The speed of technological innovation has reached an all-time high. Advanced technologies are causing major disruptions in industries and burning our businesses who are managing to stay traditional. In the field service management space, while the progress has been slow, businesses are now gearing up to match the pace. Technologies in the field service space are revolutionizing processes, and changing the way businesses operate, forever!

2020 Field Service Technology Predictions: Drones, Robots, and Self-Driving Cars

It has been predicted in latest studies that the number of connected devices or ‘things’ will reach 50 billion by 2020, double from the number in 2015. Such rapid rise in the IoT technology will only lead to businesses increasing their adoption rate and leveraging the technology in possibly all aspects of the business.

The Internet of Things happens to be the underlying technology that powers most of the other advancements such as automation, Big Data, and analytics, etc. Without having connected sensors and devices to the Internet, we may not have found out the way to leverage any of the existing technologies to their true potential.

What Will 2020 Look Like For Field Service Management

Here is a wrap-up of the predictions for 2020 in the area of field service management.

  • Drones in Field Service Management – By using drones in field service management work, humans can be prevented from entering high-risk areas. For all dangerous service jobs, drones can replace humans in delivering exceptional field service with minimized risk of injuries and fatalities. According to recent studies, about 4500 workplace fatalities happen annually in the US alone, a large part of which happens in the field service space. Injuries happen when field service technicians need to get something done in a high-risk zone, such as the top of a building, a wind turbine, or an oil rig. When we can minimize the risk by leveraging drone technology, we can create a paradigm shift in field services delivered to areas including construction field management, oil & gas remote monitoring, Telecom field service management, etc. For reaching remote equipment that needs servicing, drones can help get an aerial view of sites and plants, pipelines and disaster areas, etc. Also, surveying a land for thermal activity can become easy. With drones in field service management, emergency delivery of parts to the service sites can become feasible without having to manage the staff for such emergencies. Drones can ferry parts and tools to and from service sites when needed.
  • Robots in Field Service Management – Robots are machined humans. In the field service management industry, robots can replace humans to perform field service jobs efficiently and productively at a faster pace. While IoT, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence merge together to yield predictive field service management, companies in and around the world have begun their journey to build advanced humans aka robots. However, according to a recent study, 83% of customers revealed they would prefer talking to humans than robots. The need for the human touch will never allow robots to take over our jobs, that’s for sure. Since customer-centricity is the deal these days, and customers prefer having to speak to humans, robots will only be useful in making field services manageable and efficient. Robots can be leveraged in the field services that require the human technician to be accompanied by a robot to handle the more dangerous tasks, where human life could not be risked.
  • Self-Driving Cars – According to a fresh prediction, by 2025, there will be a whopping 20 million autonomous driverless cars on the roads around the world. Organizations such as Google, Apple, Tesla, etc., are leading the way in making autonomous cars a reality.  In the field services management space, autonomous cars and in-vehicle applications may prove to be a valued asset. Field service companies struggle to get their technicians to their sites on time, on the bad-weather days. Self-driving cars that know how to go about the streets in harsh weather conditions can help field service companies deliver exceptional services even in unfavorable circumstances. When field service vehicles become real-life applications of the Internet of Things, asset tracking software can be used to track them and continuously follow their whereabouts. When service delivery is made possible in adverse conditions, field service companies can cause a massive customer experience transformation!
  • AR-enabled Wearables – When there is a need for field service technicians to cater to the jobs they have the least experience in, AR-enabled wearables such as glasses can help them get through the job with proficiency. In the field service management industry, it is possible to leverage Augmented Reality to provide on-job training and assistance to technicians. Through detailed explanations and live training during a field service job, a field service technician can perform his duty better, leading to a satisfied customer. In the field of Telecom field service management, through AR, the reasons for an outage can be determined by using overlays that detect the fault underneath the patch of land, thereby improving the efficiency and the turnaround time for jobs.

A Field Service Management Software That is Truly Advanced


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