Work Order Software for Maintenance


Maintenance work is tracked by work orders that field staff use to identify tasks needed to be completed with a customer. The best maintenance work order software increases the efficiency and makes the distribution of maintenance work efficient. A lot of automation can be put in place using mobile devices and GPS so that field staff can be tracked and work order activity can be updated in real time. The activity shown in the work order completion determines what is billed to the client. Invoicing at the end of day after work orders are complete can be automatically processed. As an alternative, the maintenance work order software can close the billing for a project and issue an invoice as the work is shown complete.

FieldEZ Version 4.7.0 Released


1. Crew Scheduling

This new feature allows dispatchers and users to divide a single ticket / job into multiple smaller tickets or sub-tickets. These sub-tickets can be assigned and scheduled to individual field users, thus making it possible to create and track a single ticket assigned to a crew or team.