Securely Extend Your Enterprise to Mobile Devices


The proliferation of mobile devices, combined with faster network connectivity and infrastructure provides a new channel for enterprises to solve the challenges they face in serving customers, employees, and stakeholders. Real-time connectivity across functions in enterprises, and blurring of lines between consumer and enterprise solutions mean that organizations stand to gain tremendously in agility and competitive advantage through innovative mobility solutions that gather valuable insight into operations and performance.
At the same time, mobility solutions also present large challenges, such as the integration of these solutions to existing infrastructure and systems, as well as scalability and security. Hence, some of the key considerations for organization looking to overcome these challenges include:
• How can existing server-side or middleware architecture be integrated with newer, faster, and more efficient mobile applications?
• What should the enterprise server side architecture look like?
• How are security, business scalability, and performance requirements met?
• What are the considerations when designing next-generation architecture for mobile applications?

FieldEZ Version 4.7.3 Released



We are excited to announce couple of feature enhancements to the FieldEZ Application:

  1. SLA Management Module (new)
  2. Call Create / Edit Page (revamped)
  3. Timesheets Tab (revamped)
  4. Call Details Tab (the new page is now default)


1. SLA Management Module (BETA)