customer service experiences that would lead to higher customer retention and business growth. Users of field services today expect services at lightning fast speed and want their service providers to leave no stone unturned in delivering the best services before there is a need for it.

With predictive field services, it will become easier for field service management businesses to recognize the need for services proactively through the right use of sensors and devices connected to the Internet. Data happens to be the next focal point for delivering predictive field services, and proper analytics will ensure that the data is leveraged towards building processes that will magnify customer satisfaction.

Exceeding Customer Expectations with Predictive Field Service

CX (Customer Experience), according to a study, will become a key brand differentiator by the year 2020. and, the process has begun. According to another study, about 89 percent of customers get frustrated with their service or support calls when they have to explain the same things to multiple representatives.

Not just this, customers today expect to have to never call up customer service. They expect shorter response times from their service providers without having to go through a lengthy process.

Predictive field service management will enable companies to deliver field services even before a fault arises. Customers will never even have to call up their service providers to request an on-site service. Here are four key factors that will go into realizing this perfect fantasy of field service management businesses-

  • Sticking to the plan

  • Often, field service management personnel have wild days when they have services planned, but unforeseen requests need them to appear on the field instantly. When this is the case, planned field services can be affected and so can the customers’ experiences. To avoid this issue, proper staffing of field service agents is the first viable option. Many field service businesses are including various employment types in their staff. They hire some permanent agents, some freelancers, and some pay as you go personnel so as to meet unexpected spikes in field service demands with ease. Another aspect that can be considered to cater to more customers in a day can be to correctly, or even approximately predict the duration of field service. This way, businesses can plan their service jobs and enhance their technicians’ punctuality. Also, any requirements for a material to complete field service jobs should be catered to beforehand, so that the service technicians can complete their jobs without hurdles. Real-time travel optimization through advanced GPS integrated into the technician’s mobile device will also help field service professionals save time and deliver more!
  • Prevention rather than cure

  • Predictive field service management enables companies to prevent failures so that their time and money spent on servicing can be saved. This optimization is possible because of predictive technologies working in the background of devices, which warn the service providers of any faults before they happen. This way, service costs can be saved while customer experience amplifies. A network of connected devices can continuously monitor devices for any errors, issuing a demand for a service when an anomaly is detected. Field service management companies reap twofold benefits in the process- exceptional customer service and cost reduction with predictive management.
  • The weapons of war

  • With predictive field service management, there is a better opportunity to predict the need for tools and parts that a service technician will need to perform the job. When the technician can gauge the need for a specific part, and add it to the inventory before committing to a job, a lot of the hassle is saved. Predictive parts management enables field service companies to schedule and plans their inventory in advance so that the customer gets a one-time field service that solves all of his issues.
  • The right person

  • The right technician should be dispatched to the suitable field service job. Through predictive analytics and forecasting, it is possible for the service provider to know the skills that a particular job would need. When the field service managers know this, they can assign the most suitable tasks to all of their field service agents, creating a win-win situation where the experts in a unique field get to exercise their knowledge, and the customer gets quick and efficient field service in a single go!

Predictive capabilities don’t just rely on technologies, but also on the manner in which they are leveraged. It requires insights into the business to learn where technology would suit most. Technology is driving customer satisfaction, and you can take a ride too!